ApeCoin Builders Contest

Thank APE is rewarding 50,000+ $APE to ApeCoin DAO members shaping the future of ApeCoin!

How it works:

  1. Sign up on @NounsPropHouse, and go to the Thank Ape House (prop.house/thank-ape).

  2. Submit your proposal under one of our 5 categories: Designers, Developers, Influencers, Futurists, or Governance!

  3. The community votes on top proposals

Builder Reward Breakdowns: :trophy:

Designers: 25 winners x 269 APE
Developers: 10 winners x 2069 APE
Influencers: 5 winners x 2069 APE
Futurists: 10 winners x 420 APE
Governance: 10 winners x 1069 APE

Timeline for Builder submissions and prizes: :hourglass:

:fast_forward: August 11th to August 23rd: Builder submission period
:fast_forward: August 24th to August 30th: Community voting period
:fast_forward: August 31st: Twitter Spaces celebrating & honoring top projects

Post your contest entries links below so we can support each other! :muscle::person_cartwheeling:


it’s great for the future of DAO to reward tomorrow’s development players


We will work to add a lot of value :dizzy: :100: :heart:

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I submitted an idea about how to improve the AIP process by building bridges between AIP authors and big delegate groups.


Nice one @AnnieRawrz :kissing_heart:

I submitted my EthGlobal project ~ [AIP 243] The Ape Inn for the @ThankApe ApeCoin Builders Contest.

You can view my @NounsPropHouse Prop 6603 for more info.

Greatly appreciate your support and votes for my ApeCoin buidl

Site : apeinn.xyz :gorilla::hut:
TwiX : @ApeInn_


#WAGMI :heart_hands:


Nice, probably will not contribute directly but will definitely review proposals! Great initative!

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Thanks, that’s a very important part of it all too, there’s even something for supporting with your votes


Check out my @ThankApe ApeCoin Futurists: Ape In to the Future @NounsPropHouse prop called

ApeCoin Arena in the MetaVerse https://prop.house/proposal/6787


Love to see how you guys make Dao great! Right way :heart:


Very thoughtful of you to create this topic, Annie. :yellow_heart:

My proposal is an AI-powered ApeCoin Assistant for the discord—an idea that won the ThankApe idea-a-thon. It’s an idea I initially found very interesting and fun to implement. The winner never got around to implementing it so I thought this is a good opportunity to implement the idea. :slight_smile:


All the works are very cool. I envy you guys. I also want to learn this. I’m already picking up python courses, I decided to start with it))

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I would really like to create something that would help the community but lack the skills to develop my ideas…

Added another proposal, this time it’s for the futurist category.

This one is about creating a webcomic focused on web3 security. It will be a collaboration with our partners over at Boring Security and it’ll feature our new mascot - Apekin.


I will send my proposal too :star_struck: :blush:


Hey Annie, thank you for making this thread!! Love all the encouragement everyone shares with each other, super excited to see everyone share their amazing submissions here so we can support each other 🫶🏻

Also, if anyone has specific questions about submitting a proposal, please make join our Spaces with @ApeCoin twitter this Sunday to chat & ask questions!


There are some really good entries so far!!!

2 days left to submit an entry if you haven’t yet :saluting_face:

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Thank you ! Hope I can bring my contribution for the building of Ape too in the future

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