AIP-422: ApeCoin Rewards App (Resubmission)

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This updated proposal incorporates direct feedback from the community, highlighting the unique benefits of the ApeCoin Rewards App for ApeCoin, BAYC and MAYC, Mocaverse, JRNY Club, Bulls On The Block and Surreal Guild assets holders. We’ve clarified the dual-platform nature of the app (iOS, Android, and web) and emphasized that all onboarding occurs via the web to streamline user experience and minimize any perceived barriers to entry. This resubmission details the financial advantages of the proposal, noting that unlike other platforms, no commission will be taken by FanCircles, ensuring all benefits are passed directly back to the holders.


ApeCoin Rewards App (Resubmission)


Brand Decision


Led by Kevin Brown, founder of FanCircles. Kevin has extensive knowledge and experience in building companies including:

  • Founded Affiliate Window (Europe’s biggest affiliate network) and exited with over $200 million turnover to German based media company Alex Springer
  • Grew and managed the world biggest tribute band, The Australian Pink Floyd from small shows to arenas and stadiums around the US, Europe and Asia. Documentary here.
  • Founded FanCircles initially to form direct-to-fan relationships between artists and fans
  • Kevin’s first NFT was a HAPE, before being a proud member of BAYC with a MAYC bought just after the ApeCoin drop.

The combination of Kevin’s knowledge as led to multiple use cases for FanCircles powered platforms from company rewards schemes, TV show community platforms through to WEB3 gated communities including the Boy George fan club which allows entry by subscription or use of the Boy George NFT.

Our team brings robust experience from deploying over 70 apps across various platforms, servicing over 3 million users. Our technical lead, CTO Kostas Melas, alongside a dedicated team of developers and account managers, ensures the highest standard of operation and user experience. Kostas as well as other members of the admin team have followed Kevin through multiple businesses.


apecoin app

The ApeCoin Rewards App offers an exclusive platform for ApeCoin and BAYC holders to access unique discounts and offers both online and offline, enhancing the utility and value of ApeCoin.

Fully funded by the DAO, the app enables token holders to enjoy special offers such as:

  • 2-for-1 tickets at concerts and festivals
  • Substantial discounts from over 700 retailers both IRL and online.

Because this is funded by the DAO, 100% of revenues are directly passed back to token holders, increasing the attractiveness and loyalty within the ApeCoin ecosystem.
The app also provides advantages to MADE BY APES licensees, offering them exposure within the platform at no cost, and assisting them in reaching their target audience and building their brands more effectively.

Available on iOS, Android, and as a web application, the ApeCoin Rewards App is designed to ensure easy accessibility and maximum utility for holders of one or more ApeCoin, BAYC and MAYC, Mocaverse, JRNY Club, Bulls On The Block and Surreal Guild assets, making it a pivotal tool in the promotion and growth of the ApeCoin ecosystem.


The ApeCoin Rewards App delivers substantial benefits:

  1. Exclusive Access: Provides token-gated offers and discounts unavailable to the general public, enhancing the value of holding ApeCoin, BAYC, Mocaverse, JRNY Club and Surreal Guild holders.
  2. Enhanced Engagement: Increases engagement and loyalty within the ApeCoin community by offering tangible rewards.
  3. Economic Advantage: As the DAO funds the app, there are no commissions deducted by FanCircles, ensuring all savings and earnings are 100% passed back to the community.


  • Ape Coin Powered Branding: The platform is an ApeCoin branded experience. FanCircles is the power behind the platform and service. ApeCoin will always remain front and centre.
  • Web2.5: We will onboard both crypto natives and normies to the Web3 ApeCoin culture with a platform anyone can use. This has been paramount to all the the platforms we build using the FanCircles tech. Onboarding is driven by the fact that when the only way to get an exclusive offer is to be holding a valid asset, they buy. (.e.g. exclusive F1 pit tickets would drive F1 fans to buy ApeCoin, BAYC, Mocaverse, JRNY Club, Surreal assets to gain access)
  • ApeChain Compatibility: When ApeChain launches compatibility to validate assets will be ready to go.


  • Mobile and Web Applications: The Rewards App will be available on iOS and Android for mobile users and as a responsive web application for desktop and other devices, ensuring broad accessibility.
  • Blockchain Integration: Utilizes web based secure asset validation (Currently WalletConnect) for secure onboarding with no need to validate again on mobile to login.
  • Safety and Security: The mobile apps provide a layer of safety as there’s no way to validate assets through them and no wallet connection required. We will never ask for blockchain validation in the mobile app once the user account is attached to the wallet address via Ape branded web based onboarding from a URL that will never change. Wallet validation happens only once at


  1. Development: Adapt existing FanCircles technology to create a bespoke ApeCoin Rewards App. (6 weeks)
  2. Launch and Promotion: Implement a comprehensive launch strategy including promotions and partnerships activation. (8 weeks from start)
  3. Ongoing Management and Expansion: Continuous enhancement of app features and expansion of retail and event partnerships. (Ongoing post-launch)

Implementation of this proposal would be considered complete upon expiration of the 24-month funding term.


The total budget for the ApeCoin Rewards App is £480,000 (approximately $590,000) for two years (£288,000 for platform operation, and £192,000 for account management).

The funding term is 24 months; we may submit a follow-up AIP in the unlikely event that this project require further funding. The new 24 month period for funding, extended from 12 months, in the initial proposal, allows more extensive deals to be secured, especially concerts and festivals who have year long cycles, more time to be invested in growing the awareness amongst partners and holders alike, and a strong confidence level that retail and event partners to become comfortable that the ApeCoin Rewards App is not only protecting their brand values and publicly listed prices, but also brings incremental sales. This in turn allows us to recoup any future ongoing costs after the two year term, from advertising fees we can then charge partners to continue to reach the ApeCoin and BAYC community.

Funding will be due upon project passing.


Hi @Grains0x,

Thank you for your Resubmission.

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Love the concept, and seems to be a great way to advocate for the benefits of holding/using ApeCoin.

Question: What is the process for vendors to offer their goods/services through the platform? Could be another way to bring more visibility if generating awareness from both ends of the platform.


Hey VonFrontin.
Our team at FanCircles are well versed at doing this and do this for other clients. We have offers available to we from exciting relationships in music, retail and more.
What’s so compelling about this proposal is its truly a closed group. There’s no leakage of the discounts and offers we offer. You have to be a member to get in, and the only way to be a member is to hold the asset. That’s an compelling story and a true web3 use case that is simple to understand to the web2 world.
Also, this is established tech. Not a build from zero. It’s already used by 3 million users over 70 different platforms.


Love it. Thanks for the clarification.


So those who want to explore but don’t hold tokens won’t be able to use the app


Hey mslater88
Actually anyone can get access but within the platform content and offers are only available to holders. This creates FOMO, especially when the user sees something you could get but you can’t unless you hold ApeCoin or BAYC/MAYC. This also onboards new users to the ApeCoin eco system.
The platform is an ApeCoin app, powered by our tech and the people in the team and is for both web, IOS and Android so will appear in app stores.
Let me know if you have any other questions. Always happy to answer.


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This is the right move and should equal a better chance of success.

The more ways to reward and onboard we have the greater odds of “mass adoption”.



Hi Kev! Glad to see the resubmission :apekinhype:

Just wondering if there may be a possibility to direct some explicit benefits to future developers who end up launching products using ApeChain, or even just Powered by ApeCoin?

I noticed @Feld comment previously that he would like to see this come through thank ape, but since this would be a white label solution, it seems like you may be able to help provide a more customer friendly UI for them to offer their “thanks” to the community. CC: @dillydilly



Hey Lost
Firstly, I think what ThankApe are doing is great and really well executed.
The ApeCoin Rewards App is very different though with no cross over.
What we do, and have done for years, is source IRL experiences, discounts, 2 for 1 offers on events from music to sport that fit behind gated communities, mostly in web2, but equality, if not even more valid in web3 communities, where there is absolute proof that users are holders and zero leakage of offers, which is imperative to everyone we work with to bring these offers to this community.

Having said that, I’d love to work with ThankApe, and every community/AIP etc to help with reach. I see that happening more organically after (hopefully) this passes, but want to concentrate of the ideas we know we can deliver on firstly.

I’ll reach out to @dillydilly and @Feld too

Hope this answers the question clearly. Let me know.

Grains (Kev)


Totally get the difference, and it doesn’t seem like the size of your grant would be anywhere near the realm of what TA distributes to individuals. My thinking was that there could be a TA portal/tab within the apecoin app where TA is able to offer unique discounts/rewards, point to their contribution types, or verify active users & then reward them for taking advantage of certain offers. Aggregating a bit for the community.


Thanks @furiousanger I have to agree. More time spent on the project rather than coming back in 8 months for a second year is a much better plan and more can be achieved.
Appreciate the support


Double tap this. Providing access for users on the front end to spend $APE and brands on the backend to offer deals for using $APE would be huge.


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Thanks man. I think so too. Appreciate the comment and you reading the AIP


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

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Chris, do you have a likely timeline before this goes to vote? Just planning my time.

Hi @Grains0x,

Your proposal is currently in Administrative Review, and you can rest assured that we will notify you as soon as we receive any update from the Foundation regarding your AIP.


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Afaik needs to be 3 months from when the last NO vote concluded for this to reappear for voting via snapshot.


It would be nice if it was quicker, but understand the process takes time. It’s a pity as you lose a bit of the momentum picked up the first time.

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