AIP-9 Revisited: Boring Security DAO

This post is part of an ongoing interview series with authors who have submitted successfully implemented AIPs. These interviews will:

  • Spotlight the work that’s being done by the DAO
  • Identify improvements to the AIP process
  • Provide insight from the other side to inspire and inform tomorrow’s AIP authors and implementers

Read on for the first installment!


In May 2022, the ApeCoin DAO passed AIP-9, which committed $APE to support Boring Security DAO’s work to enhance public safety and security in Web3. This work includes providing free classes, resources, tools, and other informational material to the ApeCoin community so that they can avoid becoming the next victim of an attack or scam.

Since the passage of AIP-9, Boring Security DAO have regularly hosted information sessions and built out further resources to help everyone stay safe online. This included a bespoke session for our ApeCoin community in July, which covered:

  • Wallets and seed phrase security
  • Operational security (approvals, signatures, wallet separation)
  • Common scams and how to protect yourself


The Ape Foundation recently spoke with the Boring Security DAO team about their experience with the AIP process. Our exchange is reproduced below:

Ape Foundation (AF): When you began the AIP process, did you feel you knew enough about the process to draft your own AIP and see it through? To what extent, if at all, would you have liked to know more about certain ambiguities in advance?

Boring Security DAO (BSD): I think a more streamlined set of templates could have been a little bit helpful, and perhaps an infographic, as the format and requirements and process outlines were rather dense.

AF: The ApeCoin DAO has posted a few resources on navigating the AIP process, including a series of Discourse posts; based on your experience, are these resources and the website helpful for drafting an AIP?

BSD: The ones that existed when I created my AIP, sure. But mine was a little unique in that I wrote my AIP at first when none of that existed.

AF: To what extent was the community helpful in refining your initial idea into an eventual AIP?

BSD: We had some decent input, though a lot of what we requested was reasonable, and no one seemed to have any problems with it. It passed with unanimous support.

AF: Was the feedback and questioning you received on your draft from the Administrators helpful?

BSD: Yes definitely. However, one thing I would have liked to have been persuaded on a bit more was the asking amount being given in $USD rather than $APE. The reason being when my AIP was actually submitted we were set to receive $150k worth of $APE, but ended up with about $35k. The submitted AIP ended up with a dollar amount in the top (so I think someone was thinking about this) and the ApeCoin amount in the bottom - and we were awarded the $APE amount. Because of this we are likely to submit another AIP soon, but it feels bad because we just did one.

AF: Was there any step in the AIP process that felt excessively onerous or like you had to do too much research/drafting on your own?

BSD: I think the only thing was the agreement took a while. I don’t blame the team much for this because I’m quite sure Boring Security was the first external grant agreement that had been drafted up. I’m sure y’all have that templatized by now.

AF: Please describe your implementation process. Have you felt supported? What else, if anything, could the Foundation do to help with seeing through implementation?

BSD: Definitely. I’ve asked for a RT here and there, and ApeCoin DAO has been very responsive. I felt very supported during the submission process especially for editing my proposal and helping make it more readable. As far as what more? I’m not sure. I probably should be reaching out as there have been a few things I could use some help with, but that is on me!

Next Steps

In their responses, Boring Security DAO identified a few pain points in the AIP process, namely:

  • The density of the AIP Draft template and the AIP process itself
  • The token volatility and its influence on the funds requested in an AIP

As a result, the DAO is now working to improve the AIP author’s experience in these areas. Specifically, we will:

  • Highlight that AIP Ideas can be vague, and there is no obligation to use the AIP Draft Template at this stage
  • Point the community to relevant resources including a topic posted in FAQs that provides information on going from an AIP Idea to a workable AIP Draft.
  • Add another resource in FAQs to assist the community in understanding the AIP Draft Template
  • Encourage authors to submit AIPs that request a dollar equivalent of $APE to accommodate for changes in price


We want to thank the team at Boring Security DAO for taking the time to answer our questions as well as their broader work in the Web3 space!

We hope these dives are useful to the community, both to those of you who will be submitting AIPs in the future and to the rest of you who benefit from a better understanding of the AIP process, and what the Foundation is doing to improve it.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the moderators!

-Ape Foundation


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