AIP-419: Expansion of ApeChain Presence in Key Asian Events

PROPOSAL BY: Mister Hype :fire:

PROPOSAL NAME: Expansion of ApeChain Presence in Key Asian Events

PROPOSAL CATEGORY: Ecosystem Fund Allocation


I am Mr. Hype (Lead Organizer), an enthusiastic member of the ApeCoin community dedicated to fostering inclusivity and driving community growth. Within the ApeCoin DAO, I actively contribute by streamlining proposals and integrating valuable feedback to ensure optimal success, and the lead author of AIP-259: Language and Market Focus for ApeCoin DAO in 2024-2025, AIP-315: Ape Strategy Steering Committee and AIP-291: ApeCoin DAO Brand Guidelines, lead with Animoca Brands AIP-329: Official ApeCoin DAO Booth at Animoca Brands Event and self-funded ApeCoin DAO Mascot at Elite-Moca Cruise Party. My professional expertise lies in establishing and expanding early-stage media and technology ventures. With a solid background in law, I have accumulated five years of experience providing legal counsel in infrastructure sectors, including green energy, water, communications (5G), and natural gas. Notably, I served as a legal advisor for The Quarry Rehabilitation Fund, overseeing multimillion-dollar valuation executions, shaping long-term policies, and actively collaborating with the public sector to ensure democratic laws and implementation strategies.

About the web3 landscape, I have dedicated the past three years full-time to web3 endeavors. As CEO of an NFT investment DAO, I meticulously analyze market trends and possess in-depth insights into blockchain technology from a programming standpoint.

My educational qualifications include an LL.B and B.A. from Reichman University, specializing in Finances and Risk Management. Presently, I take pride in my role as the creator of The Pixelated Apes and the visionary founder of PixeLabs DAO.

In short, The Diamond Handed Zombie :fire: :man_zombie:

The team will provide the option for stewards and special council members who possess in-depth knowledge of the ApeCoin DAO and its processes to opt-in to participation. Additionally, we will enlist community members who bring forth a background in conference management, events and sales ensuring our seamless integration into the event landscape. Moreover, community members with an understanding of Asian culture will be integral to our team, facilitating culturally resonant engagement with our target audience. Furthermore, the team will collaborate closely with the Arbitrum Foundation and Horizen Labs to operate ApeChain, as we plan to include with the WebX booth effectively.


This proposal seeks to extend the success of ApeCoin’s participation in WebX2024 by strategically leveraging our presence in the Asian blockchain market. Building upon the WebX sponsorship, we aim to enhance the visibility and adoption of ApeChain within the Asian blockchain communities through a comprehensive series of events, including IVS Crypto, Korea Blockchain Week, Token2049 Singapore, DAOTOKYO, ETHTOKYO. These events will serve as pivotal platforms for showcasing ApeCoin’s innovations and fostering connections within the regional blockchain ecosystem.


Participating in these events will not only amplify ApeChain’s exposure but also strengthen our ties within the Asian blockchain communities. By strategically aligning with WebX’s vision and expanding our presence in key markets, we anticipate increased adoption of ApeChain and heightened engagement within the $APE ecosystem.


IVS Crypto:

Since 2007, IVS has been the big conference for startup executives in Japan. Bringing together the most prominent and influential figures in web 2.0 and web 3.0. In 2024, IVS focus on bridging japanese ingenuity and international perspectives under the theme “CROSS THE BOUNDARIES” IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO|Japan's largest crypto conference

Korea Blockchain Week:

​​Korea Blockchain Week was founded in 2018 offer a comprehensive experience of a conference, hackathons, networking events, art exhibitions, and festivals all in one week. Major topics include Web3, gaming, NFT’s, Al, regulations & policies, and more. Since its inception, KBW has consistently grown each year and has become one of the most well-respected Web conferences, attracting key stakeholders and active participants from all over the world.

Token2049 Singapore:

TOKEN2049 is a global conference series, where the crypto ecosystem’s decision-makers connect to exchange ideas, network, and shape the industry. TOKEN2049 is the pre-eminent meeting place for entrepreneurs, institutions, industry insiders, investors, builders, and those with a strong interest in the crypto and blockchain industry.


DAOTOKYO invite DAO experts from all around the world with cutting-edge knowledge and experience to make an event where DAO know-how and knowledge can be shared and enhanced.


ETHTokyo is an engaging hackathon for the global Ethereum community where people with all sorts of backgrounds, ideas, and skills come together to share their love for Ethereum and its world.


For each event, we will ensure comprehensive participation as follows:

  • Sponsorship: Gold+ level sponsorship to prominently showcase ApeCoin
  • Exhibition: Interactive booth featuring ApeCoin
  • Speaker Slot: Dedicated speaking opportunity to present ApeChain and ApeCoin
  • Logo Display: Inclusion of ApeCoin’s logo on event materials
  • Visibility on Venue: Prominent visibility at the venue through banners and signage
  • Side Event: Hosting an exclusive side-event for networking and community building
  • Extra Tickets: Additional event tickets allocated for distribution to DAO members
  • Extra Flight Tickets: Additional flight tickets provided for DAO members to attend


Implementation Period: May 2024 - Sep 2024
Expected Term: 5 months

Execution Phases:

May 2024: Close Deals with All 5 Events Sponsorship

During this phase, we aim to finalize sponsorship agreements with all five events mentioned above, ensuring at least gold-level participation. Additionally, we will establish the team to facilitate operations for each event, coordinating logistics and resource allocation. All actions would be synchronized with ApeChain partners and approved by the Ape Foundation.

June 2024: Launch 'ApeCoin Dragon Dance' Marketing Campaign

Upon confirmation of the marketing strategy, we will initiate the “ApeCoin Dragon Dance” campaign, tailored specifically for the Asian market. This campaign will include initiatives such as giveaway of 5-10 flight tickets and event passes to ApeCoin DAO members, inviting them to join us at the events. Concurrently, we will work on logistic to ensure seamless coordination for the five events.

July 2024: ApeCoin Presence at IVS Crypto Event

With messaging and objectives confirmed by the foundation, our team will arrive to Kyoto to execute ApeCoin’s presence at the IVS Crypto event. This involves operating the booth, facilitating presentations by two speakers, and organizing a side event during Japan Blockchain Week.

Aug 2024: ApeCoin Presence at DAOTOKYO and ETHTOKYO

The team will arrive to Tokyo to participate in both DAOTOKYO and ETHTOKYO events. Activities include operating a hackathon focusing on ApeChain, arranging speakers to discuss ApeChain and ApeCoin DAO, and hosting a side event during WebX Week in collaboration with Arbitrum Foundation and Horizen Labs.

Sep 2024: ApeCoin Presence at Korea Blockchain Week and TOKEN2049

Our team will arrive to Korea (early sep) and Singapore (late sep) to participate in both Korea Blockchain Week event and TOKEN2049 event during the Singapore F1 race week. Activities include booth operation, speaker presentations, and hosting a side event during Korea Blockchain Week and TOKEN2049.

OVERALL COST: 900,000.00 APE

  1. Sponsorship: 250,000
  2. Booth Production: 100,000
  3. Side Event: 250,000
  4. Staff Expenses: 50,000
  5. Marketing Materials: 200,000
  6. Flight Tickets: 50,000

All content produced can be transferred to the Ape Foundation, marketing and communication working group or any other initiative that the foundation requests for safe keeping.

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Part of me is starting to wonder if we should invest invest in things like Banners and materials related to the DAO for these events, then store them in certain countries and transport them from the nearest locaiton so that way we have them on hand.

Outside of that, sounds fun. Never heard of any of these events (that’s more of a reflection on me not on the events).


Hi @MisterHype,

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We look forward to hearing from you.



Hey @Lost.Admin,

Thank you for the update. We’re ready to proceed to the next phase, please check the update proposal with the AIP Draft template.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Great idea, would love to see how this plays out I remember you talk about this event in a space with Lost and the rest in it


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