ApeCoin Merchants Contest by Thank Ape (AIP-124)

As the newest wave of Season 3 initiatives by Thank Ape (AIP-124), @thrivegiraffe, the ThriveCoin team, and the Thank Ape Board are thrilled to be introducing the ApeCoin Merchants Contest powered by Thank APE! :boom:



For Season 3 of Thank APE we’re funding builders who are building the future of ApeCoin. In our last Moonshot, we funded 5 types of builders: Developers, Designers, Influencers, Futurists, and Governance Geeks. Sixty incredible winners are now bringing their projects to life for our ecosystem.

But we’re not done with Season 3 yet- to round out our Builder Grants, we’re excited to fund merchants that can accept products and services in exchange for ApeCoin!

We believe this is a critical component of building a thriving ApeCoin ecosystem. We must show off the utility - the value - of ApeCoin… by making it easy to buy and sell practically anything with our utility token.

We’re excited to share with everyone a chance to win a share of 25,000 $APE across 3 categories: Merchants providing Services, Digital Goods, and Physical Goods—all in exchange for ApeCoin!

How to submit:

  1. Go to http://ThankAPE.com & connect your voting wallet
  2. Go to the Thank APE House (http://prop.house/thank-ape) & connect wallet 3. Submit proposal under the 3 categories: Services, Digital Goods, & Physical Goods
  3. The community votes on top proposals!

Builder Reward Breakdowns:

  • Services: 6 winners x 1069 APE
  • Digital Goods: 6 winners x 1069 APE
  • Physical Goods: 8 winners x 1669 APE (to reflect the higher cost of IRL goods)

Key Dates:
:calendar: Sept 12th - Sept 25th: Merchant submission period
:calendar: Sept 26th - Sept 29th: Community voting period
:calendar: Sept 30th: Twitter Spaces celebration honoring top projects

We can’t wait to see your submissions! Enter now by connecting your $APE-holding wallet to ThankAPE.com and visiting Thank APE Prop House (Prop House).

For full details, check out our announcement thread on Twitter/X (https://x.com/ThankApe/status/1702065831134536118?s=20).

Let’s make this contest legendary!

:blue_heart: We’d love to see you share about your proposals, ask questions, tag Merchants who should submit, and give feedback in the comments to this post :blue_heart:

Sneak peeks for the future:

After setting up all our merchants, we’re gearing up to launch exciting spending incentives exclusively for our ApeCoin community! And that’s not all- in October, get ready for a thrilling contest aimed at funding Activations for ApeFest 2023! See you soon on the other side!


You guys just keep setting the standards high every season! :fire: :fire: :fire:


Let’s grow… empowered by ThankApe

Sharing my entry for the competition, I submitted different services under the different categories but checkout Ape Slaps.

Physical Goods: Bring ApeCoin IRL Category

Entry: Ape Slaps - Don’t be the Ops

Service Providers: Build the Future of ApeCoin Services Category

Entry: Create culture at community events and gatherings

Digital Goods: Create Culture for ApeCoin Category

Entry: Digital Prints of your NFT Mints

Happy voting fam


Love it :clap:t4: can’t wait to see all the entries


Im new and its Insane :boom:


Lfggggg I’m so excited for the future

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