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Hey ApeCoin DAO – seeking your feedback and suggestions!

I recently submitted a proposal - AIP 187 - that focused on expanding web3 access by a) continuing to support education/skill-building from a Hackathon I’d designed and launched in Moldova last year; and b) expanding Hackathons / skill-building and education to other geographic locations.

Although it was rejected, the data @RedVulkan shared on Twitter indicated that it would have passed if we used individual wallet %. (we don’t, I know, but stick with me!).

It seems like there’s some appetite for IRL events and ones with social impact. Both have the ability to onboard more people to $Apecoin, increase awareness of the DAO, and bring more innovation into web3, which I’d love to do.

What would you suggest as a v.2 of the proposal? For instance, @ssp1111 – in Spaces you and I discussed:

  1. “shrink the change,” to focus on one event - rather than the original vision of three additional locations across a couple of continents.
  2. “go local.” Rather than looking across geographies, start with an IRL social impact event in in the Northeast, US?
  3. Other suggestions?

I’m curious about whether reconfiguring the shape / size would lead to a different outcome or if folks here have alternative perspectives. Appreciate thoughts on these ideas.



Heyo @NFTxExplore,

If @RedVulkan says this would have passed with a one wallet, one vote set-up, gotta trust the data :laughing:.

But anyways, to your post and questions:

I’m a superfan of IRL Events as one of the avenues to bridge folks onto Web3 and into the ApeCoin Ecosystem in general, so encourage you to keep on keepin’ on.

My own suggestions would be to keep things as simple as possible, especially for a first-time event. These could include:

  • A single location, perhaps right where you are already (Northeast US) and have a network of folks you can be supported by - venues, speakers, coders, volunteers, chambers, etc.
  • Lead with a great venue if possible - photos of the venue can speak a thousand words and as @Lost likes to say, “Apes don’t read” :laughing:
  • Decide if this is going to be a hackathon or a Web3 101 – the former goes deeper and attracts a more niche audience, the latter could open up and have a wider reach

Also, while I’m a big proponent of Social Impact in every proposal, it really has to be authentic to the event and be simple to message. I’d make this secondary to the IRL Event unless the impact/non-profit was a major magnet, and in your original AIP I’m not sure it was.

Fun-fact: if my Decentralized Events Network proposal does not pass either, I’m gonna propose my own Social Good AIP that helps manage the Social Impact layer for all proposals in the future.

Finally, I’m with you – not sure if making these changes will affect the outcome. You can only propose something that you’re passionate about and really think it’s a great win-win-win and benefit to the ApeCoin DAO and try again.

The question now becomes - should you wait until the Mission Statement and Working Groups are finalized or do you come through with the new version?

Happy to support you either way.

SSP :vulcan_salute:t4:


@ssp1111 – thanks so much, and appreciate your insights!

What’s the timeframe to finalize Working Groups / Mission Statement?

I completely agree with proposing something I’m passionate about and that I see as a benefit to the DAO; I think the revision work will be to share in a way that also connects with or resonates for ApeCoin DAO members.


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