ApeCoin DAO at NFT Paris – Your Thoughts?

Hey ApeCoiners,

What’s your thoughts about organizing a side event at NFT Paris, one of the most significant gatherings in the NFT and blockchain space. Even more, maybe become a sponsor and get some official DAO members to become a speakers in the event.

Do you see the potential benefits for ApeCoin DAO in participating as a sponsor or organizing a side event at NFT Paris? How can we make the most of this platform to showcase our strengths of our DAO?

If the community shows support for this, we’ll delve into the details, including potential event themes, speakers, and other logistics.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!
-Mr. Hype :fire:


We just have to be there :fire:. It will bring together builders, investors, brands and artists who, like us, will shape the future of web 3. It would be a shame if someone could become a speaker, talk about the DAO, our development, achievements and plans


Hard yes from me.

NFTParis is a premiere Web3 event; potentially even viewed as the pinnacle.

I attended this year and will be back next. And the need for ApeCoin to have a presence at these showcases is becoming paramount, in my opinion.

Let me talk to a few people who help organize this and come back with a few ideas. I’d also like to target NFTLisbon and a handful of others.



we have to be there, im very bullish on nftparis.
also there is a strong ape community on europe.

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100% in support of this. See AIP-96 and AIP-230 for details on our past sponsorships of web3 events (ETHGlobal), courtesy of our former Special Council member @maariab .

I believe @BoredApeG and @veratheape have spoken at various events around the world about ApeCoin as well.

Based on my experience with ETH SF + providing logistical support for other events around the globe, there’s a lot of “guerilla marketing” ways to stand out more and make the most out of our presence at NFT Paris.

Side events are great too, Vera has a lot of experience with this.

Thanks for starting up this conversation @MisterHype!

-Halina.eth :blue_heart:


While we’re at it, we should discuss Consensus, TOKEN2049, and others as well.

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Hello bro, its good idea, but my opinion is better we must expand idea to many area (like world tours) because its make more connect between Apeholders

I definitely see huge benefits to apecoin having physical presences at web3 events like NFT Paris. Assuming no wild costs I think this would be great to see

I completely agree with this, it’s going to show how deep driven the dao can be towards the development of the community

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One of the inevitable questions that will likely pop up on this topic is; how much quantifiable value would be brought back to the DAO by engaging with such an initiative?

May I ask, do you have a specific vision in mind for how to drive value back to the community on this front? If not, and if you’re just in brainstorming phase right now, that’s ok and I’m happy to help discuss it. Just wondering where your thought process is so far as the starting point. :mechanical_arm: :sunglasses:

Obv having a speaker spot would be great, and usually doesn’t cost anything significant. Sponsoring, booths, larger scale impacts etc, that comes usually with a price tag, which I think a lot of people would seek to clarify the ROI on.

Thanks for bringing up this topic for community discussion!! :star_struck: :heart: :gorilla:

Ape mascot round 2, perhaps?

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Speaker comes at a cost of Travel and Living, unless someone happens to be going or is already based there.

That said having a clear calendar of all the important the events for 2024, so this can be planned and not reactive would be good. @popil @Linstro.eth


Hey @bigbull,

Marketing and Communication WG in the budget proposal need to include the cost of events include travel, team, booth and sponsorship costs. Happy to help plan that (just few upcoming events in my mind rn - WebSummit, NextBlockexpo, WebX, BlockDownConf, CogX, NFCsummit, CV Summit, ETHLondon, BerlinSummit, DMEXCO, LDNTechWeek, EU BlockchainConvention, NFTParis, NFTNYC).

Regarding this post, do you think WG team can prepared to approve a budget and participate in NFTParis this year? it’s in FEB2024. I didn’t continue with AIP process since we got into election round to pick the team who should lead those kind of initiatives.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


I think @CypherGlaze is in Paris. Is this the correct username for Dim?


I’ll probably be already going, and could do either an adaptation of the Keynote I delivered in Athens, Greece or some other version of a Keynote or presentation instead, if there’s interest

I could dedicate a chunk of my calendar to these presentations if there’s interest

It would be fun to coordinate a ‘Global Tour’ or sorts, possibly with the same speaker or at least with a very similar/coherent presentation style for all of these

Either with adaptations of the Keynotes I gave in Athens and Miami or something entirely new, I’m down either way. But I understand if it’s preferable to use someone from existing SC for those presentations instead. :heart: :gorilla:

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These discussions have been brought up in the Governance Working Group in the past, and met with openness from Special Council. Definitely something I’d like to revisit for our next budget; perhaps coordinating with MarComms.

I have a few contacts with NFT Paris and was in discussion with them recently out of curiosity. Deadline for applications is January 31st, and full payment for whichever avenue would be taken due the day that a contract is signed.

If anyone is interested, here is a link to their pitch deck where pricing and availability can be seen; which from my perspective, the DAO needs a clearer direction before putting ourselves out there on this level, at these costs.

Also have a good relationship with one of the primary organizers from the Lisbon event in June, called Non-Fungible Conference, which I would rank a close second to Paris as far as EU Web3 events go.

Will reach out and get some dialogue going.



Thanks for sharing. The deadline is tight, that’s what I’m asking, if we will be able to secure a budget for 2024 with marketing and communication & operate with NFT Paris or not.

I think we need to start show ourself, so we will wait to 2025?

-Mr. Hype :fire:

My vision is for the Marketing and Communication WG to play a pivotal role in supporting and promoting major Web3 events through IRL activities.

When it comes to specifying which activities to include in the budget, such as travel, team, booth, and sponsorship costs, I believe we should adopt a two-way approach with defined steps.

First, we can create a comprehensive list of significant global Web3 events. Then, as a collective effort, we can prioritize and decide which events are most relevant and crucial for our support and participation. Transparency and simplification of the application process will be vital to ensure a smooth workflow.

Regarding the participation of the WG team in events like FEB2024 or NFT NYC and whether they should be factored into the budget, it’s essential to acknowledge that not every event will be suitable. Factors such as visa requirements, timing constraints, and resource allocation need to be carefully considered and discussed in detail.

Furthermore, I’ve noticed that the timeline for FEB2024 is relatively tight. If you or anyone else wishes to expedite the application and review process and assist in moving it forward, you can also provide a rough budget proposal to allow the DAO to assess and consider it. Thank you for your suggestions @MisterHype .

Let’s chat soon, :raised_hands: . And please feel free to follow up on this post and share your saw​:heart_hands: : @AllCityBAYC @bigbull @BoredApeG and @veratheape @Linstro.eth @Halina.eth




Love it…

Will follow up on a call soon. Also, pretty sure I can get access to a fairly comprehensive spreadsheet for us with dates/locations throughout the year.

I’ll check in to see see if this has been assembled for 2024 yet. Last year’s was dialled right in.

Nono; but for Paris the deadline is quite close. A lot of planning and coordination needs to be done for events like this, including booth design and builds; promotional items; a message; travel etc. This is why I referenced Lisbon, because it has a similar turnout but further away, in June I believe.

And as far as a clearer direction goes, we need to be prepared to provide a crystal clear vision and have answers ready for an array of questions, or we risk sounding unprofessional and unorganized IMO. Right now we have a lot of the horizon with an L2 coming up, revenue share pushing to become a thing, and new Working Groups that will be looking to find their way.

So right now, we could stick to talking about providing grant opportunities, and one APE = one vote; but the reality is that so much more is coming, and may be best not to rush into things where first impressions can mean a lot.

Just my two cents.



I completely agree that careful planning is crucial, especially with the upcoming opportunities and changes, but we also need to act, 2024 is important year to $APE in general and the DAO need to make the steps to adjust itself to the reality, I think NFTparis can be a good kick start even by secure a 20 mins talk on $APE topic, something GWG or special council can lead with nice presentation/panel.

Looking forward to our call and exploring the possibilities.

Happy New Year.
-Mr. Hype :fire:

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