AIP-379: Thank APE - Phase II: Amplifying a Movement

I will have to change a lot of things.
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What a great thanksgiving…


I’m glad to be part of this wonderful community


I like the automation & I know of a few good ideas that have come from TA, however, it has drawn in many farmers who literally just make a living from completing menial tasks which add zero benefit to the DAO.

I would have preferred to see a much smaller fund request, more meaningful results delivered on maybe a third of that amount, and then perhaps go in for the almost $7.3million dollar ask next time when there really is lots to boast about.

Not trying to be negative just realistic - I’ve just not really seen much tangible value provided, and I also think some of the claims and wording used are not truly representative of the whole picture.


Our Thank APE team is overwhelmed and grateful for all of the feedback on this thread already. It means the world to us. Thank you. Over the next few days and weeks, we hope to be able to acknowledge and respond to everything. I’m excited that I get to start with you, 0xWebMoss!

A huge thanks right back at you @0xWebMoss. You’ve been a big contributor to the DAO for a while. Congrats on being a top contributor with Thank APE; we’re grateful for the important contributions you’ve made to the DAO and so excited about the contributions you’ll make in the future!


@jackie, thank you for you kind words. We’re huge fans of your work with Another World, and we appreciate all of your important work on behalf of the ApeCoin community. You’re amazing!

This means a lot to us. We strongly believe that truly sustainable and thriving communities must encourage, lift up, and honor important contributions from all people!

Let’s go!


@TheFatherOfAllStorms, thank you for your contributions to our ApeCoin community and to Thank APE. Your commitment and passion means a lot to all of us.

We understand your frustration with the trademark approval process. We’ve also experienced some pains of delays on the foundation and legal side. What I know is they are good and supportive people, they have lots of work coming at them in all directions, and they are trying to help.

@lexicon0x is reaching out to you directly to provide additional support. It’s not our world, but we’ll do what we can to help.


ThankApe is the grease that gets the gears of the ApeCoin DAO grinding. During the first phase, it ushered in great ideas such as ApeCoinDAO 101, Forever Apes, AIP Ambassador and Mentorship programme, and ApeCoinDAO Prop House which went on to become passed AIPs or impactful implementations. ThankApe brought in a host of talented artists, builders and creatives who have become valuable contributors to the ApeCoinDAO.

A big thank you to the ThankApe Team and Advisory Board. You made contributing to ApeCoinDAO fun and rewarding. We’re eagerly looking forward to what you have planned for the second phase. :heart:


LFG. great initiative.


very nice message, I can’t wait to find out what the DAO has in store for us.


Thanks to Thank Ape for their contributions to the ApeCoin ecosystem over the past year, particularly in improving the DAO culture.
Winning first place in the third season of the Thank Ape X ApeCoin reward program has greatly inspired me as an artist. I’m also grateful to the Thank Ape team for their support and guidance throughout the competition. I believe their team will continue to shape our community and culture.and looking forward to building together!

Big hug to the ThankApe Team, and special for @Apewhale @SeraStargirl :heart:


ThankApe is a community rewards platform that has done such an amazing job rewarding builders and creators, giving them a launchpad/springboard for their project(s), it has frankly now become a staple in not just the ApeCoin space but in the web3 space.

It is highly advisable to ensure ThankApe have the ability to understand the needs within our space and enable opportunities for the ApeCoin DAO and the community within it. Whether they hold 1 APE or more. Equality is what makes ThankApe such a foundation and an inspiration. If ThankApe are not given the tools and funding to keep growing and laying further foundations, the space as a whole will suffer. There is no other philanthropic web3 platform doing things the way ThankApe do it and therefore we must nuture this one within the ApeCoin DAO.

We need to ensure that ThankApe have the funds available to grow, to attract talent, to reward web3 creators/innovators/builders and therefore Phase II not only has my support, but should receive support from everyone in the ApeCoin DAO.

If we want community members to keep being incentivised, to keep building and to keep making an impact, we in turn need to support ThankApe who are one of the very few value-creating projects supporting builders and creators in the web3 space.

I have said this before many times, we cannot simply rely on a top down support approach constantly, there must be a bottom up support approach as well so that giving is equal to receiving.

Dr Dave Coin


i think this is an interesting aip, which can create tons of value to apecoin. my main concern is asking for 3.3m in apecoin which you will control and decide how to give it back to the community?

wouldn’t it be like thank ape owning an apecoin subdao and taking all decisions on those 3.3 m?


@CEOofWeb3, thank you for your kind words and many contributions to ApeCoin!

@buuvei thank you - we really appreciate all you’ve done for our ApeCoin community!

@Hazan, thank you. We too are so excited to see builders from all over call ApeCoin DAO their home!


Hi @furiousanger, thanks for your feedback - and for your contributions to the DAO. Responses are below:

Thank you.

This is false. In total, for Phase I ~15% of Thank APE allocations will have funded “top of the funnel” contributions (e.g. retweets, Discord posts, etc.). The purpose of these allocations was to draw new contributors into ApeCoin. This was in alignment with our Phase I Proposal.

After Season 1, the ApeCoin community gave feedback that they wanted more “higher value” contributions. Since then, the vast majority of APE rewards have been for higher value contributions, most of which DAO members specifically selected as valuable.

If you prefer personal stories from DAO members, look at the comments in this thread - many people have already shared stories of Thank APE’s impact on their lives and impact for ApeCoin DAO. As an example, Annie’s feedback is quite powerful.

If you are a data person, this submission already links to every one of the 223 ApeCoin projects we’ve funded. Projects include a large spectrum of contributions that our DAO chose as valuable: infrastructure builders, game designers, artists, merchants, IRL events, and more.

That’s not how we do things - and it’s not who we are. We feel comfortable that our proposal reflects the extensive data. We’ve also ensured that the data is easy to find (in this case, it’s in the proposal). Additionally, contribution rewards can be tracked back to on-chain attestations.

First, thank you for interest in supporting our continued work with ApeCoin at any level. It means a lot. Second, we believe this APE amount funds the impact the DAO wants and needs. Additionally, we have time to adjust the amount based on price fluctuations et. al. before the proposal goes to vote.

Final thoughts: Thanks again for your feedback. I’d love to connect anytime, and - again - I appreciate your governance contributions to our DAO.


@AnnieRawrz, congratulations on all of your success and impact in the ApeCoin community. You deserve it and the community is better for it.

Thank you for sharing about the role Thank APE has played in your journey. Your post was very powerful for me and for all of our behind-the-scenes Thank APE contributors.

We feel similar gratitude toward you. You paved a path in ApeCoin that many other builders are already beginning to follow. Your success and growth is theirs and all of ours. Thank you again for your contributions. We are so excited to see whatever you come up with next.


ThankApe has definitely driven so much engagement within the DAO! I personally am an active participant in different Moonshot contests, and saw ThankApe kickoff. I love how these events mobilize the members of the DAO to bring value.

Just a few clarifications:

  • Is there reasoning behind why seasons are cut into ~3 month seasons?
  • What does it mean for the costs to be 100% Performance-based?
  • With the majority of the 20% (~700k APE) allocation towards Thrivecoin protocol & platform design, team/support payments, etc.-- does this mean ApeCoin is powering Thrivecoin?
    If so, as we grow the ApeCoin brand and awareness, with ThriveCoin’s reach, it would definitely be a great opportuntiy to brand ThriveCoin as another great project powered by ApeCoin!

Thank you for the exciting proposal!


@chaps, we appreciate the great feedback.

Thank you. Your support means a lot to us.

Thank you for the great question. The short answer is: no, we do not control community funds - or even how funds are invested in the community. Here’s the longer answer:

  1. Thank APE and ThriveCoin do not control community funds. As we did in Phase I, all community funds are custodied in a multi-sig managed by known, trusted community members. Nobody from ThriveCoin is a signer on the multi-sig, and only one person from the Thank APE board is a signer. Additionally, contributions that earn rewards are attested to on-chain for transparency.

  2. Thank APE has a board of known, active, trusted community members (their names are available in the proposal) whose job is to reflect the will of the community. ThriveCoin attends board meetings to provide infrastructure support, but does not have a seat on the board. The board independently clarifies contribution paths, types, amounts, etc. - based on data and feedback from the community.

  3. Community members largely determine where allocated funds go - both through the Sense process and through tools we’ve integrated with - like We tend to be efficient and accurate in funds distribution because our tech and support make things more efficient and accurate: the community gives us ongoing feedback, we fund projects the community chooses and supports, and we transparently validate, reward, attest when value is created for ApeCoin.

Again, thank you for your feedback and question.


Thanks @mattborchert. We hope to keep supporting DAO success stories long into the future.

Thanks for your support, @srinigoes. I agree with your words about the board; they are brilliant, kind, committed community OGs.

We appreciate your kind words, @justzb. Thank you.


Hi @thrivegiraffe,

Here is a great proposal !

I’ve been involved in the DAO since a couple of months, and I discovered it with a french YouTube video and it’s the first and only time i’ve been participating in the DAO of my life.

It’s hard for me to have a good idea about the allocation but you made point on Tech Builders and Culture Builders. I always tried to bring it to the table as I can but it’s important to communicate about the DAO and not only on X, YouTube is really powerful and almost all the french community comes from here.

As we can see since a couple of days with memes and visuals sharing on X, there is a big moove to make with it.

Hope to see it work and avaible to help you !


True, it attracts many members to the community and these members add a lot of value!