AIP-321: Founders Circle Powered by ApeCoin

PROPOSAL NAME: Founders Circle Powered by ApeCoin

PROPOSAL CATEGORY: Ecosystem Allocation Fund


This proposal aims to establish a global presence for ApeCoin DAO by strategically setting up 3 offices in diverse locations worldwide. The ApeCoin DAO Founders Circle is an exclusive space and event hub designed to support early-stage blockchain and DeFi startups and promote ApeCoin DAO by educating the local tech communities about our vision and processes. This initiative includes access to online educational resources, 1:1 sessions, networking opportunities, exclusive invitations to IRL events, and access to ApeCoin DAO’s community and investor network. The benefits of funding this initiative include establishing ApeCoinDAO as a hub for early-stage startup founders and entrepreneurs, building a strong network of like-minded individuals, and increasing the visibility and reach of the organization in DAO’s selected markets.


These offices will serve as dynamic showcases for ApeCoin DAO, embodying a proactive approach to engage and educate local communities on pivotal topics such as $APE, the metaverse, and web3.



In addition to the physical and digital activities hub we will offer at ApeCoin DAO Founders Circle, a platform to streamline our operations. This website will allow ApeCoin DAO members (via wallet) to access co-working spaces and participate in events through the use of tags, as well as the founders or guests. With this website, we aim to make it easier for individuals to make the most of our activities and services. The website will also have an education hub where users can access helpful materials, videos, and slides to continue their learning journey at their own pace.




I am Mr. Hype, an enthusiastic member of the ApeCoin community dedicated to fostering inclusivity and driving community growth. Within the ApeCoin DAO, I actively contribute by streamlining proposals and integrating valuable feedback to ensure optimal success, and the lead author of AIP-259: Language and Market Focus for ApeCoin DAO in 2024-2025, and AIP-291: Approve and Publish ApeCoin DAO Brand Guidelines v1.1 on, lead with Animoca Brands AIP-329 AIP-329: Official ApeCoin DAO Booth at Animoca Brands Event and self-funded ApeCoin DAO Mascot at Elite-Moca Cruise Party. My professional expertise lies in establishing and expanding early-stage media and technology ventures. With a solid background in law, I have accumulated five years of experience providing legal counsel in infrastructure sectors, including green energy, water, communications (5G), and natural gas. Notably, I served as a legal advisor for The Quarry Rehabilitation Fund, overseeing multimillion-dollar valuation executions, shaping long-term policies, and actively collaborating with the public sector to ensure democratic laws and implementation strategies.

About the web3 landscape, I have dedicated the past two years full-time to web3 endeavors. As CEO of an NFT investment DAO, I meticulously analyze market trends and possess in-depth insights into blockchain technology and DeFi from a programming standpoint.

My educational qualifications include an LL.B and B.A. from Reichman University, specializing in Finances and Risk Management. Presently, I take pride in my role as the creator of The Pixelated Apes and the visionary founder of PixeLabs DAO.

In short, The Diamond Handed Zombie :fire: :man_zombie:


The motivation behind the ApeCoin DAO Founders Circle is to broaden ApeCoin’s influence by establishing offices as essential hubs for in-person networking, fostering collaboration, and innovation. By creating physical co-working spaces and organizing events, we aim to provide a platform to promote ApeCoin DAO, collaborate, share knowledge, and explore new opportunities for growth in local communities.


The rationale behind ApeCoin DAO Founders Circle is to create a supportive and collaborative community of blockchain enthusiasts who are committed to driving innovation while Combining virtual aspects with these physical locations allows us to cater to both remote-first companies and startups seeking a place to gather and collaborate physically.


The ApeCoin DAO Founders Circle holds transformative potential that directly aligns with the objectives of DAO vote AIP-259. This initiative strategically reinforces the proposed impact within selected markets by establishing offices and operational hubs in those markets. The initiative contributes to significant realization in selected markets, elevating brand visibility, onboarding Web2 to Web3, and fostering long-term growth for ApeCoin.

Selected Market Penetration

The Founders Circle’s approach of opening worldwide offices and operational hubs aligns perfectly with the intention to create significant impact in the selected markets identified by AIP-259: Language and Market Focus for ApeCoin DAO in 2024-2025. This strategic alignment ensures that the ecosystem’s presence is not only felt but also deeply integrated into these markets, effectively amplifying our reach and influence.

Promoting ApeCoin DAO

The initiative’s inclusion of showcasing the ApeCoin DAO logo on buildings in the selected markets further elevates our brand visibility and reputation. By creating localized touchpoints, it introduces the organization’s values, technologies, and services to a broader audience, positioning ApeCoin DAO as a leading entity within the metaverse.

Onboarding Web2 to Web3

The Founders Circle serves as a bridge for Web2 communities looking to enter the Web3 world. It provides a localized, supportive environment for tech companies and startups to learn about web3, NFTs, and blockchain technology, and our DAO facilitating a smooth transition into the crypto space.

Long-Term Growth and Expansion

The multi-year timeline of the Founders Circle’s operations further enhances the lasting impact outlined in AIP-259. By establishing a continuous presence, we can cultivate enduring relationships with local investors, startups, and communities, contributing to the sustained growth and influence sought by the DAO.


Education Hub

The central component of the ApeCoin DAO Founders Circle’s operations, functioning as both an in-person and online platform for knowledge dissemination and skill enhancement, designed to empower local communities and individuals with knowledge, foster skill development, and catalyze innovation. This hub offers an integrated environment for learning, networking, and collaborative growth.

Selected Markets

Selected markets are specific regions or demographics that are identified and prioritized by ApeCoin DAO for focused efforts and resource allocation. These markets represent target areas where the DAO aims to expand its presence and achieve significant impact. [Source: AIP-259](


The ApeCoin DAO Founders Circle’s specifications are meticulously crafted to realize the vision of a thriving hub for blockchain enthusiasts, fostering innovation, collaboration, and education. These specifications encompass both physical and virtual components, creating a comprehensive ecosystem for growth and learning.

ApeCoin Offices and Event Hub
  • Event Facilities: The hub will feature versatile event spaces capable of hosting a range of activities, including workshops, seminars, networking events, panel discussions, Otherside experience and more.

  • Space Design: The spaces shall be thoughtfully designed to accommodate the diverse needs of startups, entrepreneurs, and community members. It will offer flexible workspaces, collaborative & gaming zones, and areas for networking events and workshops.

  • Local Community Engagement: The space will facilitate collaborations with local communities and industry experts, inviting them to host educational sessions, share insights, and promote knowledge exchange.

Online Learning Platform - Education Hub
  • Digital Access: Accessible worldwide, serving as a centralized repository for educational content and facilitating participation in events through wallet-based tags.

  • Educational Events: The online platform will host virtual educational events, such as webinars and online workshops, led by experts from the blockchain, DeFi, and cryptocurrency domains.

  • Global Reach: The virtual component ensures that community members across different geographical locations can participate, fostering a globally inclusive learning environment.

Community Empowerment and Collaboration
  • Skill Development: Prioritizing skill development, offering resources for understanding blockchain, NFTs, DeFi, ApeChain and related technologies.

  • Networking Opportunities: The hub will provide spaces and events designed to foster meaningful connections among startups, professionals, investors, and enthusiasts, both locally and globally.

  • Collaborative Workspaces: Physical and virtual co-working spaces will encourage collaboration, enabling participants to work together on projects, exchange ideas, and develop innovative solutions.

The specifications of the ApeCoin DAO Founders Circle reflect a holistic approach, seamlessly integrating physical and virtual elements to establish an ecosystem where education, collaboration, and innovation converge to shape the future of blockchain technology.


The ApeCoin DAO Founders Circle’s primary focus is to expand the DAO’s reach by hosting events and supporting startup growth, as well as growing the local community. Here’s a proposed timeline for implementing the Founders Circle and expanding to different selected markets:

Phase 1 (Q2 of 2024)
  • Form a core team of who will lead the Founders Circle and oversee its operations;

  • Identify a suitable hi-tech building and design co-working space layout;

  • Create a communication plan to inform ApeCoin DAO members of the new initiative and the benefits of participating in the Founders Circle;

  • Start interview potential early-stage startups on selected market;

  • Launch website or combine into WG operation site AIP-317.

Phase 2 (End of 2024)
  • Supervise first Founders Circle office design;

  • Establish partnerships with blockchain companies and VCs;

  • Launch and Host the first Founders Circle event, either online or in-person, to introduce the initiative and discuss its goals and potential benefits;

  • Identify potential startups to support and mentor within the DAO community;

  • Planning for future Founders Circle events.

Phase 3 (Q1 of 2025)
  • Launch the Founders Circle in the first selected market;

  • Expand support to local startups and foster community engagement.

Phase 4 (2025)
  • Host regular events, workshops, and mentorship sessions in each Founders Circle;

  • Begin planning the expansion to the other locations based on feedback from the community and selected markets;

  • Continuously scout for new opportunities and collaborations within each selected market.

Phase 5 (2025-2026)
  • Supervise second Founders Circle office design;

  • Host regular events, workshops, and mentorship sessions in each Founders Circle;

  • Launch the Founders Circle in the second selected market.

Phase 6 (2026-2027)
  • Supervise third Founders Circle office design;

  • Host regular events, workshops, and mentorship sessions in each Founders Circle;

  • Launch the Founders Circle in the third selected market.


Phase 1 (Q2 of 2024)
Phase 2 (End of 2024)
Phase 3 (Q1 of 2025)
Phase 4 (2025)
Phase 5 (2025-2026)
Phase 6 (2026-2027)

OVERALL COST: 9M $APE for 2024-2027, to be provided in tranches via a mechanism to be determined together with the APE Foundation at a later date.



In principle as someone working on my own blockchain project, I love the idea. However what would the benefits be to the vast majority of people who will not be able to be physically present?


This is a DAO, we all founders, therefor there is should no be no Circles.


Hi @Hangout ,

Thanks for your comment! It’s great to hear that you’re working on your own blockchain project (DM and let’s connect)! Regarding your question about the benefits of hosting physical events for those who cannot attend in person, we can plan to create virtual views of the events that will be recorded and uploaded to our website. That way, everyone can experience the event, no matter where they are.

However, I believe you may be missing the larger point of our AIP idea. The true benefit lies in promoting the ApeCoin DAO and establishing it as a leading brand in local communities, similar to how companies like AWS and Microsoft For Start-up have done with their last 2-years operation. By hosting physical events or having co-working spaces we can create a strong presence and engage with our community in meaningful ways that will help grow our brand and ultimately benefit all members of the DAO.

I hope this helps clarify our perspective. Let me know if you have any further questions or thoughts.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Hi @TheFatherOfAllStorms,

Thank you for your input. You raise an interesting point about the nature of a DAO and the idea of a hierarchy or “circles.”

As you may know, our mission statement revolves around distributing $APE and empowering our community to build and participate in the future of the Greater Metaverse today. I believe that our Guiding Values, which include championing innovation, creativity, inclusivity, education, and positive social impact, can be execute with the AIP Idea.

Having physical offices in different locations would not only provide a space for community members and founders to gather and collaborate, but also serve as a hub for promoting and advancing the adoption of ApeCoin and blockchain technology.

By fostering a sense of community and inclusivity through these physical spaces, we can also enhance the execution of ApeCoin’s DAO statement. This would enable us to work more closely with community members and founders to develop new projects, drive innovation, and achieve the DAO’s goals.

Do you have any ideas for how we can best organize ourselves to achieve our goals while maintaining the decentralized and collaborative spirit of the DAO?

Mr. Hype :fire:

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I like the direction of this Idea, I would only be able to join virtually though. Perhaps setting up a space can be included in the proposal, something like that will allow us to join and interact, possibly linking the live hub space to a version so you have different spaces, etc.

I’d be keen to get involved as an early stage startup my Ape Inn AIP falls square in the middle of this proposal.


Hi @0xWebMoss !

Thank you for your comment and input. Appreciate your support for the idea.

Regarding your suggestion to have a space, that’s a great idea. I believe that including virtual spaces in the proposal would be a fantastic way to make sure that everyone can join and contribute to the community, regardless of their location.

It’s great to hear that your Ape Inn AIP falls in the middle of this proposal, I believe that working together as a community, we can achieve great things and make ApeCoin DAO an even more inclusive and innovative space.

Thank you again for your input, and we look forward to hearing more from you.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Hi @MisterHype

Fair point about there being a bigger aspect to your AIP. Honestly not sure how much value I see of a recording of the event, there is way too much content to keep up with anyway!

Having said that I do really agree that promoting ApeCoin DAO amongst builders can only be a good thing. I assume that the plan for physical expansion focuses on builder heavy communities/locations?

@0xWebMoss makes a great point about using something like Anything that enables those not fortunate enough to be physically present to engage is a win in my book and scales the impact of this project in terms of raising the ApeCoin DAO profile.

Therefore if there was a virtual strategy in parallel with the physical one that would be super compelling to combine what can be done in the best of both worlds.

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I really appreciate your enthusiasm and the thought you’ve put into the proposal to create a hub for early-stage blockchain and DeFi startups. I believe the ApeCoin DAO Founders circle has the potential to be a valuable asset for the community, fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities. Your proposed timeline and steps for implementation demonstrate a well-thought-out approach to ensure its success. Thumbs UP

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Great idea to create a coworking space for founders and creators supported by the DAO. I advise founders in a music/tech/web3 incubator group that has similar great coworking spaces in Austin and Chicago for their early stage startups. It has worked well but is very costly even though partially funded by the VCs they work with and by the fees to join the incubator. Limiting it to one space is challenging with our WW representation. There are so many great rentable coworking spaces available around the world now - that you can rent hourly, daily, weekly. Maybe starting with a monthly or quarterly revolving city model, with hours or days booked in each location based on participation, might reach more people in a less costly model. Even partnering with some of these incubator groups in various locations could mean free or discounted spaces and additional support for the startups. just a thought on first read.


In general, cool idea! But it’s ahead of its time (we don’t have many projects building/approved yet) and being limited to Israel is a no-go, imho, as most builders don’t reside there afaik.

I think this makes more sense perhaps as part of Forj’s accelerator, if/when that gets going?

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Hi @Hangout,

Hi there,

I appreciate your thoughts and agree with you and @0xWebMoss that having a virtual strategy alongside the physical one can help to engage with a wider audience and scale the impact, as well the ability to share education with the community. It’s definitely something to implement long the way.

Regarding the physical expansion, the plan is to focus on locations with a high concentration of builders and early-stage startups. We want to create a hub that fosters innovation, collaboration, and growth for the ApeCoin DAO community.

Thank you for your input, it’s always helpful to hear different perspectives and ideas.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Hi @apboatt,

Thank you for your kind words and support for the ApeCoin Founders Circle idea. I believe that this concept can have a positive impact on the community, especially for early-stage blockchain and DeFi startups and the connection to the community. Collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities are crucial for the success, and I think that the Founders Circle can provide a valuable space for these activities.

I am glad to hear that you found the proposed timeline and steps for implementation to be well-thought-out, but it’s still in early stage to understand the big picture where in approval AIP goes to small details.

I hope to see more support from the community in the coming days (@Amplify , @badteeth , @Gerry , @0xSword , @ssp1111 :fire::raised_hands:).

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Hi @Shaemmon,

Thank you for your input and sharing your experience (DM let’s connect). Your suggestion of a revolving city model with hourly or daily rentals is not what I meant with the proposal, the space should be free for selected startups, AIP approved and ApeCoin DAO members. Partnering with existing coworking spaces or incubator groups could also be a great way to expand the reach of the ApeCoin Founders Circle and provide additional support for startups, I think long the way with the right strategies and brand use, we can achieve in that concept a lot with no charge from treasury. We’ll definitely consider these options and see how they fit with our long-term vision.

Thanks again for your valuable input!

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Hi @Sasha,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the ApeCoin Founder Circle idea. I appreciate your feedback and value the opportunity to clarify some points.

Firstly, the idea behind the Founder Circle is not to solely focus on approved AIPs but rather to expand the process to local builders and connect them to the DAO and the token. The idea aim to create a space that supports early-stage startups and approved AIPs, providing them with a platform to grow and thrive. Similar to how AWS by Amazon finds different startups and offers them this kind of hub, we want to create a space that is free to access and includes a website with a QR code to access the co-working space (in that website any $APE coin holder can find spot on co-working space or events in the different locations of Founder Circle).

Regarding the location, we understand that the current proposal is based in Tel Aviv, but we’re open to exploring other potential locations that make sense for the DAO and its members. Right now we talking about POC and ability to execute. I believe that Tel Aviv is a start-up nation that has built many unicorns and has a statement to be here, and there are many great startups here beyond the actual capacity we can provide. For example, Amazon has created this kind of hub in Tel Aviv (only 1 of 4 in the world) and we believe that this could be a valuable resource for the community, regardless of location. Our focus is to support local builders, while approved AIP startups could use that hub as well.

Regarding the suggestion of potentially integrating this idea with Forj’s accelerator program, I think that’s a great idea and something worth exploring. We aim to work together with WG0 and other AIPs along the way to create the best possible resources and opportunities for our community.

Thank you again for your input, and I hope that you’ll continue to stay involved in our community’s growth and development.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


In that case, my “addition” to this as an idea/suggestion would be to do the legwork and identify top locations for $ape builders and then include those numbers/stats in your AIP draft. I don’t think an AIP will be approved on “we will research/look into it” as much as it will be on “we did the research and have solid data”. Same way as you don’t come to a venture fund with “we need money to research what we’re gonna build or where” but rather with “here’s the prototype, here are first engagement numbers, here’s how we’re gonna scale, the money is to take us from point A to point B”.

On that note, if your proposal doesn’t pass, doing a volunteer demo project would go a long way. It doesn’t cost anything but time to organize $ape coin builders in your area for some meetups at a coffee shop, connections, etc. and you can get their feedback and public statements from that, which certainly wouldn’t hurt!


Love the idea of a physical space to support DAO creators, but @Sasha’s advice is solid here.

Instead of going straight to the $, propose an AIP to do the research, identify top locations, figure out how to create a sustainable business model and then follow up with the $ ask. Thanks for sharing this, look forward to seeing it evolve!


Hi @badteeth,

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback on the ApeCoin DAO Founders Circle proposal. I appreciate your insights and agree that @Sasha’s advice is solid.

To clarify, the AIP idea is intended as a starting point for discussion and gathering feedback from the community. It is not a final proposal, but a way to explore the concept and determine whether there is interest in pursuing it further. While the suggested location provides some context and vision, I am open to exploring other locations that make sense for the DAO and its members.

I also agree that doing research and gathering data to support the proposal is essential. I appreciate your suggestion to include research and data in the AIP draft, I believe it would be beneficial to reach out to consulting firms like Deloitte to gather more in-depth data and insights for a 5-10 year strategy. What do you and @sashanft think about this?

Furthermore, I would like to ask the admins, @Vulkan.Admin and @amplify.Admin, to extend the time for discussion on the forum page to 30 days, allowing more people to join the conversation and share their thoughts on the AIP idea (ends in 4 days).

Once again, thank you for your input and support, and I look forward to evolving and improving the proposal with the help of the community.

-Mr. Hype :fire:

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Isn’t Deloitte a big boomer company? Seems way too big for this tiny task, unless I’m missing something.

Dunno, it seems one can just go to BAYC discord, start there, then regional ones. Someone must have done something similar or parts of it already. Harry from Forj has ecosystem map of builders for apes, can ask any other major $ape holders what they know re: locations. Brainstorm with some.

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Hi @Sasha,

I understand that you don’t agree with my suggestion to reach out to consulting firms like Deloitte to gather more data and insights for a 5-10 year strategy. I respect your opinion, but I think it’s important to consider all options and resources available to us.

While it’s true that Deloitte is a big company, that doesn’t mean they can’t provide valuable insights and data for our proposed concept. I appreciate your perspective on using grassroots efforts to identify potential locations for the ApeCoin DAO expansion. However, I disagree that this is a “tiny task.” In fact, I believe that identifying and selecting locations for physical spaces is a critical step in the DAO’s expansion, and requires careful consideration and research.

For example, some of the questions we may want to ask Deloitte or any other consulting firm include:

  • How can we identify and prioritize potential locations for physical spaces based on factors such as market demand, cost of living, and availability of talent?
  • What kind of infrastructure and amenities do these physical spaces need to have to attract and retain high-quality startups and employees?
  • What are the expected costs for employees, rent, and other expenses associated with setting up and running these physical spaces, with compare to other places?
  • How many startups in each region are worth investing in, and what are their specific needs and requirements?

These are just a few examples of the many questions we need to answer in order to make informed decisions about the expansion of the ApeCoin DAO. I believe that consulting firms like Deloitte can provide valuable insights and data to help us make these decisions with confidence and ensure that we are using our resources effectively.

While it is true that we can start by reaching out to regional communities and major $APE holders to gather information on potential locations, I believe that consulting firms like Deloitte can provide valuable insights and data to help us make informed decisions about where to establish physical spaces. Before we approach Deloitte, I suggest that we prepare a one-pager of the DAO’s vision and goals to ensure that we have a clear and concise message to communicate with them. We can then discuss this proposal and potential engagement further with them.

Additionally, the proposed budget of ~1 million dollars for this year is a significant amount of money (and an ongoing yearly estimate of $600k/office), and I think it is important that we make sure it is being used effectively and efficiently. Taking the time to do thorough research and planning before making any large investments is essential to the success of the DAO’s expansion.

Furthermore, I believe that it’s important to focus on both local startups and AIP approvals, as I proposed on this AIP Idea. By providing physical spaces for local startups to thrive, we can also benefit from their innovation and creativity and bring more people into our ecosystem. At the same time, we can use these spaces to host events and gatherings for the ApeCoin community, which can help build a stronger network and increase the visibility of the DAO.

I do agree with your suggestion to start with the BAYC Discord and other regional groups to gather information and insights. However, I also believe that this forum is where the DAO should discuss this idea. It is a valuable space for discussion and debate on the proposal. That’s why I asked for an extension of the time on this forum to 30 days, to ensure that everyone has a chance to contribute their thoughts and ideas.

As for Deloitte, it was just one suggestion among many others. I agree that the costs of creating a research document to identify the best locations for physical spaces can be significant, and we need to carefully consider the provider we choose to ensure they are reputable and provide value to the DAO.

Thank you for your suggestions, and I look forward to continuing the conversation with you and the rest of the community.

-Mr. Hype :fire: