Implementation Update | AIP-299: ApeCoin merch for the ApeFest

AIP Name: AIP-299: ApeCoin merch for the ApeFest

Implementation Status: Complete

Implementation Date: 2023-11-05T07:00:00Z

Author: @normie

Abstract Summary: I would like the ApeCoin DAO to give away (for free) ApeCoin DAO merch to Ape Fest participants meeting some criteria. This is aimed to increase the awareness about, and participation in, the DAO among the wider Yuga ecosystem.

Overall Cost: A maximum cost of $8,300

Timeline Updates: This proposal was fully implemented as of 2023-11-05T00:00:00Z upon the close of ApeFest Hong Kong and the successful distribution of all expected merch items to eligible parties.

Oct 10, 2023:
The author sent samples to three individuals (All City, Jason (Elite Apes) and Balou (UK Apes)) and all of them approved these. So the author is moving to the next phase of the AIP implementation.

They then requested for the community’s feedback on finalizing the design. The author spoke to many community members, some of whom have experience in designing merch for their communities. Their broad principal in coming up with potential designs was to design something simple (but high quality) with near universal appeal instead of something edgy or trendy, which many may not like.

A Google Form was circulated, which received 21 responses. The following selections were made:
Hoodie colour: black
Hoodie style: no zipper

Tshirt colour: black
Tshirt caption: No

Hat/ cap colour: blue, similar to the Apecoin logo

Please note that the logo will be printed on the tshirt and embroidered on the hat and the hoodie.

Please join this discord server for claim details. The claim window will close before the end of this week, exact time will be announced soon.

Interview Q&A:
1. What advice do you have for any prospective AIP authors?
Posting your AIP idea on the discourse forum, discord server etc. is not enough to get feedback. Try to reach out to people individually (twitter, discord etc.) for feedback. Especially the ones who may have some experience or knowledge in the area your AIP targets and individuals who are key members of large delegates/ communities.

This feedback will help you draft the final AIP better and also ensure that your AIP has a higher chance of being voted “for” by those communities as their concerns would already have been addressed.

Also, as far as possible, try to request milestone based funding (instead of everything upfront). This will reduce the risk to the DAO and will increase voters’ comfort.

2. Have you surfaced any areas of improvement in the AIP or DAO’s process?
The process is very well documented and straightforward. I can’t think of any areas of improvement other than maintaining a reasonably large database of delegates/ representatives in line with the below.
Delegate Ambassador Program - pilot phase

3. Was there any part of the AIP process in which you felt the most/least supported?
The voting process is not great. Some large communities rarely vote in favour of proposals which seek funding. Free proposals/ ideas can only take you so far. For most things, the DAO would need to spend money and it’s OK. I wish these communities considered the cost as one important fator but not the only importrant factor while voting (some communities have a simple voting system - If the AIP seeks funding, vote against or abstain. This is probably not an explicit rule in their community, but this is how their voting pattern is).

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who were willing to change their votes in light of new information which they were not aware of before. This flexibility is a great indication of people putting the good of the DAO before their ego.

4. Do you provide consent to share these questions with the community in this forum?