AIP Draft Template Breakdown

Following feedback from the community about a desire to more clearly understand the AIP process, the Foundation produced this post along with graphics to help members of the DAO understand each section of an AIP Draft in further detail. Feel free to use the below as a guide for drafting your own AIP!


A title that represents what your AIP proposal is about.


There are four different categories to choose from:

  1. Choose Brand Decision for proposals that the DAO attaches its name to, including projects and collaborations.
  2. Choose Ecosystem Fund Allocation for proposals that rely on funds from the Ape Foundation in order to be executed.
  3. Choose Informational for proposals that suggest changes to the guidelines or that provide information to the ApeCoin community.
  4. Choose Process for proposals about making changes to any of the decision-making processes. This covers everything from submitting an AIP to the voting process, to the tools and platforms used.


Your abstract should be straightforward and concise - two or three sentences can do. It should provide your audience with a gist of your proposal and outline what will follow.


The purpose of submitting AIP Proposals is to make suggestions that will benefit the ApeCoin ecosystem. What does the proposal add to the ApeCoin community?


ApeCoin has five guiding values:

  1. Boldness: Doors will be opened to those who are bold and brave enough to ask! The Ape Foundation is open and eager to see all suggestions that are in the best interest of the community and the APE Ecosystem. Don’t be afraid to suggest an idea.

  2. Equality: One $APE = one $APE, which means you can engage in the community, propose ideas, and vote in the future of ApeCoin as long as you have one $APE.

  3. Transparency: Your idea becomes your proposal, and the community works as a whole to evaluate, improve and possibly have it implemented. Please visit our Twitter Profile for regular updates. We also encourage all Apes to be transparent within their AIP proposals by gathering community feedback and appetite for the idea. WAGMI!

  4. Collective Responsibility: Our goal is to leave everything better than we found it. This space is open to constant feedback and development in order to make the experience better for all Apes.

  5. Persistence: If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again. Should your proposal be returned, it would usually qualify for resubmission. Proposals are generally returned for reasons such as:

  6. If the topic does not meet the DAO-approved guidelines . For example, if it involves illegal activity, involves pornographic material, goes against our hate conduct policy, or conflicts with the values of the APE Foundation.

  7. If there is an existing topic, whereby the author will be advised to input their feedback on that topic or collaborate with the other author.

  8. If the topic is unrelated to ApeCoin DAO. Make sure whatever you are proposing relates to ApeCoin itself, adding value to the ecosystem we are all working to build.

  9. If the topic directly conflicts with a recently approved AIP. If this is the case, your proposal must wait for three months after the original proposal has been implemented so that community assets are not wasted.

  10. If the topic proposes any activity that is considered illegal in jurisdictions where the DAO and our community operate and reside.

When a proposal is rejected upon vote, did you know that “Against” votes are also used to encourage the author to resubmit the AIP after making changes?


Please ensure that if any unique terminology is used, i.e. specific to your proposal or field, that the terms are defined in simple words that anyone would be able to comprehend.


What platforms, programs, or technologies are required for your proposal? For example, will you require the use of programs to design, manage or even collaborate with your team? Do you need to create a new account/handle for social media platforms? Do you have to engage any companies to have your project running? Add all those in this section.


Include the associated costs, manpower, and other resources for each step where applicable. In this section, you should add detailed descriptions of all involved people/parties that will assist in implementing the AIP. Who or what will be essential for the proposal to be implemented? Provide details on specific roles, and how everything fits together.


Your timeline should not only state your expected start and completion dates but should also include any relevant timing details such as when specific tasks within the proposal are expected to be completed, and milestones, if any.


What is the total cost to implement your proposal and in which currency do you want to receive it if not in $APE? You can state a USD/USDC denomination of the amount you are requesting.


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