APEFest gave real FOMO but also got me thinking

Absolutely loved the images and the fun of #APEFestHK which got me thinking, why can’t we have something like that?
I can’t afford to travel or host such a grand party yet but I do love merchandise. Can’t we have a tier-based merchandise giveaway from the DAO for the members? The DAO can fund it and it will be great to own some DAO merch IRL. It would really help in keeping the community tight and close. We can open an AIP and choose a vendor to handle, the DAO can pay and the most active can be rewarded. Win for all.

What do you think?


I think it would be interesting to see DAO giving out merch or maybe as a Thank Ape initiative. Nice food for thought NG


Hey, @NG !
Absolutely feel You and support Your idea. Can’t afford travel to make it to this fest too, but merchandise is my weakness. Excellent idea.



Yess. Not everyone has to be given the merch but it can be based on the DAO participation decided on a ranking system.
How can I take it forward?
Actually will wait to have more people support it then probably will see how to take it forward.


Merch also provides a sense of belongingness to the DAO. Will feel pride to carry it along.


I’m in the same situation and I love IRL stuff too. Therefore, I think this is the best offer of all.


It seems to me it is possible to distribute ApeCoin membership welcome kits. For example, anyone who has reached level 2 on the forum, has taken a vote on a snapshot of at least 10 AIPS, has the Assembly role on the discord server. This may contain badges, booklets, Ledger’s ApeCoin hardware wallet (I saw on Twitter that there are such in the corporate design) and much more


It seems that I will be among the first to order some IRL item for myself if they arrive for delivery (or at least there will be an opportunity to buy). For example, I would be happy to buy myself a hoodie.


Heyo. A couple of comments and a question:

1 - The first proposal to ThankApe’s Idea-a-Thon was this:

Unfortunately it got rejected. No matter.

The good news is that there are many members who have asked for IP permission and have begun offering print-on-demand ApeCoin apparel - ApeWhale, Normie are two that come to mind.

I do think that the community ought to have a variety of stores, designs, products to choose from and encourage any and all members who have fashion/apparel experience to get involved.

2 - I’ve been working with a premium manufacturer to offer the community some premium products, the same guys that did the first drops for BAYC, Coachella, Azuki, etc. - premium quality, premium drops, premium designs.

Q - does anyone really want to walk around wearing merch with a crypto coin logo? :eyes:

I’d rather wait to get @AnnieRawrz 's final designs for ApeKin and create some brilliant SWAG and premium fashion around that dude/dudette.

Interested in the community’s feedback.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


It will be nice I saw some related proposal during the spetember moonshot proposal event

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I like the idea of ​​staking $APE and being drawn with some type of IRL item, in addition to benefiting member levels it also further encourages us to be $APE holders.

Definitely. That’s the idea. It also is free marketing and promotion to excite more people to join and be active.

You hit the right note with the welcome kit. I had the same thing in mind. The levels and progress can be decided on mutual agreements amongst the DAO members but this should be a thing.

This isn’t about buying it. I think some of the people have taken the rights of the design and are selling it.
The idea is that the DAO rewards their most active members with a Welcome kit or so.

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Awards are very cool! But I was even ready to buy (maybe for community members at a discount)))


Same for me! Make it for free - too much, I guess. But a discount for members will be enough :wink:


Okay, I think there is confusion in understanding this.
Please let me make it clear.
The idea is to make it like a welcome kit for the members. The DAO can pay the full/discounted price to the vendors and distribute it among the members who reach a certain level based upon the DAO interaction.
So basically instead of (or with the) APE Coins, we will get the kits/swag boxes. I hope this helps.

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I think level 3 would be the level to look into this (imho).

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The conditions are debatable.
Making it Level 3 might be a little too harsh on everyone. The idea is to make everyone inclusive, isn’t it?
Maybe we can start with Lvl2 and extend to Lvl3.

But the main question is, how can we make it happen?

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No one is excluded to reach level 3. It just takes commitment. Also level 2 would be too easy to be farmed.

How to achieve? Any such program would have to be all or part of an AIP as this would require funding.

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