"Going down the Apehole" Metaverse parcel in Voxels.com

Voxels ApeCoin Unofficial Dao parcel

Firstly, thank you for those who voted for my ThankApe Prop House proposal. It came in second with 328 votes out of a total of 39 proposals in the “ApeCoin Futurists: Ape In to the Future” category.

Secondly, this is a call for you to reply in this topic with content or links to content to be considered to be included into the parcel.

It will serve the purpose of Educating people about ApeCoin and also have space to show a virtual gallery, inspired by ApeCoin. The location can include various materials such as info about AIPs, past and future meetups both IRL and in the metaverse.

Voxels has an eclectic mix of early adopters in the culture of web3 who will learn and engage about APE and the ApeCoin DAO.

We will also be able to meet there and chat in text or on audio discussions.

Link to the Prop House passed proposal: Prop House


Love me some Cryptovoxels… Where I got my start with NFTs back in early 2021 and where I have had a ton of fun in with @BigBull over the years. Curious if @BojangleGuy has seen me, Harry Lee and Pistol Pete’s Meebits shooting hoops on the rooftop basketball court at one of my spots shown below.

Also wondering if Bitpixie is still working with Ben Nolan over there. Might be worth reaching out to see if they might be interested in some sort of ApeCoin integration.

The OG metaverse since 2017.



Last I remember she was saying something about how CV has lost its touch and weak leadership. She is a brilliant builder and would love to have OG architects themselves in the DAo <3

Dayyyum… They lost a real one.

So many good times in there. It was literally the catalyst for me to dive head first into the space. Had never seen anything like it at the time.


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