Improve the $APE price

Build an ecosystem of good products/services that solves real problem and ape token price will improve.

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Precisely this. You need to build value and then learn how to scale that value.


I believe an announcement will come out soon, I’m also waiting for updates

I understand your concerns. If you want to know my opinion it is that the price has been pushed down on purpose by the same people who will buy it at the announcement of the release of otherside the legends of the mara. I want to clarify that this is an opinion and not financial advice.

For a community like this, gaming is the only way forward to bring utility to the coin.

The issue I see is that other leading tokens give grants to gamedevs to build on their platform, use their tokens etc. Even so, those grants are minimal, and aren’t attracting mainstream devs. Aside from the Web3 risks associated with doing a game. Also, micro grants aren’t ever going to yield meaningful games because good games take a lot of time and cost millions to make. If the game sucks, the token will just continue to slide.

Look at the Yuga games. Do you think that they would ever be successful in Web2? Why would they be successful in Web3? The smaller Web3 audience is why. I mean, right now the entry price to play HV-MTL is about $1K. Think about that. How has that helped the coin value? And that’s a game made for cheap. Otherside isn’t a game - yet. If their target is correct, it won’t be for several more years. At least.

I have spent months reading this forum before joining. I have some ideas. However, coming from Web2 and being the n00b around here, I don’t want to ruffle any feathers by voicing them.

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I do not agree. it’s not the only way, it’s the main way.

I think the value of apecoin is related to the success of otherside.

otherside the legends of the mara should be out this summer.

If you have ideas you should share them with the community here or on discord. I’m sure your ideas will give rise to a fruitful exchange of opinions.

don’t worry about the price


Please keep in mind that, legally, the DAO cannot concern itself with the price of any token. As such, it is not at all concerned with the price of $ape or will in any way attempt to influence that price. It is a steward of a certain amount of $ape, and it’s one of main stewards of the APE Ecosystem; however, it is not, as noted on, an overseer of either.

The DAO exists solely to issue grants to projects that drive culture forward into the metaverse. One can argue that the more projects utilize $ape, the better for the health of the token. However, that side effect or any other side effect is not the concern of this DAO for legal and compliance reasons. The only concern this DAO has, in plain terms, is to help build cool sh*t.

The “drive culture forward into the metaverse” vision is broad and I invite you to submit your idea for a clear mission statement to support that vision as part of AIP-256.

The DAO can also be a glue that connects projects, strikes partnerships, etc. From the website:
Screenshot 2023-07-09 at 12.22.17 PM


OK. What are the other ways? Other than the sale of NFTs - which are flatlining now for various reasons.

Right. But Summer is barely two more months. Also, that is a 2D game which doesn’t appear to have any meaningful gameplay which would move $APE by any reasonable metric. To wit: see HVY:MTL.

Thanks. I will soon. For now, I will wait for the results of the Metaverse Working Group stewards selection which I was asked to apply for. If you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out in the other thread.

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Absolutely this. As I have written in various articles, making Web3 about money instead of about fun and engagement, isn’t a good path forward. And it’s why adoption and acceptance of Web3 in gaming is going to continue being a niche like VR/AR. Literally every single Web3 game has failed or is failing because of this. P2E is a misnomer and double-edged sword.

The path forward is to build cool sh*t. But that takes time, talent and copious amounts of money and resources.


There is no legal issue. Just needs structures to do so.

Too long to explain here but I have explained to people in paid roles.


The other way is through setting up a website for selling apecoin products. The sale of nfts generates no revenue for apecoin because otherside is owned by yuga. The advantage for apecoin regarding otherside is represented by the utility of the coin.

I do not agree. in otherside the legends of the mara all the nft that you find now for sale regarding otherside will be used. I repeat for me the success of apecoin passes from the success of otherside.

Yes, I saw.

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That’s merchandising. For that you need third-party vendors who need to license the Apecoin IP from the DAO in order to use it. I would bet dimes to donuts that there’s not enough value in the IP for any third-party to bother with the expense of doing that. Plus, as far as I can tell, the DAO isn’t going to become a merchandising entity. There aren’t - if any - third-party vendors licensing from even Yuga to do that. And so, why would they license from Apecoin instead of directly from Yuga which holds the valuable and known IP?

And Yuga already tried that. Then closed the store. Remember what happened about a year ago with that?

So, what am I missing here?

Also, it’s the same argument for using $APE in apps, games etc. There has to be a compelling and sound business reason to do so.

The fact of the matter is that, though separate entities, both Yuga and Apecoin DAO are co-joined, but Apecoin is at a disadvantage. And that’s what needs to change - somehow. And even so, it’s something that could months and months - if not years - to resolve to any meaningful degree.

Besides games, there is absolutely NO other feasible way. Why else do you think Yuga is focusing on games?

Well, lets wait and see. I currently have no reason to believe that it will move the needle in any meaningful way.

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I said that it is a marginal aspect compared to games but it is useful and you will see that it will be developed later. you look for the various AIPs in this regard so you can get a more complete idea. some projects have been successfully developed regarding merchandising.

here I agree with you, only the future will tell us who is right.

Where did you say that it was ‘a marginal aspect’? I don’t see it. What I see is you saying that it’s the ‘main way’. That’s what I was responding to. Merchandising is absolutely not the main way. If it was, why then is Yuga focusing on games instead of merchandising?

never said.

I said that games are main way but not the only way. :wink:

ah yes! You were saying that gaming is the main way. lol. I had to scroll up because for a moment there I thought I was seeing things. :wink:

I’m considering submitting an AIP to ask the DAO to fund the development and manufacturing of a wireless gaming/entertainment headset and broader brand, inspired by BAYC and with a focus towards Otherside. I’ve been designing/developing licensed (Nintendo, Xbox, PS) gaming accessories for more than 10 years and now own my own company with a partner who shares ownership of a factory in Dongguan, China. Specifics can be found in the AIP once submitted, however I see this as an opportunity to create a standard for ROI for the DAO when it comes to launching consumer products:

  • DAO grants funds (based on an agreed disbursement schedule)
  • Grantee builds the product/brand, sales channels and marketing
  • Product is offered for sale, with a significant royalty back to the DAO to recoup initial investment
  • Once grant is paid back in full, royalty reduces and remains in perpetuity

Obviously building any CP business is a huge challenge, but if grants are distributed to experienced founders, the basic arrangement described above could deliver ROI assuming the product/business has a good market fit.


Welcome to the forums BeastNode.

You sound like the type of builder, creator, founder that the DAO ought to consider supporting and possibly funding.

As a Grants DAO, we’re currently not set-up to receive revenues or royalties and while that might change in the future, one of the main questions you and your team will need to answer is “What’s the Benefit to the Apecoin Ecosystem?”

Also, if you have photos of previous products you’ve built, or even early sketches of your ideas for the headset make sure to add them to the proposal.

Oh and by the way, let’s move this thread to your own Headset specific post.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:

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On point !

Financial value is a byproduct of (perceived or otherwise) value, apart from its social aspect.

Coordinated efforts to manipulate the price could quickly get us into the securities fraud territory so all we could do it this