Delegate Ambassador Program - pilot phase

Dear ApeCoin DAO, dear AIP authors,

I’m excited to introduce the Delegate Ambassador Program, a new initiative designed to foster improved communication, transparency, and collaboration within our growing community.

This idea won 1st place in the governance category of the ThankApe builders contest that has been hosted in August. I appreciate your votes and want to give a shoutout to ThankApe for these great opportunities for builders to get funded.

This program aims to bridge the gap between AIP authors and influential delegate groups, facilitating a more inclusive and informed decision-making process.

This is a pilot phase to test the program for about 1 month.

AIP authors of active AIPs please feel free to reach out to the ambassadors listed below.


As the ApeCoin DAO continues to expand, it has become evident that challenges exist in connecting with large delegate groups during the AIP voting process. These challenges often result in confusion and misunderstandings, potentially leading to the rejection of valuable proposals.

What’s a delegate group?:

A delegate group is a collective of individuals who pool their voting power in a decentralized organization, typically based on the number of tokens they hold, to influence decision-making processes and governance within that organization.

Here you find the list of the ApeCoin delegate groups: Snapshot

Delegate group ambassadors:

I have already initiated discussions with two of our biggest ApeCoin DAO delegate groups, and they are eager to participate in this initiative.

Below is a brief introduction to the delegate groups and their ambassadors.


  • Respect and Clarity:

Be polite and clear in your communications. Provide context and a link to your AIP.

  • Efficiency and Courtesy:

Keep messages concise and be respectful of their time. Use their preferred communication channels.

  • Open to Feedback:

Be open to constructive feedback and express gratitude.

  • Confidentiality:

Respect the confidentiality of shared information.

  • Purposeful Follow-Up:

Follow up politely if necessary, but avoid excessive messages.


About Mocaverse

6M APE voting power


Mocaverse is the first Ecosystem NFT collection of 8888 unique Mocas, incubated by Animoca Brands, granting holders exclusive access to the Animoca Brands ecosystem and unparalleled experiences to Learn, Play, Do Good, and Build together with only the best in the space. Value of Animoca Brands’ network effect will be accrued to Mocaverse NFT.



Discord: Mocaverse

Twitter/X: &

Medium: Mocaverse - Medium


Good to know:

@Mocaverse_Hall host Twitterspace every Monday (6am PST) about current AIPs.

They vote via Mocaverse DAO snapshot.



Preferred Communication Channel:

  • Founder of United Grand Halls
  • Host of @Mocaverse_Hall Twitterspaces


Preferred Communication Channel: Discord moca_bond_007

  • experienced, highly engaged backbone of the Mocaverse community


About Surreal Guild

703k APE voting power


The Surreal Guild is a vibrant and tightly-knit community deeply rooted in the world of Yuga and everything related to it. They are the driving force behind the Surreal project, one of the first AI-generated NFT collections that has revolutionized the art community. The guild consists of diverse artists, enthusiasts, and influential names in the NFT space, fostering a rich environment of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mutual support. Despite their low-key presence, the guild’s significant contributions have gained recognition and respect within the art community. Beyond being a community, the guild is actively expanding Surreal into gaming and governance, aiming to make a lasting impact. They strive to create a space where creativity, gaming, and fun coexist harmoniously, inviting everyone to join their exciting journey of exploration and innovation.



Discord: Surreal Guild


Good to know:

They vote anonymously via Sesh bot on their Discord.



Preferred Communication Channel: Discord dejen.eth

  • Surreal founder and community manager

@Xavierfreeway aka P05C0

Preferred Communication Channel:

  • active, engaged group member
  • on chain maxi who is obsessed with decentralizing and empowering the people

3. Bored Club Canada

About Bored Club Canada

348k $APE voting power


We have a great support system within BCC given some members are working with the DAO. It isn’t always straight forward when we pass our votes with divided interests. Within our community we have been quite successful in coming to terms that most can agree on. In past experiences where some AIPs may be controversial to us, it has been crucial when we were able to have direct conversation with the authors.





Preferred Communication Channel: Twitter/X and Discord Wxxdy

I assist in processing our proposals for internal voting and answering all inquiries relating to AIPs.

4. UK Ape Club

About UK Ape Club

332k $APE voting power


Our delegation represents members of UK Ape Club that hold apecoin. We vote internally each week on the proposals before voting as a collective. We have around 30 members in our delegation.



Good to know:

Our approach is light touch, we don’t host spaces / have meetings to discuss AIPs - the AIPs are shared with our 30 members and each decides individually how they wish to vote.


@Balou aka Balou.eth

Prefered communication channel:

Group lead, administers the voting and manages the delegation

Helped by colleague “tomex”, who is in charge of monitoring the delegation’s wallets as well as the final votes on Snapshot.

5. French Ape Yacht Club

About French Ape Yacht Club

249k $APE voting power


The group is made up of members with at least 1 $APE and who have delegated their voting power to the French Ape Yacht Club.

Every week, each member of the delegation is able to vote very easily in a dedicated channel, directly on our Discord group.

At the end of the voting period on our Discord, the French Ape Yacht Club delegation pushes the vote based on the final result.

In the French Ape Yacht Club, whether the member of the delegation has 1 $APE or 50,000 $APE, everyone has equal voting power.



Good to know:

It is complicated to be able to communicate with each AIP author, but we can sometimes receive a few authors during our “weekly calls” on Discord.


@dyorjdr aka “DrJDR” or “Dyorjadore”

Prefered communication channel:

Leader of the FAYC ApeCoin Delegation: summary of AIPs, implementation of voting systems.

I am well helped by my colleague “tomex”, who is in charge of monitoring the delegation’s wallets as well as the final votes on Snapshot.

6. megakodas.eth

About megakodas.eth


Megas, as the most powerful Oda, want to unite all Otherside beings and join forces to form a unified voice in the DAO. We believe that this is clearly missing in the DAO. No powerful delegate is there representing Odas & Otherside voyagers. We feel that Megas fit this role perfectly and should take responsibility.

Good to know:

We are still planning our spaces. More info soon.

Decisions are made in consultation with our delegates but the final vote is between me, @nessnissla & @CryptoFrostyz

We dislike everything that is just risk free financing for degens or stuff that has no value add to the DAO, Ape, Otherside. We want to support everything that pushes the DAO (as a sustainable organization), ApeCoin adoption and the success of Otherside.



Preferred Communication Channel: Telegram @ kodamajpg / Twitter/X

7. Halina.eth

About Halina.eth

Individual Delegate and part of Chinese Ape Club, Ladies of BAYC, Bored California

Prefered communication channel:

Twitter/X, but feel free to add me on Discord @halinaeth & message there as well


I am an individual delegate, but some communities I am part of include the Chinese Ape Club, Ladies of BAYC, and Bored California. Additionally, I am part of the Thank Ape (AIP-124) Board and ApeComms, as well as being a WG0 Steward of ApeCoin DAO 🩵

Any additional information:

When on the fence, I prefer to give creators and builders a chance to prove themselves! I wish we had more big-ticket “Moonshot” proposals in the DAO that are high-risk and high-reward.

As a cofounder of Chinese Ape Club, I support anything that makes our DAO more inclusive to our international community + non-English speakers.

I often host Twitter spaces about ApeCoin DAO in collaboration with the @ThankApe account, so find me there & in the @ApeComms spaces

8. Belfortnft.eth

About Belfortnft.eth

Individual Delegate

Prefered Communication Channel:


Discord: Belfortnft


I am an individual delegate

Any additional information:

I am interested in supporting AIPs that can create lasting change and add long term value to the DAO. feel free to DM me if you’re submitting an AIP and want feedback im normally happy to jump on a call to chat.

Remember, ambassadors serve as a link, not as advisors.

This program is a resource tool to build that bridge between AIP authors and influential delegate groups within the ApeCoin DAO. The primary goal is to facilitate better communication, collaboration, and understanding among all stakeholders.

Keep in mind this is just a test phase of about 1 month.

Depending on the success of it, I will go through the AIP process to make it an official resource.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or if you represent a delegate group interested in participating in this test phase, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.




Dear ApeCoin DAO, dear AIP authors,

With my creative and smart approach, I can find innovative ways to engage with delegate groups and ensure that their voices are heard. I recognize the value of efficiency and courtesy, respecting their time by providing concise yet comprehensive information. I am open to constructive feedback and always express gratitude for the opportunity to learn and grow. Moreover, I understand the importance of confidentiality and will ensure that shared information remains protected.

As Xavierfreeway, aka P05c0, I am eager to serve as a link between AIP authors and influential delegate groups. With my friendly and helpful nature, I am confident in my ability to foster better communication, collaboration, and understanding among all stakeholders. I am fully committed to the success of this initiative.

With Ape Love,
Xavierfreeway, aka P05c0


@AnnieRawrz Won’t this be akin to trying to lobby delegates to push a proposal? Why do I need to contact delegates after drafting a proposal on the public forum?

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Not sure if I understand your question.

You can contact the delegates if you need feedback for your AIP while it’s still in drafting phase.
But it’s also very important to reach out to those groups when you want their votes, in case they have any questions or concerns that you can clear up.


This has been a helpful addition for delegations thanks Annie. I don’t spend a lot of time in the forums but do have people reach out to me often in twitter DM’s to discuss their AIP’s.


Thanks for your input brotha


This is useful start, it would be nice if delegates could update their introductions here.


I’ve found it can be challenging sometimes to find the right contact info for the right delegates, it feels a bit scattered for lack of a better word when authors are trying to just straight-forward contact the delegates, would be awesome to see this process streamlined somehow, still thinking on it too :heart: :gorilla:

Great, this measure only has to add to communication and facilitation :apekin10:

Yeah the communications topic between Delegates and Authors has been top of my mind for months…I know @LiveFast9986 has been working on a Temp Check AIP to try and help with this too

Sometimes I wonder though if the ‘best’ communication method to get true feedback from Delegates is simply the Snapshot vote process on an AIP, and equipping authors with the expectation to resubmit maybe even twice based on the feedback provided in those votes…still pondering a lot of this over in my mind

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I would like to see how this will interact with what we are doing in the GWG with regard to expanding active and functional community delegations.

Also what have been the outcomes of the pilot? Has it started yet?


Expand upon it brotha

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