AIP-289: Designing a Mascot for Apecoin

Title: Designing a Mascot for Apecoin

Proposal Category: Ecosystem Fund Allocation - Education & Marketing Proposal


This proposal aims to create a unique, ape/monkey-inspired mascot for the Apecoin DAO. The mascot will add depth and personality to the brand, creating an emotional connection and sparking curiosity. My proposal highlights the benefits of having a mascot, including brand recognition, collaboration promotion, community building, adaptability, inspiration for artists, narrative elements, and improving the Discord environment.


My name is Annie, I am 32 years old and I’m from beautiful Dresden, Germany.
Some might think I’m a full time artist, but I actually still grind the 9 to 5, doing artsy commissions in my spare time. My main occupation is in the field of tourism. I also have a degree in project management.
In 2021 I discovered the world of web3, amazed by its possibilities and innovations. Since then, I have actively participated in various communities and co-founded my own NFT project. Especially Discord management and creating emotes/stickers have been my passion on this journey. I have been an emote artist in the Twitch space since 2016. Throughout my journey, I have had the opportunity to create over 20 mascots for various communities both in web2 and web3 and it would be an honor to make one for the Apecoin community aswell.


The overwhelming response to Apekin, my Thankape art contest entry in June, has demonstrated the need for a mascot among the Apecoin community. Apekin’s design has already sparked engagement within the community. The motivation behind this proposal is to continue building on the momentum generated by Apekin and explore the development of a captivating mascot that truly represents the spirit and supports the goals of the Apecoin ecosystem, adding a valuable asset to the brand. A mascot plays a crucial role in brand identity by making it recognizable and memorable, adding infinite opportunities for further brand development. Aside from that I would like to inspire and break the ice, inviting other artists to contribute to the Apecoin brand aswell, fostering a collaborative and inclusive community.

This is Apekin:

Thank you @adventurousape and @SeraStargirl for the inspiration


Introducing a captivating mascot for the Apecoin DAO offers numerous benefits and opportunities for the community. A mascot serves as a visual representation and ambassador of the brand, igniting excitement and fostering a sense of connection among community members. Beyond its visual appeal, a mascot has the power to inspire creativity, create a unique identity, and enhance storytelling. By embodying the spirit and values of the Apecoin ecosystem, a mascot becomes a powerful symbol that can unite the community, strengthen engagement, and elevate the brand’s visibility.


● Brand Recognition: A well-designed mascot will make the brand easily identifiable and memorable.
● Collaboration Promotion: The mascot will spark curiosity and encourage collaboration among community members, fostering a culture of engagement.
● Unity and Community Building: It will bring life to the DAO, creating an exciting and inspiring culture.
● Adaptability: The mascot’s design can be leveraged for various marketing materials, merchandise, and promotional activities.
● Inspiration for Artists: The mascot will serve as a collaborative art subject, fostering creative contributions from artists within and outside the community. It can inspire others to also contribute to the development of the Apecoin brand.
● Narrative Element: A mascot can act as a narrator in graphics, guiding the audience and conveying the DAO’s values and mission. (Example: As a narrating character in the guide for DAO newcomers by BojangleGuy)
● Discord Enhancement: The mascot can be featured on DIscord in the form of emotes and stickers, supporting conversations and creating a fun and expressive environment on our Discord and others.


● Design a unique, ape/monkey-inspired mascot that aligns with the spirit of the DAO, ensuring that the mascot is visually appealing, memorable, and versatile for different applications. It should be unique and fresh, yet visually related to the roots of Apecoin.
● Create a style guide and usage guidelines to maintain consistency in the mascot’s representation across various platforms.
● Collaborate with the community to gather feedback and input during the design process.
● Work closely with the Marketing and Communications Work Group to ensure that the final mascot will go well with and support the Apecoin brand.
● Provide regular updates and iterations based on the community’s and Marketing Group’s preferences and suggestions.
● Create final visual assets for community and marketing purposes.


Month 1:

● Research and concept development for the mascot design.
● Seek input and ideas from the community through surveys or open discussions.
● Create various sketches and further design drafts for review and feedback.

Month 2-3:

● Refine the mascot design based on community feedback.
● Develop final mascot illustrations and 3D model (in collaboration).
● Create a style guide and usage guidelines for the mascot.

Month 4:

● Conduct a final review and minor adjustments based on community input.
● Finalize the mascot design and prepare other necessary graphic assets.
● Present the completed mascot design to the DAO community.
● Formal transfer of IP ownership to the DAO.

Side note: I’m not a full-time artist. In my spare time I do art commissions and web3 stuff. I will temporarily close commission requests to fully focus on this project. You can expect the entire project to be completed within 3-4 months. Thank you for your understanding.


As the artist and initiator of this proposal, I kindly request a grant of $5,750 denominated in ApeCoin (breakdown see below) from the Apecoin DAO to support the mascot design project.
The proposed budget will cover the following:

● Research and initial development of alternative designs
● Complete development process of the final mascot
● Style guide development
● ~15 Discord emojis/stickers
● ~10 graphic assets for marketing purposes
● 3D model (in collaboration)
● Complete transfer of IP ownership to the Apecoin DAO


Average hourly rate of $40

  • Brand and market research and evaluating community feedback to ensure that the mascot embodies the brand and DAO perfectly
    (7-8h) = $300

  • Sketches of variations and alternatives to choose from incl. process of gathering references and inspiration
    (8-10h) = $400

  • Final detailed mascot character sheet incl. front, back, and side view
    (8-10h) = $400

  • 15 discord Stickers
    ($40 each incl discount) = $600

  • Telegram sticker set
    ($10 per sticker) = $150

  • 10 illustrations to use for graphics, guides etc
    ($100 half body, $280 full body) = $1900

  • 3D model (in collaboration) = $500

  • Mascot guide (incl. character sheet, facial expressions and poses, color guide, material, details, accessories and variations, personality description) and usage guidelines
    (10-15h) = $600

  • Transfer of full IP ownership (incl. renunciation of profit share from merch etc. distributed by someone else) = $1500

= ~$5750

I kindly request $5,750 denominated in ApeCoin as my budget for this project.

If everything goes smoothly and faster than expected, I would add more illustration assets to the package.

With the support and help of the Apecoin community, I’m sure I can create the perfect mascot for the Apecoin DAO.

Thank you for your time!
I’m excited to discuss my proposal with you.


Yes, yes and more yes, just one question?

Wen emotes for DAO, I saw what you did there!


I fully support your proposal to design a mascot for DAO. As an artist, I think the requested grant of 1500 $ape seems reasonable, considering the scope of work involved. It’s evident that you have the artistic skills and experience necessary to create a captivating and representative mascot. I believe it would greatly enhance the DAO’s identity.


Thank you for your reply!

I thought a lot about what amount I should ask for.
I’m a pretty humble person in general. Putting a price tag on my work has always made me feel uncomfortable. In fact, friends kept telling me I sell myself under value.

If anyone cares, I’m happy to break it down for you guys. I used pretty basic prices for reference, nothing far fetched really,

I can imagine that the amount of hours I will put into this project might end up being more than I have planned at this point, so I might increase the budget a little. Would love to get some more feedback on this. I don’t want to come across greedy, nor sell myself under value again :smile:


Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the community reacts to this. Pretty cool to see a Thankape onboarded DAO member continue on to want provide value to the DAO.

One thing that stood out was the low cost to get this done. Will the requested amount also cover the 3D model and full assets/rig for it?

If passed, I could definitely see this guy and possibly others as part of the material used across the DAO.


Thank you @Apewhale

As of now, a 3D model will be provided as part of the mascot assets. I’m not that familiar with 3D models and rigs, so I need to clarify this with my contact. I’m planning on giving him his well deserved share of the budget of course. He, like myself, is humble haha It’s an artist thing I suppose. I need to get in touch with him and ask for more information on the value of his work. That’s really the only part of the assets/guides included in this proposal that I don’t know the exact value of.

I kindly ask for your understanding in case I need to adjust the requested budget.


That makes sense. I am not familiar with it either but it’s something that came to mind. Might need some adjusting on the budget but shouldn’t be anything crazy

Will think some more on the overall proposal but seemed like you have it thought out as far as the rest of the time/expense.

The exciting part is potentially having this be something that the community helps create!


Haha thanks 0xwebmoss !

The emotes will come as soon as we agree on how the final mascot design should look like. :slight_smile:


Love this idea as it’s a cool way to help the DAO find more of an identity in a fun way^^

If you are looking for a 3D artist to bring Apekin to life, consider hitting up RidazLP to create it and inquire their rate to include in the budget for your AIP :blush:

Link to:
RidazLP Twitter


Thank you
I already got someone :slight_smile:
But I’ll look into Ridaz too!


Wow amazing, totally loved the idea!!!


The character is so appealing :heart_eyes:

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I can help you out to bring it to reality physically or in 3D as @SeraStargirl commented

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I can’t wait to see this come to life. So many cool things planned for this. Awesome work @AnnieRawrz


Impressed with your design and love what you have done so far. Also, congrats on the recent Thank Ape award win. The pricing is fair, and I look forward to observing more of your contributions in the DAO.


It’s clear that the community has shown great enthusiasm for your design, and I believe a mascot would be a fantastic addition to the Apecoin DAO. I think you are best person for this job.


I love it! Even at this stage, it has personality and I can clearly see the branding potential around the mascot. Keep up the good work!


Loving the history and backstory of how this idea came to fruitation .Can’t wait to see more work from you


Besides loving the art and idea, are you asking for 1500$ or 1500APE ? I agree with both anyway was just curious, cant wait to see the discord emojis/stickers


Hey @Tanjiro
Now you made me double-check haha

I wrote 1500 $ape (Apecoin… I edited it now as it seems to be confusing for some) :slight_smile:
But I consider adjusting it due to some feedback. There are two things I don’t have experience with price-wise that need reconsideration.