Implementation Update | AIP-289: Designing a Mascot for Apecoin

AIP Name: AIP-289: Designing a Mascot for Apecoin

Implementation Status: Complete

Implementation Date: 2/16/2024

Author: @AnnieRawrz

Abstract Summary: This proposal aims to create a unique, ape/monkey-inspired mascot for the Apecoin DAO. The mascot will add depth and personality to the brand, creating an emotional connection and sparking curiosity. My proposal highlights the benefits of having a mascot, including brand recognition, collaboration promotion, community building, adaptability, inspiration for artists, narrative elements, and improving the Discord environment.

Overall Cost: $5,750

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Timeline Updates:
2/16/24: Dear Community,

ApeKin is an asset of the ApeCoin brand.
Here you can find the ApeKin Mascot Guide, this guide includes:

  1. Character sheet
  2. 3D Model download
  3. ApeKin heads
  4. 10 full body illustrations
  5. 14 stickers
  6. Permitted use
  7. Do’s and Don’ts

ApeKinMascotGuideV1.pdf (1017.0 KB)

Request a license to use ApeCoin brand assets for your own project/product/service via

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