AIP-362: Establish bi-monthly AIP voting periods

Thanks for your proposal @BoredClubCanada @FUDmaster & @BoredApeG. I can definitely see benefits to doing it this way.

That being said, there are a few other factors to keep in mind. Firstly, like @Vulkan pointed out, the number of Live AIPs has been increasing over recent months. Additionally, months with five Thursdays could result in a three-week gap between some votes, potentially leading to more proposals being up for vote in the following month.

Moreover, as per AIP-138: The Special Council Election Process, no other AIPs will be up for a vote during Candidate elections for the Special Council. If these elections happen to fall on the third Thursday of the month, it could further increase the number of proposals during the following voting period.

Considering these factors, there’s the possibility of increased voter fatigue due to a high number of proposals some weeks. What measures could be put in place to prevent this and ensure that all AIPs receive fair consideration?

Thanks again for your proposal, and I look forward to your reply!