AIP Idea: Metaverse Events

We should be having Metaverse events across different platforms for the Apecoin/web3 community and those new to web3 in other Metaverse that are ready using Apecoin DAO. In the early days of NFTs many artists and early web3 users would meet together in Cryptovoxels which is now Voxels to create digital experience that are now history on the blockchain. We could be leveraging existing blockchains that are compatible with the existing metaverse’s on lower cost chains like polygon with apecoin since it already built works on opensea without wasting resources in the DAO. An idea is to Collab with Decentral Games and Decentraland for events to give away DCL wearables created by apecoin DAO to the community hosting events and quests. Another idea is we could launch our own HQ in Cryptovoxels to host townhall meet ups in the metaverse that anyone could attend with mobile device.

Checkout the WIp moments for example keep in mind this was before things were built.

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I agree with the spirit of this proposal, good idea in general.

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I am voting YES on this! I am very active in Sandbox and Decentraland with our Waifumon NFT events and gotta say nothing more fun and engaging then cross collab events. You guys can even make wearable NFTs for a give away as well as sales. Let me know if you need any help with this as well @dannykassart and anyone else that wants to do this too. We do events almost every week here are three if you guys wanna check out:

Also Decentraland Wearables we have made:

Nice idea. We need to hang out and have some fun together before the main action in Otherside metaverse starts!

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I’m more looking forward to partying in the otherside

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