Improve the $APE price


Since the price of $APE started dropping more than other altcoins and with a lot of negativity in the news etc. I’d like to know what is being done to avoid further price dropping? As I understand there are people that are paid to handle this project. Shouldn’t be there more positive tweets, articles in crypto sites and more updates, for example, for the upcoming The OtherSide game?



Honestly, stop giving away the DAO treasury. It’s a massive amount of $APE float. I don’t mean never ever spend it, but be extremely judicious about what you vote for.


They need to be very finicky about spending and figure out how to generate revenue that outpaces spending first otherwise it’s just a slow grind downward and everyone loses out.

What is bringing money into the DAO at this moment or will do so in the future?


Nothing. The typical response to any revenue generating activity is that the DAO is not setup to generate revenue. I’m not sure whether there are any plans to change this.

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Hmm is it due to legal challenges? It would be good to know why the DAO is not set up in a way to generate revenue.

There are ways other DAOs are overcoming this.

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every currency has this variation between high and low, but it’s really worrying

Where can I find info on what is currently in the works for ApeCoin? As it stands I don’t see what will increase value other than more purchasing of ApeCoin from the games and that accelerator thing.

The DAO’s focus is not propping up your bags. There are many AIPs that seek to improve the utility of ApeCoin, which could have a positive effect on price, but that is not the goal. If it were the best thing the DAO could do is stop spending and pass an AIP to reduce the size/rate of the staking pools.

I don’t think the focus should be on the price, but what we can do with it.
More clarifications on that is always great.

If you want to see more positive tweets/marketing, perhaps the best start is to create some yourself, or share feedback of what you would like to see happen, here and on other channels.


What is the DAOs actual goal?

I know the goal isn’t propping up my bags, but it kind of goes hand in hand especially if there no way of generating revenue. The only other option is to increase token utility and therefore in theory increasing token price. That makes the DAO more valuable and they can do more things, otherwise it’s just a slow bleed to zero.

It’s a grants DAO designed to push the metaverse forward through the use of $APE.

IMO we should be making big investments in big ideas. Trying to hyper conserve money is the death of the DAO. We need to think at scale and work towards mass adoption, which starts with getting a variety of communities involved and building with $APE.


They need to ensure the DAO is able to provide these grants for a long time into the future. To do so they have to also think about monetary value otherwise the grants will run dry eventually. If I’m not mistaken most of the treasury is in ApeCoin so thinking about the token price is essential for its goal of pushing the metaverse forward.

I would agree if we actually locked in on a big idea with a big potential reward. What I’ve seen so far in AIPs is a lot of small projects, asks for donations, asks for investments, etc. that will do little if anything to build utility for $APE or further the metaverse.

I would amend this to let’s be generally frugal with a willingness to invest in big ideas when we identify them. This should require the AIP author to be able to articulate a clear and measurable objective.

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The DAO has several hundred million dollars even at the current prices. If the DAO focuses on scaling the impact of $APE, the problem will resolve itself. There is no more efficient method for increasing the longevity of the DAO. This is how billionaires are made. Holding a ton of stock (in this case $APE) and scaling their business to mass market impact.


Following the comments, this issue of the price of the token is very complex, because one thing connects with the other, the price is linked to everything you mentioned above.

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I wanted to do exactly that - positivelly spread words about the ApeCoin ecosystem and the DAO.

I am 100% sure that I would have been able to stop the public negativity and hence the decline of $APE.

The Special Council declined my proposal under a made-up reason, “The Ape Foundation cannot be a client of a PR firm”; however, I never suggested hiring a PR firm.

It’s clear that the real reason is that they don’t want to grow the ApeCoin ecosystem. I suspect that some of the Special Council members are betting against the ApeCoin price and sabotaging the project.

You can check the proposal


I think the integration of Apecoin into games, metaverses or some web3 projects (for example: Myth Division,
e.) will promote Apecoin.

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don’t worry about the price

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although no one can predict a price, its important to remember we are still in the middle of a bear market while the world is technically in a global recession. If we as a community can help push each other to using the treasury to the best of our abilities, i truly believe a stable price is inevitable. As we get back into a bull and more things become clear what ape coin is powering along with its use with yuga products i have no doubt that price go up. Hope this helps. Thank you for your submission.


1ape still equals to 1ape so we are still good :sweat_smile: