ThankApe x ApecoinDAO AIP Idea-a-thon: Innovate on DAO Governance

ThankApe x ApecoinDAO AIP Idea-a-thon: Innovate and Improve DAO Governance

Hello all, the ThankApe team is launching an “AIP Idea-a-thon” to help incentivize the creation of new AIPs that aren’t commercial products or other requests for funding. That said, we want to incentivize those to come in and take the time to create great proposals, framework ideas, and things that they think would create fun and engaging events for DAO members. If you have an idea that doesn’t need any (or much) funding, but is a good idea, you should still be rewarded for your time and creative energy bringing it to the DAO, right? Now is your time to shine!

Note: The spirit of this ‘Idea-a-thon’ is to have ideas that might not get submitted (or get rejected if the author tried to attach compensation for themselves for the idea alone) to get made. Therefore, it is suggested that you keep your proposal funding request amount between $0-$10,000.

The Details:

During the AIP Idea-a-thon, community judges will give you feedback on your ideas, and help make them stronger.

AIP Idea-a-thon Categories:

:memo: Governance & Process Improvement Ideas

Full-fleshed suggestions of process improvements, changes, that will increase participation and help give out more apecoin to deserving members of the community executing on sound ideas.

:partying_face: Community Building & Events

Got an idea for a fun event for the community? Something that can get people involved and excited? This is your category!

Grading Criteria:

:woman_judge: Judges will be evaluating each proposal on these following five criteria:

  1. Alignment with ApeCoinDAO values
    How well does the proposed solution align with the values and mission of ApeCoinDAO, such as promoting community building, decentralization, and innovation?

  2. Innovation and creativity
    How original and unique is the proposed solution? Does it offer a fresh perspective or approach to the problem at hand?

  3. Feasibility and viability
    How well thought out is the proposed solution? Is it feasible and practical to implement? Proposals should have a high impact-to-cost ratio. Does it have the potential to be sustainable and successful in the long term?

  4. Impact and relevance
    How much impact will the proposed solution have on the problem it aims to solve? Is the problem significant and relevant to the community? Does the proposed solution address a real need?

  5. Presentation and delivery
    How well is the proposed solution communicated and presented? Is the pitch clear, concise, and engaging? Is the team able to effectively articulate their solution and its value proposition? Are the visual aids and materials well-prepared and professional? Does it use our existing template?

Date and Time:

The AIP-a-thon will take place online from April 20th 12:00 AM EST to April 29th 11:59 PM EST.

Note: If you submitted an AIP Idea that is still in the idea phase before this date and you think it meets this criteria, you may still be eligible to enter!


Post your AIP idea as a reply to this thread - and eligible judge reviewed proposals will be added to another thread located here: (link to be added before the Idea-a-thon start) !

Reward & Winner Selection:

Winners will be selected and announced at the beginning of May and awarded 420 Apecoin each if they make the cutoff for their category (see below). A panel of judges with the ThankApe initiative will reward the proposals that best adhere to the Grading Criteria above.

It is then encouraged that those with winning ideas take their selections through the process of Idea → Draft → Proposal. Proposals that get passed will be given an additional reward of 1069 $APE

  • 420 Apecoin for the top 5 best Governance & Process Improvement Ideas
  • 420 Apecoin for the top 5 best Community Building & Events ideas
  • An additional 1069 $APE for any winning proposal that gets passed in Snapshot

Minimum Information Needed To Enter:

Although you aren’t required to use the official DRAFT template for these submissions, they should all at least contain the following:

  • Title
  • One sentence summary of idea
  • At least 1-2 paragraphs of description
  • Steps to implement (bullet points)
  • Cost (if any) of idea
  • Answer: If this wins, will you do it?
  • Your ETH Address used for ThankApe registration

Example Proposal Ideas To Help Get You Started:

  • Creation of a Subcommittee for proposals under $______ - think this process is too onerous for smaller proposals? How can we tackle that?!

  • Apecoin Art Contest! Where are the meme contests? What about an Apecoin community curated gallery or collection? Make your voice heard!

  • DAO Transparency Dashboard - Should the DAO have a landing page of dashboards, tools and the like? Create something and propose it be integrated!

  • Create New DAO member suggestion landing Page - Think new users are confused on what to do once they buy apecoin? Perhaps they need YOUR help!

  • ApecoinDAO Charity Auction - Should ApeCoin be doing more with Charity? Get involved in helping make that a reality!

Proposals submitted to the AIP Ideas category can be vague, incomplete ideas. Topics submitted here are not required to be submitted as a formal AIP Draft Template, however, you may still use the template if you wish.


Reserved for changelog/other updates!

Edit 1: Formatting

Edit 2: Added this section:

Minimum Information Needed To Enter:

Although you aren’t required to use the official DRAFT template for these submissions, they should all at least contain the following:

  • Title
  • One sentence summary of idea
  • At least 1-2 paragraphs of description
  • Steps to implement (bullet points)
  • Cost (if any) of idea
  • Answer: If this wins, will you do it?

Edit 3: Added Thank Ape ETH address requirement to the above Minimum criteria:

  • Your ETH Address used for ThankApe registration

Rationale: To make payouts more expedient instead of having to chase everyone down after the Idea-a-thon is over.


Hey @Feld ,

Just to clarify, the plan for this SWAG Store is to operate separately and sustainably via the revenues from the eComm activities - there are no funds going back to the foundation.

Anyway, here’s an idea that would not require its own AIP (just yet) and was a vital part of our branded promo merch store for the Decentralized Events Network (which we spent a lot time ideating upon).

Just an update to the original idea using the new template:

Official ApeCoin DAO Merch, SWAG & Promotional Items Store

NOTE: Zero funds or revenues are given back to the DAO, this is an independent and sustainable endeavour managed and operated by members of the community for the community.

One-sentence summary:
This proposal suggests creating an eCommerce merch store for ApeCoin DAO community members to purchase high-quality ApeCoin DAO gear and IRL event supplies with unique and attractive designs that embody the spirit of the ApeCoin DAO community. Cost+ pricing for payment in $APE

Our proposal aims to create a print-on-demand eCommerce merch store that offers high-quality ApeCoin DAO gear and IRL event supplies. The store will offer a wide range of promotional items, such as T-shirts, hats, banners, tablecloths, designs for tradeshows, hoodies, giveaways, stickers, etc with unique and attractive designs that embody the spirit of the ApeCoin DAO community.

The store will also provide IRL event supplies that community members can use to promote ApeCoin DAO during events and conferences. This merch store will be a one-stop-shop for all ApeCoin DAO community members to purchase high-quality merch and IRL event supplies that they can wear and use to promote the community.

This Official Store will help combat the unapproved merchants selling subpar ApeCoin logo’d t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, etc on Etsy, RedBubble, Amazon, etc.

Steps to implement:

  • Develop an initial set of products
  • Incentivize the community to create better, cooler designs with input and feedback from everyone
  • Set up the back-end on Printful, CustomInk and others with international fulfillment
  • Source innovative promotional items and IRL event supplies from high-quality suppliers
  • Launch the SWAG store and promote it through additional community-led initiatives

Cost: The initial total cost of the project will be $APE 1,000. The cost of web development, graphic design, promotional item sourcing, and ongoing maintenance and promotion of the store will be kickstarted by the prize money from this Idea-a-Thon.

If this proposal wins, I along with others in the community will absolutely implement it asap. We believe that this merch store can operate independently and sustainably while allowing all members to represent the ApeCoin DAO community and its values in unique and fashionable ways.

We also had a great designer fashion line and store discussion 6 months ago (this idea would pick-up on that community thread):

ThankApe Wallet Address: 0xa2F0448f346cE50B9029506c88Dfa58d07bAF880


Reserved for proposal : Proposal 2, cause there isn’t a limit to the no of proposals you could submit, and they were both important ideas. If you think that’s an issue, throw hands with Amplify idk :joy: :man_shrugging:

You already know where this is going :eyes:


Proposal : Getting Rid of the f***ing Bots off of Crypto Twitter 🤬

Note : This draft will need significant work to become a full fledged AIP on its own

Abstract : Bot’s are everything that’s wrong with crypto twitter. Estimates put the number of active Bot accounts at over 50 - 60 million on the platform and they engage the most in politics, PR for celebs and Crypto Twitter.

If we need Web 3 to go mainstream, we’ll first need to get rid of these botnets ourselves. They’ve been a constant source of sucking liquidity out of new users and others alike.

That isn’t just a loss of funds, it’s a loss of trust in a system which turns people away from this establishment. They think it’s the wild west where lawlessness runs rampant, although it’s partially true but all uphold a collective moral code and that needs to be respected and protected.

It’s time we declare a war against them :saluting_face:

Before going forward, I’l like to thank today’s sponsors, Raid shadow… wait, wrong script.

How easy is it to fake a following in 2023 → Broke Crypto Zaddy Edition

Step 1 :

One of them had 100k followers, mostly other bot accounts which have inflated the metrics of this accounts and primed it for selling.

Step 2 :

Sanitise this account, remove all previous posts, rename and then start building your brand.

Step 3 :

Scam people out of their money

Rinse and Repeat

Faking your personality :

  1. Audio → Eleven Labs
  2. Face → Deep Agency
  3. Interactions → Using Botnets

Boom, you have an entirely fake online presence which one won’t be able to distinguish from a real human being. That’s Falsifying Online Presence 101 for ya

:memo: Steps to Implement :

  1. Create a research account and try to populate them with fake followers
  2. Identify Bot accounts
  3. Identify the Botnets they operate under (the bot network which determines behaviour)
  4. Identify how the botnets connect within themselves using tools like Graphi to plot it out in 3 D space and visually see the links

:white_check_mark: Key Objectives :

  • Identify the accounts which actively interact with the Botnets within this space
  • Identify the botnet patterns and activity
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive list of these botted accounts and deploy appropriate countermeasures

Figure out the connection bw : Bot accounts in Isolation → How they tie into other Bot accounts → Activity pattern of accounts within a Botnet → How different Botnets tie into each other

So to simplify, Accounts → Botnets → Inter (Bot) nets

Making a difference :

Disincentivize malicious behaviour → We can also monitor which accounts related to new projects (or individuals) have interacted with a particular botnet in the past and upto what extent.

The endgame we’d hope for would be to collaborate with twitter on this but we can achieve a lot without their support too wink wink

Using data visualiser tools, one could create a visual frame of reference using that data

:moneybag: Overall Costs :

The upfront costs to set all of this up is quite significant, and has to be replicated at scale. Then we’ll have to index all of that data for millions of accounts.

This entire effort would range from $50,000 - $100,000 at most, probably it’ll cost somewhere around $30,000 - $50,000 but I’ve put this amount forward just in case. If we don’t have to develop custom integrations then we can return the unused funds without any issue.

This entire effort will be an avengers level response to a colossal threat which changes how mass opinion is formed, on crypto twitter in our case using botted activity and we won’t stand for it.

Ideally twitter should be doing this, but I think they have much better things to worry about cough Not enough revenue without advertisers and preventing a death spiral cough

Closing Statements :

Even if we’re able to quash 5 - 10% of the botnet, That’s be a better strike rate than twitter itself.

With a decent budget, We should be able to uncover, Index and identify a large majority of the bot activity

With definitive data, we should be able to either get some action taken or take that action ourselves. I didn’t want it to come to this but if push comes to shove, we’ll use bots to fight the Bots.

We’ll use each and every means at our disposal to get rid of them once and for all.

Edit : I forgot :(

If this wins, I’ll lay the foundation for it to be replicated at scale cause as previously mentioned, it’s not viable to be replicated at a smaller scale. It’s capital intensive to start and the cost curve drops off vividly.

Eth Addy : 0xb528273a8F1EC8b4f8636ed2feD3A6cbD7A2f265


I would like to inquire about the rationale behind scheduling these events just prior to the Special Council elections, as well as the factors taken into account with regards to the anticipated increase in forum activity, thread quality, and response times for each proposal. I recognize that many regular forum members may be fatigued and only visit sporadically. I’m uncertain about this approach and would have preferred more collaboration with the community before setting the timeline. The unexpected nature of these events could potentially overburden the review process and subsequent stages, depending on the volume of submissions. I’m curious about the decision-making process behind these choices.

Additionally, we are in a period where the Steward Election system and Ape Assembly are being reviewed by the special council, with the stewards’ terms coming to an end. If alternative proposals do not pass, the forum accounts utilized by stewards for processing AIPs could be terminated. In relation to the “Idea-a-thon,” this may put additional pressure on available forum resources. I would like to see these concerns addressed.


This sounds like a wonderful idea! Should the ideas be presented in the same way as an AIP?


Excellent initiative, will think of an idea to put forward.

PROPOSAL - The Ape Safari


  1. Brand Decision - for proposals that the DAO attaches its name to, including projects and collaborations.
  2. Ecosystem Fund Allocation - for proposals that rely on funds from the Ape Foundation in order to be executed.

The Ape Safari is a fun challenge to create awareness and onboard new users to the Apecoin DAO and community.

In the same spirit as Thank Ape, we will present a series of short, simple tasks and reward new members who complete the Apecoin DAO adventure. A range of small prizes will be offered for completing the challenges 1st, 2nd and 3rd, with a bonus prize, some smaller spot prizes and a special Ape Safari POAP token.

I recently joined the Apecoin DAO after the EthGlobal hackathon, and it took me a little time to find my way around. Presenting a few basics steps to new users will highlight the positive features available to the community and get them engaged and contributing.

The Ape Safari could follow a similar path and we welcome suggestions here

Visit Apecoin twitter post and like, follow and tweet with hashtag #apesafari, tag 3 friends
Join Apecoin DAO with 1 $APE
Signup for Catapult
Join Thank Ape
Make your first Apecoin AIP Idea
Like an AIP Idea or draft in discourse
Join a Twitter space, comment #apesgonewild
Tweet #apesgonewild with a link to share exponentially to 3 friends
Vote in snapshot

(These are examples and can be elaborated on with designs and more detail)

We would require collaboration with artists and Apecoin Stewards to create the challenges and then post to Apecoin Twitter to share and create engagement on social channels and discord, etc.

We will need to create the challenges and utilise designs from our community, perhaps a competition here is an option so added $1500 for designs. $500 for our Stewards time and energy to create the challenges and implement.

1st place - $500 $APE
2nd place - $300 $APE
3rd place - $200 $APE
20x spot prize - $50 $APE

Ape Safari POAP token if you enter and complete challenge, can be minted on gnosis which uses xDai so cheap.

We will require a month to plan and create the initial concept and designs, etc. Then we would create some hype and support on social media channels and discord, etc.

The Ape Safari will run over a week and winners announced shortly thereafter

$1000 will be allocated for any other costs associated and can be returned if unused.

Prizes - $2000.00
Designs - $1500.00
Stewards - $500.00
Other costs* - $1000.00

Total $5000.00



I think you should be the one to set up the MVP store, if you need help lmn.

Shopify supports integration with web 3 wallets so it would only take a couple of $$ to get the store up and running.

After that, gotta figure out the logistics of the operation.

If nothing, then it’ll be a step towards implementing AIP 226. Arguably at a smaller scale but that still counts :man_shrugging:


The initial sets of ideas will be processed by our team, not utilizing the resources of the existing process. The “winning ideas” will be encouraged to, and given assistance to turn these ideas into formal AIP Ideas/Proposals.

The timing was done irrespective of any elections, and as is stemming from the need to activate more DAO members in the ThankApe ecosystem, and mobilize useful contributions to the DAO through it.

For future hackathons, we plan to go bigger, and work more closely with whoever wants to be involved. If you’d like to be in the loop on this, reach out to me on Discord or twitter to discuss further: Feld#4014


Bonus points if you do, but just good ideas and well thought out initiatives that could be actioned on by you will be weighted more heavily than formatting/grammar/etc.

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Hello, yes I’m happy to continue our discussion on Discord or another platform. I was involved in the Thank Ape initiative last fall and had the chance to meet them in Denver as well. When a proposal is submitted as an idea here, it undergoes a thorough process, including legal reviews and more, after the 7-day idea and draft submission period. What I’m attempting to communicate is that we are currently in a transitional phase, and even the AIP-121 monthly reporting has not yet resumed.

There are numerous factors to consider, such as our forum undergoing modifications to accommodate an upcoming Special Council election. Presently, there are ideas in the pipeline, such as requiring super majorities of 70% or more for votes to pass, which are being proposed without specific data on how this could impact future AIPs. I have concerns about implementing any process changes at this time, and the flyer mentioned earlier seems to propose additional ones.

On top of the Ape Assembly proposal recommended by stewards, which is now under review, I’m eager to engage in thoughtful discussions on how we should consider the ramifications of additional governance tools, especially before evaluating them further. Thank Ape is now about three months into its approval, and we have data from Catapult regarding their onboarding efforts at the WG0. What I’m trying to express is that promoting governance tooling during this uncertain period is worrisome to me, and I want to engage in meaningful conversations about it.

Thanks Feld! Am working on an idea which I hope to have ready in the next day or so- can I share with you to proofread first when ready? (just sent you a Discord friend request-- I’m 8zal#7793)


Proposal: A Live Weekly Bored Ape Trivia Contest!

Who doesn’t love trivia or hasn’t dreamt about being on a trivia game show? In fact, other than Sesame Street, my 2 year old daughter’s favorite show is Jeopardy.

Bored Ape Yacht Club has a very rich history to it. There are tons and tons of random bits of trivia that can be used for a game– in fact, I made a quick sample game you can play right now => click here
(the site I made it on is a little crude, apologies).

Trivia is a great social activity that brings people together in an engaging way. It’s a fun and interactive way to teach people about all things BAYC– while also having the chance to win prizes!

Thus, my proposal is to have a weekly (or bi-weekly) Ape trivia game for prizes in Apecoin.

Structure: Was thinking of patterning it after HQ trivia game from a few years ago. Namely, have a Twitter Spaces and have everyone join a Kahoot => have timed questions (10 seconds) and the winner would be given a prize in Apecoin or something else (open to suggestions!)

TBD: difficulty of content/ amount of time per game/ amount of Apecoin won etc – finding the exact format can all be figured out later.

I think it’d be worthwhile to try out and see what the reception is.

My Experience:

  • Longtime trivia lover

  • In a past life I was a cybersecurity instructor and made tons of Kahoots for my students.

I created the Phish category of questions for Quiz Up (the site is no longer up, but here’s a link to the Google Doc of the questions)

ThankAPE ETH address: 0xEfa131b185De4F8965b9c1A6f02E6264CAC36a28 (cc @Feld)


LOVE this initiative.

Also encourage that we continue to share the mission & vision of the DAO, so participants have an understanding of the core proposal objectives.

Eventually, as the DAO matures, it would also be interesting to facilitate hackathons around key sub-categories that would be valuable to ApeCoin.


Wow !! Impressive and I love your idea and it not only help to create awareness around ApeCoin but also nurture new talents surrounding the ApeCoin ecosystem. Great things start from small and might be missed out so with this initiative ,there will be more creative , innovative ideas being born . :saluting_face: Kudos to you


Really cool initiative @Feld !!

I have had this idea for quite some time now (really since I started getting involved with the DAO) but felt it really didn’t warrant a full blown AIP. So here it goes, I will post it here and see what the community thinks!

ApeCoinDAO 101: The Ultimate Guide For ApeCoinDAO Newcomers (Process Improvement)

The Problem:
The DAO relies on two main systems that dictate and govern the entire DAO. Snapshot & Discourse. The issue is that we don’t offer any material (video content, infographics, live training, etc) for newcomers who may not be familiar with these two systems (the ApeCoinDAO may be their first ever interaction with a DAO). This leaves new DAO members on their own to find their way around which eventually leads to inactive members and low DAO participation.

The Solution
I am proposing to build a very informative, concise, and easy to digest welcome guide for new members. This guide would include infographics, a newcomer FAQ, and recorded videos covering the basics of snapshot and discourse.

By doing this we will help newcomers hit the ground running, get common questions out of the way early and create a more active community.

As Web3 & ApeCoin become more and more mainstream new DAO participants will be less familiar with this new type of governance and its various systems. We can’t assume that everyone is crypto native and is already familiar with how everything works.

Steps to implement:

  1. Conduct DAO wide survey to gather critical feedback of current onboarding process.
  2. Create infographics/videos/FAQ/training content
  3. Review all content with SC and Legal to ensure everything is 100% compliant.
  4. Launch

2500 $APE
Wallet Address: 0x9051b3C1716fB28044cfddb9f7296Ca59d579302

If this wins, will you do it? YES



Yes, it’s needed! Just a few thoughts/questions:

Will you be collabing with others in the community, building on infographics or documentation already created?

Also, what format(s), where will it/they reside, and will it be a dynamic or static (living document)?

Sorry for all these questions, just thinking out loud. But yes, this is needed - just find a way to make sure it doesn’t get outdated.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


This would absolutely be a community driven “doc”. A lot of the info is already out there, its just not easily digestible. The aim would be to gather all existing info, organize it, and add to it if needed. Once the community is happy with the info we would then work to put it into the various formats mentioned (PDF/PNG images, videos, etc) images could be linked to from discourse, discord, twitter…videos could be hosted on YouTube (if ApeCoin doesn’t have a YouTube we should make one) or just links to the videos in a dropbox/google drive.

I think the main thought here is to not overcomplicate it. Make the content and then put it out anywhere and everywhere.

Ideally they would be dynamic. I could commit to this for say the 1st year and then ideally it could get passed off to a WG to handle after that, or sooner assuming WG’s get implemented.


Love this. @12GAUGE and I had chatted on a similar concept and naturally it’s a very obvious need for both onboarding newcomers, but also for alignment for those who’ve been around for a while as educational tools.

DAOs are complex, proposal processes are complex, educating the community is complex. I’m a huge fan of simplifying and making things digestible (by way of making them visual) to help bring answers to FAQs.

There could be a number of pieces that tie together, but a few off the top of my head would be:

  1. Either a ‘LEARN’ educational section built onto the existing site that breaks complicated info down into digestible step by step bites, or a simple standalone website that focuses on the same. Somewhere where all of the info can live as a hub.

  2. Video/audio walkthroughs of things like the proposal process. Could be 5min overview style snippets, or in depth breakdowns of all the steps/nuances, depending on subject matter. Quality over quantity.

  3. Simplified infographics that function as step by step flowcharts. Something that is easily shareable, that highlights key takeaways.

  4. ‘Classes’ that are centered around a specific topic (much like Boring Security does). Ideally again something that can live on one central spot such as the website vs multiple social media streams.

Could really be a combination of any or all of the above, but I think the main takeaway is that we’re all on the same page that there is a massive need to house simplified info in one way shape or form. Spaces, VCs and DMs are all great, but eventually everything gets lots in the scroll as all these platforms have unlimited content competing for our attention.

Would love to work on this concept with you in any capacity as needed, excited to see where this goes!