Being kind cost nothing

Can we add some back ground music or art ? Maybe a kitchen :blush: that has an ape cooking while talking and explaining the dao , And a short video to show what are best steps to achecive greatness in the dao and what that does for you in the future ? This is only the beginning and technology is so advanced . We need something here to attract people to come and see or join . Also what about your ape bags ? Requiring 1 ape is rather low I would say . Are purpose is to make a wonderful dao that is unique , and rewarding to ape coin holders and our impeccable nfts. Wether it’s a movie you can watch and gain time by being involved with dao . Or even bonus material from the magazine. The more the merrier, and that should be a major focus . Imagine if 25k are on here helping and creating etc . Now the question is , how can all of us get more people interested in being part of behind the scenes greatness for the wonderful world of apes . For me , it’s word of mouth . It’s cheap , and effective . What if you were told hey have you seen the ape dao ? They are rewarding people for being active with in the community . First question is what is the reward . What if you could have the chance to mint a ape ? Or what if you did and then if passed you get royalties for as long as it is sold . Again free for the company , nfts are being minted by many minds as the achieve in the dao . Ideas , it would be nice to have a page for ideas only . If good , be ready to for your presentation. Zoom meetings would be nice to . That way we could all chat vs typing. Being interactive with alike minds sparks the greatest ideas ever laid out . Happy Monday to everyone . Juts food for thought on the ideas . I will keep on sending . Hope my ideas aren’t to lame :blush:

Proposals submitted to the AIP Ideas category can be vague, incomplete ideas. Topics submitted here are not required to be submitted as a formal AIP Draft Template, however, you may still use the template if you wish.

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Hey! Start a post in general about “ideas that I have,” then move any firm proposal ideas you’d like pursue into this idea category. Glad to see you here & excited with ideas but just try to keep things focused. Once you post here, plan on moving through the full stages of an AIP proposal.


Thank you . You’re right , I thought this was that area . I will focus on learning first :muscle: by reading .


Welcome @Ry to the forums. Picking up on the possibly misplaced nature of this topic, I will move it over to General so conversations may continue from the ideas you posted above.

Thanks for the contribution, hope to see much discussion around building out the community and the DAO.




Hello and welcome to Discourse @Ry, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do agree: we need to find creative ways to onboard new users and participants to this ecosystem. The good news is that while many ideas and proposals are shared here on Discourse, it’s not the only place conversations are happening. To your point about Zoom calls, there is a new Working Group 0 Discord channel, and that is the place we are seeing more voice chats and open dialogue. ApeComms also hosts several Twitter Spaces per week, on Mondays and Fridays, where they review AIPs up for vote and provide opportunities for the audience or other community members to get up and speak their mind about the DAO.

It’s certainly a space ripe for growth, and I appreciate any and all ways we might make that happen. Thanks for your post and let’s keep the ideas coming!


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