ApeCoin Brand Assets Summary

This post highlights some of the community-led developments and opportunities to further develop the ApeCoin IP, so you can come away with a better understanding of how to access and use the ApeCoin DAO’s brand assets.

AIP-274, authored by @Gerry, created the “Powered by ApeCoin” and “ApeCoin Powered” logos, which serve as a visual endorsement and recognition of initiatives that exclusively use ApeCoin for transactions. So long as their contents are in line with ApeCoin’s mission and values, AIP projects approved by the DAO can also use this logo to signify their affiliation with the ApeCoin ecosystem.

Did you know the ApeCoin DAO has a mascot? His name is ApeKin, and was created by @AnnieRawrz through AIP-289. In the ApeKin Mascot Guide you’ll find the character sheet, stickers, full-body illustrations, permitted use and more. Not only is he cute, but he’s ever-evolving… a true community creation! Check out the new 3D models here!

The ApeCoin DAO Brand Guidelines came into existence through AIP-291, authored by @MisterHype, to ensure consistent and effective utilization of ApeCoin DAO’s core brand elements. Including color schemes, logo usage, spacing, and rules to prevent misuse, these Guidelines help set the tone for how the ApeCoin brand assets can and should be properly put to use.

Another significant development emerging from AIP-291 was the Trademark Request Form. The Process for Requesting a Trademark Agreement page describes in detail how community members may request the use of the ApeCoin DAO’s trademark. The ApeCoin Press Kit containing the ApeCoin brand assets can be found directly on the ApeCoin website at the bottom of the home page.

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