AIP-347: Enable DAO-Wide Voting for Working Group Stewards

Unfortunately the Ape Assembly became a toxic and demotivating experience for many due to many reasons, but starting with it’s initial lack of structure and details on how it would work.

I do agree that it makes sense to hold DAO wide elections for the Stewards rather than through the Ape Assembly, especially since they will have to be able to get a budget passed.

At this point in time, wouldn’t it be better to just end the Ape Assembly? It doesn’t seem to have much purpose if this AIP passes, especially if there’s no criteria to join. It seems like it would be just unneeded bureaucracy and a waste of $APE. The sentiment around it is not very good. Most people have stopped participating. At this point, it’s done more harm than good. Unless there is a clear roadmap on how to transform it into something productive, it will continue to serve no meaningful purpose imo.

As for the DAO Secretary:

  • There is a conflict of interest in the Stewards choosing the DAO Secretary. According to AIP-239, the DAO Secretary is supposed to act as an oversight and accountability role. It’s like an industry getting to handpick it’s own regulator. Electing a Secretary should be a DAO wide vote.
  • There is also a conflict of interest in the Stewards being able to fire the Secretary. It’s hard for someone to hold someone accountable if they can be fired by those same people. Their removal should be by a DAO wide vote.
  • What is the term for the DAO Secretary? That has never been defined. The Ape Assembly was also responsible for setting any potential term limits.

There is another area that the Ape Assembly is responsible for according to AIP-239, that I don’t think it is equipped to handle in it’s current state.

Do you feel the Ape Assembly can handle this task if this situation happened? If not, maybe the Special Council would be willing to choose the replacement, similar to how they chose 3 of us as WG0 Stewards?

I appreciate your efforts to address the voting issues and look forward to your reply.