Q1 UPDATE - DIM - ApeCoin Metaverse Steward

[Initially posted on Twitter on March 31st - reposting her to keep better track]

Today marks my first 3 months as @ApeCoin Metaverse Steward, time for an update… As the budget is not passed yet (voting ending next week) many activations are waiting for funding. A big thank you to @HorizenLabs for their vote of confidence during the election and for the first budget.

  • ApeCoin DAO Otherside Strategy: The AIP idea was up for discussion for a few weeks leading up to a poll to let the community decide how much should be requested. In the end the amount of 800k USD was voted. I’m finalizing the AIP and plan to post the update within the next 10 days.

  • Sandbox Experience: The project will be posted for discussion in the forum soon allowing studios to submit a proposal to work on the project.

  • ApeCoin Builders Assembly: I’m super excited about this one and It’s been a top focus for me. The Assembly will allow builders from the APE community to access ressources and help for their projects. I’ll be speaking at the BananaConf in Tallin in a few weeks and will introduce it during the talk « Building the ApeCoin Creators Assembly ».

  • IRL: I’m attending as many web3/Crypto events as possible, from NFT Paris to Paris blockchain Week (9-11 April), BananaConf in Tallin at the end of the Month and Lisbon in May, to meet builders. Make sure to reach out if you are around, I’d love to connect!

Oh and yes, I’m working with the @BananaCorpXYZ team (hi Sander!) to do some cool stuff in Tallin…

  • Sponsorship: codename « ApeCoin Mania », more on this soon but expect some cool stuff happening in web3 games and metaverse with $ape prizes… Already secured a few partnership for Q1!

  • Meta Monday space: 13 show so far with many more to come. A big thank you to the special guests who participated so far.

  • Legal Structure: The non-profit DAO LLC is being created by the firm Meta Law, it will act as the wrapper to the activities and as grant recipient for the Metaverse WG budget.



Hey Dim! Appreciate the update. Love the accountability :saluting_face:

One of the things I would personally love to see the most are builders building and developing leveraging the ODK from Otherside/Yuga & ApeChain.

Here’s the last 30 days of Weekly Active Wallets interacting with The Sandbox:

Are we confident we wanna use our resources, focus and attention on The Sandbox? Wouldn’t it be best to invest on the ODK from Otherside? Maybe both could be an option but not sure…


Hey! Thanks for the comment. As it state this is for Q1, just reposted it here for visibility.

In regards to the Sandbox, since then the call for creative studios was made and will be announced at NFC in Lisbon on Tuesday but ultimately this is an AIP and it will be up to the community to vote in favor or not.


Great to see the update. Perhaps good to move to put in this section.


I agree with this. The Sandbox feels like a dead product to me, although I can’t seem to figure out how to get accurate daily player counts. The last data I found was from 2023, where the daily player count was less than 1/10th of ATHs. I’d assume things are much worse since then. Limited data available here - The Sandbox Active Player Count & Population | MMO Stats


Thanks for the update and the transparency Dim!

(btw I think it’s a good idea to have it here too - I missed it on X)

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Welcome back captain! Long time no see :saluting_face:

Here is a link to the public Trello board I created for reporting on my activities as Metaverse Steward. This first iteration is a non exhaustive POC only including public info. It will evolve and include more items as I remember them.

Not sure how granular I should go on this and the current layout might change to something easier to read.

This initiative is to bring more transparency not for a day to day tracking of activities.

:arrow_right: Trello


Thank you Dim for the update.
How can I get access to the sandbox?

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Love seeing this.

Accountability is key — and you ser, are accountable :muscle::muscle:



Not sure I understand? The AIP is currently being prepared and should be up for discussion in the next few weeks

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I thought there was a sandbox environment that had been created for testing and building within. If not, then I have misunderstood. If there is, I would love to know more and understand how we can build/test.