AIP-226: ApeCoinIRL - Decentralized Events Network

Proposal Name: ApeCoin IRL - Decentralized Events Network
Category: Core - Ecosystem Fund Allocation
Author: SSP - Author AIP-64 IRL Events Feasibility Study

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Abstract | Two or three sentences that summarize the proposal

  • ApeCoinIRL is bringing the power of local, in-person gatherings to the forefront of the ApeCoin Ecosystem. By establishing a Decentralized Events Network, we’re creating a seamless onboarding ramp for those entering Web3 and the ApeCoin ecosystem.

  • Small local meetups, informational events, and ApeCoin DAO at expos and conferences worldwide are hosted and managed by Local Champions, active members and ambassadors from the community including several BAYC/MAYC Clubs.

  • The Events Network will be built upon a cutting-edge tech stack that integrates a master calendar, an events directory, a CRM, and ticketing apps.

  • To complete the flywheel, ApeCoinIRL will serve as the IRL distribution network for all products and services born in the DAO.

Note: This is an experiment in possible Guilds, Squads, etc

Motivation | A statement on why the APE Community should implement the proposal


tl;dr IRL Events are magical for community building and brand awareness.

  • However, in the last year the ApeCoin DAO has approved and funded just one, single, solo IRL event (and one virtual event) - that’s an unsustainable model if our goal is to attract builders, founders, entrepreneurs, artists, creators, businesses, and new members to the ApeCoin ecosystem.

  • Our goals for 2023 could be to: double the number of ApeCoin members, triple the number of active DAO participants and quadruple the number of creative ideas, projects and proposals.

  • IRL events are just one pathway to accomplishing this, and sure I’m biased, but I’m a major advocate for funding as many well-crafted IRL events as possible, in as many cities across the world, led by as many community members willing to take on the role of local event organizer.

  • With this effort, we open up the doors for hundreds of local ambassadors to get involved and in return onboard thousands of new members.

  • And most importantly, we streamline the funding so that events can be designed, hosted and funded faster. Do you really want to to read 200+ AIPs for small, local events? I’m guessing the answer is no.

  • A Decentralized Events Network solves for this through an innovative, streamlined process.

Cool banner showing the benefits to the DAO

Rationale | An explanation of how the proposal aligns with the APE Community’s mission and guiding values

  • Boldness: We don’t shy away from the weird, the hard, or the new.
  • Equality: One APE equals one APE.

Cool banner displaying our founding principles

When the DAO was founded, a clear directive was issued to promote Web3 culture through the power of EVENTS. The founders also recognized the value of in-person social gatherings in ensuring our growth and sustainability.

This proposal puts forth several fresh ideas to the DAO, which includes establishing a network that creates multiple opportunities for members to participate in local activities, regardless of their location. This by default enhances diversity, equity, and inclusivity within the DAO.

Key Terms (optional) | Definitions of any terms within the proposal that are unique to the proposal or new to the APE Community

Key Terms

  • Local Champions - DAO members, founders of local BAYC/MAYC Clubs, event professionals and Web3 advocates committed to hosting 5-12 events a year in their town, city, or region as ApeCoin DAO Ambassadors.

  • Prop House - is public infrastructure by Nouns DAO that helps internet communities incentivize ecosystem development.

  • Master Calendar - A public calendar showcasing every event where ApeCoin is represented IRL - mobile app to follow

  • Events CRM & Directory - backbone of our tech-stack powering connectivity, data aggregation and analytics

  • Discourse “Regular” Trust Level 3 - Regulars are the backbone of the community, the most active readers and reliable contributors over a period of months, even years. Because they’re always around, they can be further trusted to help tidy up and organize the community.

  • Working Group Zero (WG0) - Approved by AIP-196, WG0 was tasked with completing an RFP process to replace the original ApeCoin DAO administrators and propose an initial framework for DAO working groups.

Author & Team

This proposal has been a collective team effort:

Proposal author is SSP:

Cool banner of SSP and his amazing wins - woohoo


  • 10+ years Luxury Brand Activations at Coachella Fest
  • Operations Manager Yellowstone Club World - a Luxury Destinations Network
  • Opening SWAT Team for multiple 5-Star Resorts and Private Country Clubs
  • Tech Startup junkie - biggest win: sold a Virtual World for Kids Gaming App to
Local Champions are:

Technology Launch Partners include:

Specifications | A breakdown of the platforms and technologies that will be used

Collaborations with ApeCoin DAO service providers and members have taken place for the past 3 months, contracts and agreements TBD:

  • Domains:,, apecoinIRL.eth

  • Twitter: @apecoinirl

  • Website & Hosting: TBD

  • Web2 Email & CRM: Outseta

  • Web3 CRM: Club.ID and/or Blocksee (both ApeCoin DAO services)

  • Master Calendar and Map: Localist or Splashthat

  • Ticketing and Passport: (ApeCoin DAO member)

  • Branding/SWAG/Promos/Merch: TBD (ApeCoin DAO members)

Steps to Implement | The steps to implement the proposal

Should the DAO see the need for a Decentralized Events Network and this AIP passes, here are the steps to implementation with a probable Timeline based on funding in March, 2023:

Steps & Timeline
  • April 15 - Complete the set-up of ApeCoinIRL as a non-profit organization, probably based in the US (Legal Counsel TBD)
  • April 15 - Set-up Accounting & Financials
  • April 15 - Set-up Multi-Sig Gnosis SAFE Wallet to accept Grant
  • April 15 - Direct Local Champions to provide their Local Events Calendar for the year including Event, Dates, Venues, Estimated Budgets, Purpose
  • April 15 - Local Champions to provide wallet address, social handles, emails and team
  • April 30 - Set-up ApeCoin IRL Branding & Social Handles
  • April 30 - Set-up ApeCoin IRL official website
  • April 30 - Set-up Club.ID or Blocksee for CRM
  • April 30 - Set-up Enter for Ticketing and Passport
  • April 30 - Set-up Clickup/Outseta for Emails and Messaging
  • April 30 - Set-up Localist/Splashthat
  • April 30 - Set-up Prop House for Ad-Hoc Events
  • April 30 - Set-up Collaborations with ApeCoin DAO products & services
  • April 30 - Begin distributing Quarterly Funds to Local Champions
  • April 30 - Design Branded Event Collateral, Promotional Items, Merch, SWAG
  • April 30 - Create Protocols and Processes for Community Accountability & Reporting
  • April/May/June - Begin socializing ApeCoin events
  • April/May/June - Begin onboarding additional members as Local Champions
  • April/May/June - Begin ApeCoin IRL Twitter Spaces/IG/Tik-Tok/YT
  • More

Overall Cost | These are Guidelines and Best Estimates


85% of Grant goes to Local DAO Ambassadors for 200+ Local Events

  • Full-Time: 10-15 Events - 20k Events Budget & 5k Comp (in APE)
  • Part-Time: 5-7 Events - 5k Events Budget & 2k Comp (in APE)
  • Prop House: Up to 60 Events - 90k Events Budget & 10k Comp (in APE)

Funding is distributed quarterly for 4 consecutive quarters for the duration of one year

Total Request:
  • 570,619 APE (in USD equivalent at $4.20 APE = $2,396,600)
  • Plus ApeCoin Logo Usage for Events, Merch, SWAG and Promo Material
  • Plus ApeCoin Twitter/Instagram/Tik-Tok reshares of #apecoinIRL

MISC Notes | Pitch Deck & Financials

Final Notes
  • This proposal is anticipating the changes in the AIP approval process, working groups and voting protocols - but instead of waiting for April 1st, the individuals, BAYC/MAYC groups and tech partners involved in ApeCoinIRL have decided to get this into the pipeline and waitlist

  • This proposal is based on financials that are purely estimates and guidelines only

  • This proposal is intended to create the MVP infrastructure for a Decentralized Events Network across 20 markets worldwide with an expectation to scale exponentially in 2024

  • We will return with separate proposals to build out the tech-stack once we have the analytics, data and best practices from this year - a platform that will be open for all ApeCoin DAO member events

  • This proposal is designed and open to letting other DAO members step-up to take on any and all responsibilities in this proposal - it is after all a DAO-owned operation

Here’s the pitch-deck (right-click and open in separate tab/window):

Pitch Deck

Here are the estimated financials:

Estimated Draft Opex


Hey Fam.

I ran an IRL Feasibility Study last year on behalf of the DAO and after speaking to hundreds of event professionals, community members, brands, sponsors, other NFT projects, etc - I/we decided to come out with this proposal:

ApeCoinIRL – a Decentralized Events Network.

Look forward to your thoughts, questions and comments.



Also, this is very cool from NFT Paris:


Very interesting proposal. Look forward to seeing how we can get involved.


Thanks. Let’s coordinate with @Mantis and let’s figure out how you can host multiple events in the region between the two of you.

Perhaps independently or in collaboration, it really comes down to your own vision and mission for ApeCoin DAO in Dubai.

Happy to help anytime.



It’s here at last. Been SO looking forward to this AIP Idea, @ssp1111. Thanks a million for all your thoughtfulness and hard work with respect to organizing this incredibly ambitious proposal. We as an ecosystem have SO much to gain from a truly robust and fully functioning Decentralized Events Network, and I’m already working toward the considerations I put forth earlier regarding disbursements for recipients and their taxable implications (for US citizens). There are many steps to be taken here, but I see this as a milestone AIP and truly hope others recognize that same potential.

As always, I’m here to help in any way I can, and will be providing my fullest support.


Appreciate your support and your own efforts across the ecosystem.

I’ve had several convos with lawyers, CPAs and my own foundation’s counsel and really, how and where we accept grants is a brain-scratcher. Would be great to know what you’ve discovered.

I’m thinking of going 100% non-profit via 501c-3 - thoughts?

SSP :fist:t4:


My own independent research on the topic really is totally unclear as to the specific application of our situation. Decentralized organizations are not exactly openly discussed in the purview of general accounting, non-profits and tax law, so this is understandably newer territory.

As to your question regarding 100% nonprofit corporation vs 501(c)(3), I was under the impression that the latter would grant the most freedom in that it would start as a nonprofit corporation, fill out a Form 990, then becomes a federally tax-exempt charity that does not pay income or sales tax, and allows donors to write off contributions. This last part is what we’re most focused on, considering personal contributions are deductible by the donor (in this case, the Ape Foundation), but it’s totally unclear what happens when the organization itself is doing the granting and what that implies for the grant recipient on the level of taxable income.

I’ll be speaking with my own CPA who knows I’m in crypto who might have a better response for me, as well as reaching out to other DAOs to see if this is an issue they face and if so, how they deal with it. More to come.


Very excited that you’re finally putting this forward! IRL events are such a powerful way to connect with others and onboard new people. You’ve done such a great job thoroughly researching the best way to go about this and have an all star team of local champions.

I look forward to seeing this move forward!


Thanks @adventurousape for the kind words and support.

Yeah, we’re also looking forward to seeing if the DAO will support this type of proposal that creates opportunities for the broader community - we certainly hope so.

Keep in mind, should the AIP pass, there’s space for small, local ad-hoc events if you have something in mind for the Ladies of BAYC and even slots for part-time Local Champions should you envision the Pink DAO being involved.

Still a lot to do and appreciate you rallying the troops.



@ssp1111 – stoked to see this proposal! As you know, I’m also excited about the potential of IRL events, and believe ApeCoin DAO can have a real impact in onboarding new folks to web3 and expanding access. Appreciate the global approach here as well.



Thanks for the support @NFTxExplore – if this passes, I fully expect you to look into the Prop House component for ad-hoc events!

Feel free to upvote the proposal – not sure what it does, but I vaguely recall needing a minimum of 10 votes or something :thinking:.



Right on! I’m in, and done — upvoted :white_check_mark:



Also very stoked to see this come to fruition; a lot of hard work from @ssp1111 here. Full support!


Hi @ssp1111,

Your topic will be automatically closing in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for a further 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.



Thanks for the heads-up. Have had plenty of feedback over the last several months and look forward to the next phase.



Hey @ssp1111 All for empowering communities with Web3 tools! This Blocksee proposal says they’ve already built the CRM tech stack for this and would make it available to all $APE & Otherside holders. Maybe theres room to collaborate so you can maximize fund allocation on events while also accelerating your community mapping & promotional capabilities.


Heyo @Jhash93 ,

Thanks for the shout-out for Blocksee.

As part of the proposal’s main mission of providing opportunities for members AND utilizing products and services born in the DAO, you’ll be glad to learn that Blocksee was already in the mix (line 4 Opex).

I was in a demo of sorts with the team right before their AIP was published, and should both proposals pass, happy to see how we’re a fit.

SSP :v:t4:


As a long time member of the UK BAYC club, knowing many of the peeps there, I am slightly bias, but the IRL handshake and bear hugs can never be replaced for online ones imho, and are imo where the majority of real life-long and long-term relationships and collaborations are formed.

GL mate, one AIP at a time, the word spreads ever farther.


Thanks for the support – Lee and Simon are true Local Champions!

And their amazing venue in Manchester is gonna be the fire location for several events this year and who knows, maybe ApeFest 2024 :thinking:


Also, this was very cool from NFT Paris:


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