Facilitator Note #19: Discourse Theme/UI Improvements

Hello ApeCoin Community,

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new Discourse Theme, along with the premiere of the first in a series of educational videos titled “ApeCoin Bits!”

After two years of using the Default Discourse theme, we felt it was time for a more user-friendly and ApeCoin-forward option. Introducing the ApeCoin Air Theme! We believe this elevated design is more intuitive and easier to navigate, and we will continue to iterate on this design with the introduction of new art and color schemes.

Along with this new theme, we have launched the first video in the ApeCoin Bits series aimed at providing valuable insights into various topics related to Discourse, the AIP process, navigation tips and tricks, and much more. Whether you’re new to ApeCoin DAO or a Trust Level 3 member, these short-form videos are designed to equip you with the tools and insights needed to navigate our ecosystem effectively.

As we continue to update the series with new content, you can find them in the ApeCoin Bits Series topic in Help & Resources. Let us know if there are any areas or topics you would like to learn more about.

You may have noticed that we have introduced a new Discourse Chat plug-in, this feature is available to everyone in the header bar of Discourse allowing the ApeCoin community to talk about Active Proposals or as an alternative space for less formal discussions. Official communication from the Facilitator team to Authors will continue in Discourse DMs.

In a continued effort to streamline both the AIP process and Forum navigation, we have made a few updates. First, we’ve reorganized the forum, a makeover that includes the creation of a new category called “Active Proposals” which consolidates AIP Ideas, AIP Drafts, and Live AIPs into one area. Second, we’ve made updates to the AIP Draft Template (as well as the Resubmission Template and the AIP Draft Template Breakdown shown below).

Additionally, community comments have now been enabled on the AIP Implementation Updates section, which will allow community members and authors alike to post their ideas, questions, feedback and updates on these approved AIPs. Accepted AIP Authors may send a direct message to the @Facilitator team at any time to provide additional updates to their official Implementation Update post. Also, AIP authors are now also able to edit their proposals regardless of Trust Level throughout the entire time spent in the Idea phase. Finally, we have streamlined the communication between Accepted AIP Authors and WebSlinger; a Facilitator will reach out to help authors begin the KYC and Grant Agreement process with WebSlinger immediately following the acceptance of any AIP.

Last but not least, we’ve put together a comprehensive ApeCoin Brand Assets Summary for community members looking to learn more about how to access and use these various brand assets. This includes the newly created 3D models for ApeKin!

We hope you enjoy these improvements as much as we did putting them together!

Best regards,

ApeCoin DAO Community Discourse Facilitators