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ApeZone - Metaverse Community HUB

Hey everyone, I’d like to introduce “ApeZone” a community member-made metaverse space in Mozilla Hubs (Firefox). I’m just testing the waters here since the metaverse is still new to some. All feedback is appreciated, so go ahead and let me have it!

Here, you can get a sneak peek at this week’s upcoming proposals, all displayed on the walls across the space. Stay to mingle, exchange ideas, and maybe even get into live conversations with the Authors behind these AIPs. While I haven’t had the chance to reach out to the Authors yet, it’s on my to-do list, and I’ll be making that happen soon. As I get a feel for our community more, and its needs within this metaverse, I plan to expand and refine this concept further. Stay tuned!

Here are some AIPs posted on the walls

Just remember this is an invite-only space, so please share respectively, Thanks!

Here is the Link to enter: https://apezone.myhubs.net/link/3arhFA5

Please share your thoughts, experience, and feedback below :+1:

Hope to see you on the otherside! Ayyyye!

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Hey @Stonie

Have you ever thought about creating it on Spatial (https://spatial.io/)? I think it would have a greater impact since many people already use it.



Yes, thanks for bringing it up :+1: I’ll look into recreating this metaverse into the “Bozo Island” plot since that is the only one I hold. It does make sense since now they’ve integrated token gating. I’ve just had issues with file placement on walls in the past, but this was about a year ago, it should be resolved now I hope.

Thanks, :saluting_face:


I had some glitches too, they have improved a lot. Good luck Stonie, you’ll come up with something dope for sure.


Yeah i think it could be great at spatial.io

There are rellated communites there, the idea fits perfect


Hi @Stonie,

Thank you for introducing "ApeZone”. It’s great to see community initiatives exploring the metaverse and providing a platform for ApeCoin DAO members to connect and engage.

While the concept of ApeZone sounds interesting, I’m curious to understand how it aligns with the goals and objectives of the ApeCoin DAO. Could you provide more information on how ApeZone directly contributes to the ApeCoin ecosystem and the DAO’s mission, as you see it, until we approve the mission.

It’s important to ensure that community initiatives like ApeZone are in line with the core principles and values of the ApeCoin DAO. By clarifying the connection between ApeZone and the DAO, we can better evaluate its potential impact and value to the ApeCoin community.

I appreciate your effort and creating opportunities for live conversations and idea exchange. Building a vibrant and engaged community is crucial for the success of any DAO, and it’s great to see initiatives that foster collaboration.

I look forward to understanding more about the potential benefits it can bring to the community.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Thats soo cool, want to see more of this!!!


Yes, I just started the process in spatial, and I can honestly say it still has some glitches and screen lag from what I experienced today. I was hoping things would be fixed by then, but it looks like it’s still in the early phase of catching up with a seamless experience. Either way, I’m still bullish on Spatial than Mozilla hubs in regards to token gating and connecting with crypto-like communities. As so, I will still be going forward in creating a similar layout as I did with Mozilla hubs. The Bozo Island space will be the location for the ApeZone.

As soon as I get something going, I will post an update here. :+1:

Thanks for the feedback Azuky.


Hello @Stonie,

Currently this post is categorized as an AIP Idea, did you want this to be a General category post?

Please let me know, thank you!


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Hey @MisterHype, Id be happy to share this idea.

ApeZone is a metaverse space that might be the first DAO to host meets, events, or Proposal conferences all in one world. This will be created for all to connect and engage with Members and nonmembers in a VR setting, similar to IRL but more convenient since you can experience it from home.
What I’ve done so far is design the layout that compliments open discussions and readings for Live or upcoming proposals.

Keep in mind, The fact that you can connect, and engage with Authors in live discussions is game-changing. Yes, we do have Twitter spaces, but a one-on-one meeting is an entirely different setting than a Twitter space. This sparks engagement in the Dao from all fronts.

Thanks for your feedback :+1:

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Thanks, @toga , Just an idea that I’m building on with the community’s feedback. I’m bullish on Metaverse meetups since I hosted some in the past. Appreciate your feedback :+1:

Yes, Amplify, can you move to the general category please. Still in the early phase of getting more feedback. :+1:

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