ApeCoin to have presence at future ApeFest events.

I think there was a missed opportunity at Apefest. There could have been a tent setup where people could connect, ask questions, meet some council members IRL, and just have a visual presence for ApeCoin. Using ApeFest and other high-profile events can help move the needle in adoption.

Is this part of a comms committee to set up or a separate events team?
Conceptually this could even roll into ApeCoin having its own events and meetups.

Looking forward to hearing some ideas and discussing.


There was a space behind Bored Coffee, but I agree that more room for socializing would have been great. Overall, last year’s ApeFest had a much better setup and I wish we just had that but 4 days. ApeFest shoudn’t be a concert imho. It absolutely should include musical performances; it just shouldn’t be only that.

The venue felt like a corporate space with ape banners on it; it didn’t feel like a native ape space at all. Again, last year’s venue looked way better / more proper. It was also weather-proof, which I think is quite important.

I hope next time we go more for function vs optics, and for comfort and networking / socializing / mini-experiences (pinball machines, etc.). It’s a rare chance to see many of the apes IRL.


I totally missed the space behind bored coffee. What was set up?

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Like 3-4 couches, another photo spot. I’d say the space could fit 30-40 people.

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I liked this idea a lot. I was trying to find more people to talk to ApeCoin about and having a designated area would be great to help promote in IRL.


Agreed - repetition and frequency with a strategic presence at events would be great for awareness and adoption. Especially as we seek to onboard newcomers.

Would be great to get your thoughts and support on AIP-64 – might be some overlap. Cheers and good luck.


While there is some overlap in the ideas - I think ApeCoin can work to have a presence at events throughout the world as a low-hanging-fruit opportunity to reach a large audience.

I like the approach of doing a feasibility study for something that is that large in scope as AIP-64. It is a big idea and taking a deep dive to see how it could be implemented is a good approach.

Oh - I did see it. I thought it was just a place to sit down. Didn’t think it was ApeCoin related.

Totally agree. This idea of having a presence at various events is powerful. The overlap I was referring to was in the admin and management side of things.

It’s almost as though an AIP to set-up an Events Team could be a better step forward - I’d forego my own AIP-64 to help out in that endeavour (or maybe that’s part of the feasibility study :thinking:)

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I definitely didn’t realize it was an Apecoin area. I would have definitely hung out and chatted a bit (or a lot). Agreed on the missed opportunity there.

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