AIP-379: Thank APE - Phase II: Amplifying a Movement

Without a doubt ThankApe made a total difference in the DAO!
I’m from the Brazilian community and I’m looking forward to this new stage 2.0!
Rewarding contributing members to the DAO is a great initiative!
When I present our DAO to people here in Brazil and I start to mention what our DAO is and the possibility that ThankApe provides, many are amazed, they see a lifetime opportunity to be able to contribute and become part of something alive!

It is also very important that I leave my report here so that we can also focus on members from other countries, this way we can expand our DAO to the entire world!

Success and together we are stronger! :100: :airplane: :brazil:


Thanks for putting together this proposal @thrivegiraffe and the rest of the Thank APE team. I see the proposal mentions targeting the following:

  • Tech builders
  • Culture builders
  • Small businesses

Are there any details you can share about what types of contribution paths and contributions are being considered for Thank APE Phase 2?

All statements and opinions are my own, not on behalf of the Ape Foundation.


In fact, I would like to see more initiatives and options to attract ordinary users

Of course, the main focus should be on motivation and assistance in these areas. But we must not forget that without ordinary users and community members, without consumers, expansion and scaling is not possible. It is necessary to actively encourage the promotion of information about the DAO by community members and user interaction with applications, platforms, and content created on ApeCoin


LFG great initiative


This is my first season of ThankApe, previously I didn’t even know there was an ApeCoin DAO. It was ThankApe that brought me here on the recommendation of my friend. To be honest, I’m a rare guest. But I am pleased to have the opportunity to be a member of such an elite club. I thank the ThankApe team for this opportunity


@shotgun.tobi thanks so much for your thoughts, feedback, and questions. Responses below:

Thank you. We are grateful for all the value you’ve brought to the DAO too.

The board experimented with various timeframes for Seasons - 1, 2, and 3 months. To date, they like 3 months. Their sense is it’s enough time to thematically role out a set of initiatives in alignment with the needs of the DAO, get feedback, and adjust to that feedback in-season, if needed.

Community funds are only allocated when value is created - in alignment with needs and desires of the community. If members don’t create value, they aren’t paid. Thus, for community funds to be used, value must be created.

I love this question - because we all (em)power each other. I believe strongly that great people and communities make each other great when we work together to be better. So, yes - ThriveCoin, Thank APE, and ApeCoin are very much powering each other.

ApeCoin was our first major ecosystem deployment. We had supported other DAOs, but they didn’t have the visibility and reach of ApeCoin. Since then, we’ve continued growing a lot. We are open about our love for this community, and happy to be branded as a project powered by ApeCoin.

Also, in addition to all the work we’ve done and hope to continue to do with Thank APE, there are more creative ways we want to give back to the community in the future. We expect to have that opportunity.


Thank for APE and Thrive make me here, really happy when i can connected wonderful people, useful extension and knowlegde.
But seem we need better marketing way for asia users


@loowl, thank you. Your words are powerful, and they capture a big part of what we hope to accomplish. While our tech and approach may be new, we actually aim to help create value in an “old fashioned” way: by making it easier for more talented people to create more value for our ApeCoin community.


Also here recently thanks to the Thank Ape project. I hope that I will be able to make more contributions to the development of the DAO and the strengthening of our community. Thanks for this opportunity :handshake:


Hi @Vulkan, I appreciate the question, and - also - thanks for your vast contributions to our DAO. Answer below:

The purpose of the ‘Sense’ process is to identify and respond to the most pressing needs of our DAO. This will be ongoing. With that clarification, the board has collected significant data and feedback from the community in the past year, and so can give insight on current considerations:

Tech builders: Our community has consistently communicated that we must invest in a developer community that will build wide-ranging tech infrastructure required for long-term sustainability. This path would incentivize and reward builders helping build valuable infrastructure.

*If the community passes ApeChain, the board would like to support building on ApeChain too.

Culture builders: Our community has consistently communicated that the lifeblood of ApeCoin is our culture - which includes artists, influencers, governance contributors, event creators, and more. This path would incentive and reward people with valuable culture contributions.

Small businesses: Our community has consistently communicated that we must support our small business owners - online and offline merchants, ranges of services, and more. This path would incentivize and reward valuable ApeCoin small businesses and those who support them.

Again, thanks for this great question!


Thrilled to see so many encouraging remarks and feedback. I’m excited about the potential impacts of Thank APE - Phase II. The initiatives put forth and the performance history of your group provide a solid foundation for building upon the progress achieved in Phase I. I appreciate your commitment to the ApeCoin DAO, and I’m eager to see the benefits that Thank APE - Phase II can bring to our thriving community. Go THANKAPE :mechanical_arm: :100:


Hi everyone!

As the grand prize winner of the Thank Ape art contest “Ape In: The Future of Apecoin” I have first handed seen what an amazing initiative and how Thank Ape adds huge value to the ApeCoin ecosystem, and I see several compelling reasons why this proposal is good. I’d like to highlight a few things I love about it, and also specific topics I find important.

The proposal for Thank APE - Phase II is very strong and beneficial for the ApeCoin ecosystem. :muscle:

A few key points:

- Proven Track Record: Thank APE’s Phase I initiative has demonstrated tangible results by attracting, funding, and coordinating talent to create value for ApeCoin DAO. As mentioned in the proposal above, Thank APE has achieved more in terms of value creation than the rest of the DAO AIP process combined. This is very impressive.
- Efficient Resource Utilization: Despite using less than 0.4% of the treasury, Thank APE has as they mentioned; efficiently attracted and coordinated talent, showcasing a capacity for effective resource management. This efficiency is crucial, especially given current challenges such as a bear market and decreasing token value.
-Community Engagement: The proposal emphasizes incentivizing community members to engage and support projects that create value. This approach aligns with the decentralized nature of ApeCoin DAO and encourages active participation from the community, plus a lot of projects that are either supportive or powered by ApeCoin get exposure and engangement, and will continue to thrive and keep the loop going.
-Adaptability: The proposal acknowledges the changing landscape and the need to adapt by doubling down on what has worked in Phase I, learning from past experiences, and incorporating new capabilities. This reflects a commitment to continuous improvement and staying up to date and relative to the market and social trends. So important, and I believe ThankApe has done a great job in the past to also keep some variety in the initiatives they have done, and can collect data to what has been more successful and what should be focused on in the future.

All in all, I believe Thank APE - Phase II is a well-considered initiative that builds upon past success, addresses current challenges, and outlines a clear roadmap for creating value for the ApeCoin ecosystem. I had tons of fun participating before and hope myself and others get to experience this for a long time ahead :pray: Cheers guys, and good luck!


Hi @thrivegiraffe ,

The community feedback period for your proposal would be ending in less than 24 hours.

  • If you’re content with the feedback received, your next steps are to finalize your proposal using the AIP Draft Template.

  • A moderator will reach out to the author to finalize the AIP Draft. Upon receipt of the final Draft, we will review and provide instructions on the next steps.

  • Are you ready to proceed to the next phase or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

We look forward to hearing from you.



We look forward to hearing and integrating more feedback. Let’s continue the discussion for another seven days please. Thanks so much.


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I got you) Good luck moving forward.


Discord must have the support channel or directly on the webpage. The support discord-page-mail-auto-response loop - IT IS NOT FRIENDLY to say at list.
I support you, And I want people to feel supported too
I seen people not be able to see the rewards, that they were eligible for. And when season closes - there is no-one seams personally double checking.
Also there is insane legal wait towards trademarks unless you just deploy things with apparently created conflicts - where Thank Ape Proposal approved , but the new rules last season contradicts completely for what can be done within the time… so people are waiting approval on the trademark .
This has to be sorted between everyone and no-one left behind.


Hi @apboatt thank you for your kind words. We appreciate your contributions to our DAO!

You’ve got us excited!