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Ser, given your predilection to writing, maybe we should be co-authors on this book I started :laughing:

Not arguing that you can hire this or that to get great research; I’m only saying that there’s a whole lot (if not enough) research that can (and arguably should) be done for free on your own before we talk bigger game. Of course, only a suggestion from a pleb.

Cheers and best of luck! :beers:


This is the way @MisterHype


Hi @badteeth, and @Sasha (I’m still working on storytelling skills, would love to get resources from you!)

I think your suggestion to do thorough research and identify the best locations for physical spaces for the ApeCoin DAO before making any significant investments is spot on.

I think the AIP idea that was proposed in the forum is a great way to pivot the discussion from the concept of why to the discussion of how. We can start with grassroots efforts by reaching out to the BAYC Discord and other regional communities to gather information and insights.

In addition to these grassroots efforts, I believe that proposing an AIP to do the research and identify the top locations is a necessary and serious step before making any significant investments. This will bring the ApeCoin DAO members into the process and be involve as well having an out sourcing data that we all can reply on, with no thinking about manipulations and transparency for the AIP of the process.

What your call about that, and still I would love to hear more DAO members about the concept as well the discussion.

-Mr. Hype :fire:

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Nah you just make it up on the spot!

Story of MisterHype

The chair creaked as his tired body plumped into it.

“Another fruitless day, hon?”

He took off his colorful captain hat and slowly ran his hands down his face as if trying to rub off the day’s long hours.

“Yeah… another empty day.”

“Don’t give up. They’re out there.”

“I know, babe. I know. Just some days…”

“Those days are no different from the first day when you help the builders’ boat reach the harbor - they’re all part of one process.”

“But what if I missed them? What if they were out there today, and I missed them? And now their ship is lost. Or worse, in pieces.”

“There are infinite what ifs and only one reality, hon.”

He took a deep breath in, then slowly let it out, eyes affixed to a point far away that didn’t exist.

“Some say I’m using too big of a ship, that it’s too slow to maneuver. Others say I’m patrolling the wrong waters. Yet others - that my time would be spent better pouring over old maps to get better clues…”

“And maybe they’re right, maybe they’re wrong. But you’re the one actually out there every day, investing your time and energy into it. In the end, everyone respects the one actually fighting in the arena. Your heart is in the right place. The rest will figure itself out. I’m proud of you, hon.”

He softened up and looked at her.

“Thanks, babe.”

“Of course. Now please put that cowboy shirt in the laundry, it reeks of fish.”


Privet @Sasha !

Great story of perseverance and determination. I’ll add to that, it’s also important to focus on the present and not get bogged down by what-ifs.

As always, and for all - NEVER BACK DOWN :fire:


-Mr. Hype :fire:


welcome and encourage more members to share their opinions on this topic. Your input is valuable and helping to create a more diverse and inclusive conversation to make a much more fit proposal.

-Mr. Hype :fire:

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Hi @MisterHype,

Your topic will be automatically closing in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for a further 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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@amplify.Admin and @Vulkan.Admin,

I would like to kindly request that the discussion time on the forum page be extended to 30 days. This will provide ample time for more members of the DAO to participate in the conversation, share their insights, and provide feedback on the AIP idea.

As fellow members of the ApeCoin DAO, I would also like to invite you both to share your thoughts and opinions on the matter. Your input would be greatly appreciated and could help shape the direction of this proposal. @Amplify @Vulkan

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

-Mr. Hype :fire:

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I agree with this view ser :raised_hands:

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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@MisterHype has requested to extend the community discussion period for this AIP idea. This topic will automatically close a further 30 days from now. We encourage the community to continue to engage in thoughtful discussions through constructive criticism, honest feedback, and helpful suggestions.

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments.


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Hey @srinigoes

Thanks for your comment! I understand your point about this being a DAO and we are all founders. However, I do think it’s important to recognize that we have different areas of expertise and interest within the DAO. It’s not about creating hierarchies or power structures, but rather about utilizing the diverse skills and perspectives of our members to achieve our goals.

In terms of promoting ApeCoin on local spaces, don’t you think it has a potential benefits for our DAO? Establishing a physical presence in key locations can help us build relationships with local communities, potentially attracting new members and investors. This can ultimately help us grow and achieve our mission.

-Mr. Hype :fire:

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When you put it that way, it sounds logical. Maybe we need to identify locations globally that have a higher concentration of members and where the local ecosystem supports what we are looking for.

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Hi @amplify.Admin,

Thank you for your prompt response to my request to extend the community discussion period for the AIP idea. I believe that allowing more time for community members to engage in thoughtful discussions and provide feedback is important for the success of our DAO, especially with that big action items.

In addition, I would like to extend a special invitation to the stewards and special councils to contribute their perspectives on this matter. As they are working half/full-time for ApeCoin DAO, their insights and suggestions would be particularly valuable in shaping the direction of this proposal.

Let’s keep this conversation going and work together to make the best decisions for our DAO.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Happy to hear that! And also that’s a great point. It would be beneficial for us to conduct research on potential locations globally and assess their local ecosystems before making any decisions. As I suggested earlier, after @badteeth and @Sasha spotlight regarding locations/GTM, bringing in a consulting firm like Deloitte could provide valuable insights and expertise in this area. I agree that before moving forward with the vote on the ApeCoin Founders Circle, we should first focus on gathering the necessary information and data to make an informed decision.

The AIP idea above is to discuss about the why we need, and if so, we can more to the how; the how I totally agree should be taking smaller steps to ensure what we actually doing here make sense and not wasting money or not fit to the DAO.

-Mr. Hype :fire:

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gm, I get the logic of building physical spaces, but in reality it will only impact a minority of community members, which is not a reason not to do it, but something to bear in mind when assessing the impact these spaces will have.

On the value of bringing in a firm like Deloitte I am not convinced, they will be very expensive and a lot of what they do we could find and pay for from the community. For example I am pretty sure someone in this community has Deloitte in their relevant professional background. Its super easy to pay Deloitte a lot of cash, get a lovely report and then not get much more out of that spend.


Hi @Hangout,

I understand your perspective on the physical spaces, but I believe that it will impact more than just a minority of the community. These spaces will not only serve local promising startups and AIP teams, but also ApeCoin DAO members. In addition, we can use these spaces to host local events, both in-person and online, to network and promote ApeCoin DAO in the crypto and startup environments. This will help educate others about ApeCoin DAO and onboard new high-quality members.

Furthermore, the idea is to establish these spaces in different countries, where they will serve as a home base for members and be available to visit anytime. For example, if your child is visiting NYC and needs a space to work, they can book a spot in the Co-space as an ApeCoin owner, free of charge, this concept gain is by promoting it via events and local network.

As for the consulting firm, I think it would be beneficial to hire a recognized consulting firm like Deloitte to create a long-term vision and estimate the required starting funds of $1 million. This will allow the community to vote on a proposal with a clear plan and cost estimate. The cost of hiring a consulting firm should be place on perspective it will only be about 1% of the asking fund for the first office. If we consider a scenario where we have 5 offices in 5 years, the cost will be even lower at 0.05% of the DAO estimate. While it’s true that some community members may have Deloitte in their professional background, it’s important to have a professional and objective assessment to ensure that we make the best decisions for the DAO’s future.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

-Mr. Hype :fire:

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Hi community,

We would like to invite everyone to participate in the discussion on the AIP idea. Your voice and feedback are important, and we would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Let’s work together to build a strong and sustainable future for our DAO.

Please feel free to share your opinions, ask questions, and engage in constructive debates. The goal of this forum is to foster healthy discussions and gather valuable input from our community.

Thank you for your participation and contribution.

-Mr. Hype :fire:

Firstly, I’m a big fan of co-working spaces for start-ups. The opportunity to chat, engage and share ideas across start-ups helps everyone to grow.

Being a physical space, I would have concerns around 1) scalability and 2) costs - namely, upfront setup costs and ongoing rental costs which would presumably be locked into a contract.

Given the above two points, this idea makes me hesitant. That being said, if there was a commercially viable business model associated with this initiative, then the above two concerns would be satiated.



Hi @danlogi,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns. Your points about scalability and costs are valid and important to consider when assessing the feasibility of this initiative. It’s clear that the “why” makes sense, but the “how” is still a question for many members.

That’s why I suggested starting with an new AIP proposal to hire a consulting firm to review the feasibility and provide a detailed plan with cost estimates before voting on it. While some members believe that this should be done in-house, I believe that it’s important to have a professional consulting firm review the plan to ensure that it’s well-vetted and comprehensive. This will help the DAO members feel more comfortable and confident in approving the plan.

As you mentioned, having a commercially viable business model associated with this initiative is crucial to ensure its sustainability in the long run. I agree that we should take a careful and prudent approach when it comes to treasury care. That’s why I propose that we agree with the DAO about a professional consulting firm to review the plan and provide guidance before moving forward with phase 1 execution.

On very short things we can bring the the DAO members to understand before the vote:

I invite all members to share their opinions on this topic. It’s important to have a deep and meaningful conversation to ensure that we build what’s truly important to the DAO. It would be immensely helpful to have the input of our stewards and special council members on this AIP Idea. As you guys are devoting significant amounts of time and effort to ApeCoin DAO, and your unique perspectives and insights could greatly influence the direction of this initiative. @Gerry @BoredApeG @SeraStargirl @veratheape @yatsiu @Amplify @Lost @adventurousape @Waabam

Thanks again for your input, @danlogi, what’s your call about hiring consulting firm pre-vote on the AIP Idea?

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Hey hey hey @MisterHype,

I love coworking spaces.

(did some work in the early days of WeWork as they were was expanding to California, helped launch a couple of independent spaces in SoCal back when coworking spaces were booming, and have presented to local city officials about city sponsored spaces).

There is so much need and potential for IRL 3rd places that lead to serendipitous collisions with like-minded people.

Over the last decade, there have been a tonne of changes, consolidations, new’ish business models, technologies, and user behaviours that have shaped the industry as a whole. Which all bring multiple go-to market options:

  • Owning versus renting the Real Estate itself
  • Converting Unused Commercial Space
  • Partnering with landlords of existing Office Spaces
  • Using a Space-as-a-Service option
  • Franchising (VentureX, etc)
  • Coworking at existing businesses outside of their reg hours (think dinner-only restaurants or hotel lobbies, F&B outlets, etc)
  • Hybrid Future of Work

I’m sure you’ve considered many of these options already, but the key will be sustainability - how does one keep the lights on after the first year of funding from the DAO?

Some general industry metrics:

  • Range of members per coworking space = 100 - 250
  • Range of membership cost (US) = $100 - 250
  • Annual range of top-line revenues = $120,000 - 750,000

Sources: GWA, GCUC, CoworkingCafe, Coworking Insights


  • If you’re thinking about high-end clubs, I would connect with @fredhsu to get some thoughts about Soho-house business economics, he’s launched Club3.

  • I don’t see the need to hire any outside consultants as much of the information is readily available through coworking associations, attending conferences, etc.

  • I would personally prefer a network of smaller, boutiquey, low-overhead spaces built for Web3 entrepreneurs/creators and focused on education and onboarding (it’s what we were shooting for with AIP-226)

  • I would also just throw up a landing page, conduct some outreach and create an interest list of potential members and sponsors

  • Most of all, I would focus on your own backyard - you are the Local Champion, you know it better than most of us here (along with Mantis and Zack), you understand the regional behaviours, expectations, costs, etc and you’ll have to be onsite 6-7 days a week during launch - so it better be nearby :laughing:.

Anyway, just a few of my notes as you had previously summoned me.

tl;dr - love coworking, think there are multiple options to launch, but you need to do what moves you – you do you.

Grumpy G :call_me_hand:t4: