AIP-114: Otherdeeds Staking Pool Allocation

Proposal Name : Otherdeeds Staking Pool Allocation

Proposal Category : Ecosystem Fund Allocation


The Otherside is an important driver of ApeCoin value and utility, yet Otherdeed NFTs were left out of AIPs 21 & 22. This AIP proposes to implement a staking system for Otherdeed NFT holders whereby participants can stake ApeCoin and receive additional ApeCoin from a preset pool over a set period of time.


Staking models promote growth of the related token and NFT ecosystem by incentivizing ecosystem participants.


As stated in AIPs 21 & 22, for ApeCoin to become the preferred token of web3, early NFT adopters and existing and potential ecosystem participants should be incentivized through participation in activities benefitting the APE Ecosystem.

Success of the Otherside is the largest driver of ApeCoin value and utility. Supporting early adopters of the Otherside is critical to its success. Implementing a staking protocol for Otherdeed NFT holders will incentivize participation in the Otherside and ensure that interest in the Otherside remains elevated within the web3 community.


In addition to the staking pools being implemented in AIPs 21 & 22, this proposal suggests adding an Otherdeed Staking Pool as follows:

The Otherdeed Staking Pool will consist of 30,500,000 ApeCoin (the “Supply”) to be distributed over a two (2) year period. The Supply will be funded by the Ecosystem Fund.

The Supply is in addition to any ApeCoin previously committed in AIPs 21 & 22.

The Supply was calculated based on the fact that there are 100,000 Otherdeeds and each Otherdeed cost 305 ApeCoin in the initial sale.

Yuga Labs has indicated that it may distribute additional Otherdeed NFTs. This AIP does not account for any increase in the supply of Otherdeed NFTs. In the event the supply increases, the community can, and should, vote to increase the Supply accordingly.

The Supply will be distributed over two (2) years (the “Staking Period”) as follows:

Year 1: 20,000,000 ApeCoin

Year 2: 10,500,000 ApeCoin

The Supply will be distributed to Otherdeed NFT participants during the Staking Period based on the amount of ApeCoin each Otherdeed NFT participant has staked. Each Otherdeed NFT participant may stake up to 305 ApeCoin.

Steps to Implement

Same as AIPs 21 & 22.


12 to 16 weeks

Overall Cost

*Up to $400,000 to build smart contracts, full stack engineering, UI/UX design, project management, Q&A

*Up to $100,000 to hire external auditor to audit smart contract


Having more projects and brands utilizing ApeCoin and increasing its awareness will help the DAO increase influence and value. I am an advocate of this for sure.

But a question I’ve seen brought up and haven’t had a great answer for is how does staking of Otherdeeds benefit the DAO if Otherdeeds have already integrated ApeCoin and are already setup to use it? Maybe you can provide reasoning better than I could.


supporting Otherdeeds is very much like supporting BAYC and MAYC. Yuga had already announced its support for ApeCoin and yet we voted to allow Apes and Mutants to stake.

Also, the success of Otherside depends greatly on people maintaining interest in Otherdeeds between now and launch. By giving staking rewards we ensure that Otherdeeds holders are incentived to remain in the ecosystem


Thanks for submitting this idea.

Couldn’t we just ask Horizen Labs to add Otherdeeds to their platform?


we have to let horizon labs do it. it would take minimal additional cost and time.


I think this idea has more legs as opposed to including adjacent projects like Punks, Meebits, Nouns, WoW, CoolCats etc.

Otherside as it stands serves as an entry point NFT to the broader ecosystem and allocating a pool for Otherdeeds makes a lot more directional sense than some of the collections I mentioned above.


me likey. Oh but I need at least 20 characters.


I would be okay with adding in OtherDeeds to the staking … but it would have to be a very minimal % in comparison to mutants etc … otherwise there becomes a huge arbitrage opportunity for people to simply hoard OtherDeeds for staking … I don’t believe any other project beyond OtherDeeds should join the staking pools … as the the staking process is already going to claim a large amount of $ape from the treasury.


seems like the best path forward here for sure

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agree, no other assets should be included in the staking pools.

Otherside is going to be one of if not the largest driver of APEcoin utility, makes sense to include Otherdeeds. And good point on the minimal %.


I support this. I would also add the following rationale:

  • This would lower the threshold for newcomers to get better staking rewards (floor of Otherdeeds is < 2 ETH).
  • Once Otherside is released this proposal could stimulate the circulation of ApeCoin in the ecosystem. If a participant has a staked deed and is earning rewards they may be more likely to spend it.

I certainly support this proposal from the perspective of benefiting the Otherside. Staking Otherdeeds for $APE will drive value for Otherdeeds, increasing the value proposition for that collection.

As @RedVulkan previously pointed out, the benefit to the ApeCoin community is a little less clear. Once the Otherside marketplace is released, the people who want to participate in the Otherside ecosystem will presumably need $APE to do so, regardless. So it becomes less clear to me that Otherdeeds staking $APE will increase the base of wallets and individuals using $APE, given that these wallets and people will likely already be in the $APE ecosystem.

That being said, I am very interested in this proposal. I would like to see the benefits to the ApeCoin ecosystem more fully fleshed out in the proposal.


They will likely need ApeCoin to participate, but statistics in the well established social gaming industry show people spend more on virtual currency if they are being dripped some. My hypothesis was the psychological discounting people do could work well inside Otherside for ApeCoin. For example “Oh I need 10 $APE for this item, but I already earned 3 $APE so I only need to buy 7 and then I will just earn those back over my time staking.”


Given the price of BAYC/MAYC, it would make sense to grant staking option at least to Koda holders… Didn’t they also state in the roadmap to include land staking for Otherdeed lands? I wonder it will be separate to BAYC/MAYC.

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Also, the price of lands dropped like 50% from the sale price, Otherdeed need some incentive and ongoing hype to keep them going…


this assumes that 100k deeds exist, but if they do sell or release the next 100k (as both the leaked deck and the contract hint at), how would this work? if you can only stake the first 100k, then the second have a distinct disadvantage in value.

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keep this separate from the existing work or it gets too messy.


This is part of the problem, and once you factor this in for other deeds … the APR staking reward is so minuscule it is almost not worth the effort to implement it. If someone wants to stake that bad they can use $ape in the general ape pool imo. I would love for Deeds to be included, but the details just don’t make sense IMO


I would personally love to see it, just as BAYC and MAYC benefit from it so should Otherside asset holders. How would it benefit the DAO? The same as BAYC and MAYC do.


Maybe crreate 2 different pools? The first like a “Genesis” pool and the other with a different name and values.

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