Thank Ape Prop House Updates

Share your updates if you won the Thank Ape prop house round. Just a little space where you can share and keep track of your milestone and share it with others along the way.


Thanks for this! Good idea!

  • I’ve started the Delegate Ambassador Program: Delegate Ambassador Program - pilot phase

  • The visual upgrade of the Discord channels is in the making. We’re currently going over the content of the channels in question.

  • I have the storyline for my webcomic on paper and will be working on getting it sketched out.


Oo!!! comics are cool) I see you are engaged in many projects, I hope the comic takes priority))

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Thanks haha
The ambassador program is more important so that will get the most attention out of the three.

But the webcomic might get an extra AIP :slight_smile:

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Love this, thanks for creating Evil!!

Here’s the thread highlighting all Thank Ape prop house contest winners for those who are curious:

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s updates!


I’m excited to announce that the My proposal: “Catch ApeCoin AR game” the game has been delivered. Now is available for play in Tiktok; please Scan the QR code, will be automatically open on TikTok, ready to play and compete for the top spot. The production was a blast, and I encourage female creators to dive into game development through coding. Huge thanks to ThankApe x ApeCoin for organizing this event, and shoutout to our community BAYC and Ladies of BAYC for their support. This is just the beginning – stay tuned for more fun games ahead!


My update on the Virtual Townhall

Simple testing done with structure, will be adding more textures and a more normal staircase etc.

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Yup yup yup! love seeing you going out there and interacting with folks! I suggest look out for our French and Canadian bros as well for the delegated ambassadors. @dyorjdr for the French club and pretty sure the best person to get in touch with canadian bros is @AllCityBAYC . Hopefully this helps. Good luck Annie <3


Yooooo this is amazing :0 :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

Thanks for this, almost forgot to drop this here. None of this would have been possible without you guys <3

Thank you!!!:heart: hope everyone have fun!

Squad… And @AnnieRawrz, holler at me anytime about this stuff. Would be thrilled to connect you with a few people that would love to get involved.

The Governance team has an item in AIP-317 looking to build out what we are naming the Global Community Committee that will align representatives from various delegations and constituents around the world :+1:



Oh I’d love that if you can connect me :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll slide into your DMs on Discord if that’s ok.


Hey Annie, don’t hesitate to contact me as well :wink: DM opens


Hey all ApeCoin Fam, :heart: Exciting announcement! We’re thrilled to announce our “ApeCoin Creators & Bored IP meetup event ” on September 24th from 6 PM to 10 PM. This is an OpenCall event organized by me and Boredbagels, and we extend a sincere invitation to all Bored IP & MBA brands and ApeCoin creators in the community. I can guarantee it’ll be the chillest event of the summer! It will contribute to fostering a larger community culture that combines ApeCoin and Bored IP. This event is Born from our award-winning ThankApe x ApeCoin. Please join us!


Love this! And nice to see you in here Popil!!!


WIP on Ancient Assembly of Ape

Smart Contract testing

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Thank you evil🙏
Hi, I’m Deguma, I’m an artist, I’m one of the Ape Coin winners in the designer category
And I have finished my project creating YouTube video content making ApeCoin clay sculptures. Hope everyone enjoys it. And please share.

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This looks so good my dude! Love the talent you got <3

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thank you.