ApeCage Follow-Up - Looking for Contributors

@bc mentioned this almost a month ago and I admittedly overlooked it back then, but the more I’ve thought about his ApeCage idea the more I see it having potential to turn into a fun launchpad for project ideas. You can check out his original idea here: ApeCage, The Ape Idea Show.

Imagine a virtual experience where prominent members of the community like CapetainTrippy and DFarmer are sitting on a “Shark Tank-like” panel analyzing and critiquing proposals put forth by community members. @ASEC made a very good suggestion last time in which he suggested we create a small metaverse experience where people can attend using their avatars or NFTs. Maybe one day it becomes a weekly event that takes place on the Otherside stage they demoed last week.

The idea behind this is to create a fun environment where we can debate ideas and bring them to fruition.

I’m willing to spearhead this project, but am looking for people willing to contribute and help with things like:

  1. Finding a production team (biggest item needing help)
  2. Selecting the five member ApeCage council who analyzes and votes on proposals presented by the community
  3. Gathering proposals from the community
  4. Planning each show format

Please reach out if you are interested in any of the tasks listed above. If there is enough interest, I will create an official proposal draft.

we can gather proposals through discourse if you like (we could create a new category for it)

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That sounds great. What are the next steps for me to accomplish this? Is there something on my end to do?

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I would love to be a part of this, I also have a possible way to expand this if the community was interested. I have an offer for a current TV show along the lines of something similar to this. This offer has been in the works before Ape Coin was even a thing, but it is a good fit for this. Reach out to me via social if interested and we can make a formal proposal.


Hi @RedVulkan,

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We look forward to hearing from you.


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I am good with the feedback received, thanks Pearson.

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