APEFest gave real FOMO but also got me thinking

Heyo. A couple of comments and a question:

1 - The first proposal to ThankApe’s Idea-a-Thon was this:

Unfortunately it got rejected. No matter.

The good news is that there are many members who have asked for IP permission and have begun offering print-on-demand ApeCoin apparel - ApeWhale, Normie are two that come to mind.

I do think that the community ought to have a variety of stores, designs, products to choose from and encourage any and all members who have fashion/apparel experience to get involved.

2 - I’ve been working with a premium manufacturer to offer the community some premium products, the same guys that did the first drops for BAYC, Coachella, Azuki, etc. - premium quality, premium drops, premium designs.

Q - does anyone really want to walk around wearing merch with a crypto coin logo? :eyes:

I’d rather wait to get @AnnieRawrz 's final designs for ApeKin and create some brilliant SWAG and premium fashion around that dude/dudette.

Interested in the community’s feedback.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4: