Web3 PFP Custom Merch Kit Service

I’m proposing the DAO fund a service that orders, packages & ships custom merch kits based on the buyer’s NFT & social media handles. The kits will include an assortment of custom items such as: Ball Cap, Conference Badge, Pins & Stickers. The box itself would be a custom collectible for the buyer to store conference materials or memories in.

Author Description:
I’m an entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in business. I’ve been active in the Web3 space for over 2 years.

Since July 2021, I’ve attended 2 NFT.NYCs, 2 Veecons, 2 Apefests, 1 SXSW, and various other Web3 meetups. 1 major takeaway is IRL event-goers LOVE flexing their digital identities. I’ve seen attendees sporting custom jackets, hats & shirts with their PFPs. However, not everyone has the time to craft or custom order items individually. My proposed service would be a one-stop-shop for the Web3 community to order their “Starter Pack” showcasing their forever PFP. Since every item in these kits would feature the buyer’s PFP, this would be marketed & priced as a premium product.

This proposal would give Web3 event attendees exposure to the Apecoin DAO because:
Verbage such as “Funded by ApeCoin DAO” would be prominently displayed on the website & socials
$APE would be a payment option for them to purchase the kits

Key Terms:
IP, Custom Merchandise, Events

Specifications & Steps to Implement:
Secure funding of 20,000 $APE to begin R&D.
Research & establish vendor partners to lock-in pricing & turnaround time.
Potential Partners for the custom merch may include:
Badges - https://flextag.io/
Hats - https://customlids.com/ (Offers custom embroidery)
Boxes - https://www.packola.com/
Pin & Stickers - https://www.stickermule.com

Establish Drop-ship / Fulfillment partners

Build site & social media channels

Market & presell 1,000 kits via burnable NFT drop. Presale would include a genesis POAP or other early-supporter accolade, and serve as proof-of-concept.

Future orders would be placed as limited-edition drops, and marketed ahead of upcoming major conferences.

3-6 months to implement

Interesting AIP! :mechanical_arm: :100: I am a merch lover myself too. I have a few questions though:
1.Have you considered the potential demand for this service and how it may scale?
2.Have you thought about the potential cost of producing custom merchandise for each buyer and how that might impact pricing?

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I wanna see a 3d printed plastic shiny Ape coin. Now thats an Idea.

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Just wonder if the scope is too small? there are several 3rd party merch shops that can customize any pfp you like, how to compete with those more general purpose online shops?

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I’ve spoken with a couple potential vendors. For promo items (Stickers, pins & boxes) pricing is reasonable. The badges & hats would be more costly, but I confirmed I could send them a spreadsheet with bulk-images. Assembling the kits would be a manual process. However, they’d be priced accordingly, likely retailing in the range of 0.4 - 1 ETH each. Cost analysis must be done to get a better estimate.

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That would be cool inclusion, and we could mass-produce those. Partnering with https://niftyslabs.com/ to include a 1-of-1 print in the kit would be interesting too.

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Buyers could always order their swag a-la-carte from merch shops. But our advantage would be in the high quality curation & assembly of the their “Conference Ready” package. We would add value in the same way gift basket companies add value.

Hi mate,

Seen a couple similar ideas and I think that one or possibly more will eventually (and should) get approved. Two points I’d look for, top quality/high-end “blanks” and possibly trial and/or samples to say top 25-50 contributors perhaps as like a focus group before we commit long-term (I see you have R&D planned which is great).

I certainly see no reason why ‘we’ couldn’t corner this market or have a substantial share of it. GL. Look forward to the final draft.


Cool idea. You might want to look at this AIP and see if and how you can merge your idea.


Defo would cop haha. 1 ape coin for 1 plastic one! lol

There’s definitely some overlap in these ideas. Perhaps the marketplace could feature a conference bundle.

Also this from April:

Thanks for jumping on our ApeComms stage on Monday.

SSP - :call_me_hand:t4:

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Yeah I’d be psyched for this but honestly for the DAO I would think apecoin merch would be a better fit. Displaying our Apecoin pride out and about can lead to questions about what it is and possible onboarding, you never know!


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