FREE Web3 Builder Tools for Otherside Holders!

Proposal Name: FREE Web3 Builder Tools for Otherside Holders!
Proposal Category: Project Infrastructure & Community Management

Blocksee is offering free access to our Web3 CRM & community management platform to all Otherside NFT holders! This will allow them to automatically aggregate wallet user profiles, save whitelists, token-gate customer activations, deliver airdrop marketing campaigns, and mint smart contracts. Our no-code biz-ops dashboard also includes a QR ticketing system for proof of attendance or redemption campaigns, as well as audience insights like total tokens held and customer wallet currency balances. Blocksee is the ultimate community toolkit for those ready to start growing or expanding their metaverse or NFT projects. [View Full Feature Details Here]

We are requesting a $75,000 (~ 14k $APE) grant to help build out our roadmap, including automation tools, data analytics, and community management plugins for a Web3 project’s website. Blocksee helps Web3 creators and community builders manage tasks more easily, and we are starting first in a big way by partnering with Otherside projects and supporting them with our platform.

A grant from the ApeCoin DAO will help Blocksee accelerate the development of our marketing and community-building platform so that we can better support the coolest, apiest, projects in Web3!

Author Description (mandatory if the AIP is requesting funds) | A brief background of yourself

I’m Eric Forst, the Co-founder, and CEO of Blocksee. I started running marketing departments more than 20 years ago and helped build one of the world’s first CRMs for recruiters (AgileOne), one of the world’s first social media analytics platforms (Visible Technologies), and one of the world’s first medical record keeping platforms on blockchain (Testd). I bought my first Bitcoin in 2014 and have been building fulltime in Web3 since 2018, when I was the CEO of Crypto Coin Trader, a 135,000-member Facebook group. I’m super passionate about helping founders and creators build their communities and reach new audiences in Web3.

Team Description (mandatory if the AIP is requesting funds) | A brief background of your team involved, if any

The Blocksee co-founding team is comprised of experienced technologists and entrepreneurs who have deep expertise in SaaS, CRM, ad-tech, gaming, digital and fine art, and blockchain-based products. [Meet the team!]

How to Create New Projects in Blocksee:

Organize Active Holder Lists:

Automatically Generate User Profiles:

Manage Airdrop Campaigns:

Host & Aggregate Token Gated Chats, Calendars, Voting & Maps:

Learn more about all the features we have to offer!

Motivation (A statement on why the APE Community should implement the proposal.)

We want ApeCoin to be the first Web3 community to champion this service so we are extending our beta tester period to let any ApeCoin DAO members be a Blocksee beta tester.

Removing friction when building NFT, crypto, & metaverse projects helps us all deliver more value and utility to our end communities. What better way to support the Web3 ecosystem than by helping projects that produce token value and innovation.

We are seeking a grant to upgrade the functionality of our core product and get it ready for a broad release. This will allow us to support multiple Web3 use cases including community building via lead gen funnels, automated delivery for airdrop rewards, and detailed customer journey insights/KPIs.

We believe we can offer tremendous utility to tons of current users while also making it easier for customers in Web2 to onboard into Web3. This will also grow organic reach for Outsidelands, other community driven metaverse projects, and the ApeCoin DAO overall.

An example of a use case we are currently exploring for ApeCoin DAO:

  • Running deep analytics on the Outsidelands, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and $APE collector base to look for actionable insights that can help grow your community projects. Would identify average NFT hold time for users, identify other highly collected tokens within your audiences, and KPIs including lifetime spend and overall wallet engagement.

Rationale (An explanation of how the proposal aligns with the APE Community’s mission and guiding values.)

Blocksee’s mission is to help creators and marketers reach new audiences and build communities in Web3. This aligns with ApeCoin’s Guiding Values of “Boldness” and “Collective Responsibility.”

Blocksee will help provide relief in tough market conditions for ApeCoin holders and all Web3 projects looking to maximize their brand potential. Any brand can access our easy no-code tools to streamline core operations and marketing for crypto-native and metaverse projects.

Specifications (Can include funding round/ use of funds info here)

We started building Blocksee in April 2022 to address the needs of both individual creators and enterprise brands looking to build community and grow revenue in Web3. We launched our beta last November and have more than a dozen beta testers on the platform.

So far, we’re 100% self-funded and launched our MVP with our CTO, Matt Kotnik, as lead dev supervising a small team of contract devs. Now that the beta is live, we are seeking grants and funding to rapidly develop features that our beta testers are asking for.

Features we will build within 90 days of receiving ApeCoin funding include:

  1. Setting up our own Ethereum Full Node and connecting it to the Blocksee analytics platform. This will boost the amount of KPIs we can provide for your project, giving you the best possible marketing and community engagement insights.
  2. New website plugins for token-gated experiences. Links engagement data to a dashboard that monitors wallet & smart contract engagment. This would provide projects with embeddable connect wallet buttons, community chat, calendars, surveys/ voting, maps, and reviews! List things like upcoming events and drops on a community calendar, or extend your metaverse into the real world using maps that show real-world activations, affiliates, and redemptions.

Steps to Implement (The steps to implement the proposal, including associated costs, labor, and other resources for each step where applicable)

  1. Setting up our own Ethereum Full Node and connecting it to the Blocksee analytics platform - $30,000. We currently pull data from the APIs of various RPC node providers and we also use Google Big Query to pull archival data from Ethereum and Polygon. With our own Ethereum Full Node, we’ll be able to offer our clients real-time current state data. Our current system has significant latency of up to a few weeks in reporting the contents of wallets. The funding covers the hire of devs to work out big-data display issues and to purchase hardware and cloud storage needed to run the node.
  2. New website plugins for token-gated community activations - $45,000. We will develop calendars, maps, & DAO voting features that Outsidelands and other Web3 projects will be able to integrate into their websites. This will set the stage for an AR extension that allows projects to overlay their metaverses onto the real world.

Timeline (Relevant timing details, including but not limited to start date, milestones, and completion dates. ASAP or during next DAO voting round.)

The estimated timeline to complete all three phases of work listed above is 90 days.

Milestones and Projected Completion Dates

March 27 - Funding received, projects begin

April 7 - Hardware received and configured

April 30 - First round of KPIs and metrics delivered

May 31 - Token-gated calendars delivered

June 30 - Current state and advanced KPIs for Ethereum/Polygon

  • additional token gated apps launched: maps & DAO voting

Overall Cost

$75,000 for 90-days of development work, testing, and deployment.

All Otherside NFT holders will receive FREE Blocksee subscriptions and all ApeCoin DAO members will be accepted as beta testers.

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This is cool, basically would be like a toolkit for projects to integrate web3 functions like token gating & whitelisting directly into their existing websites.

Also looks like this would be able to deliver tokenized rewards to any $APE DAO project pretty easily. I like that you can save member lists based on engagement snapshots. Great idea for community management, ticketing, & rewards. :slight_smile:


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