AIP-424: Laughing Ape Builds A Global, Freaking Comedy Empire!


Laughing Ape Builds A Global, Freaking Comedy Empire!

(With major perks for current $APE holders + revenues back to $APE DAO)


Laughing Ape X $APE DAO TL;DR:

  • Live streaming comedy events distributed to movie theater screens globally!
  • Laughing Ape Comedy Specials sold to streaming services like Netflix!
  • IRL comedy club shows streamed onto every darn device in the world!
  • The premiere, global Comedy Club Metaverse: Below Bored!
  • A-List Comedians/Comedy Industry Vets on our Board of Directors!
  • 6.9% Rev Share in perpetuity with $APE Coin DAO (Post Funding)
  • Tickets/NFTs/Content released on $APE Chain!
  • $APE as preferred currency. Normies using $APE = Mass Adoption!
  • Exclusive Laughing Ape Perks for OG $APE/MOCA/JRNY/Surreal Holders!
  • Comedy Shows around the world in English/Other languages like Chinese + French even Canadian, eh?!
  • All shows/events will carry the “Powered by $APE” logo to be seen by a massive global audience!


Aaron Haber (Founder of Laughing Ape)

  • Seasoned comedy professional with 25 years of experience.
  • Produced and performed in thousands of shows, including:
    Comedy Central, MTV, America’s Got Talent.
  • Taught comedy Masterclasses at Princeton University.
  • Founded the world’s first online comedy club.
  • Aaron is an OG minter of BAYC (#2960) and proud community member of Mocaverse, JRNY Club, Surreal Guild and so many more amazing Web3 communities.

Laughing Ape

  • Launched in early 2022.
  • Originated with The Below Bored Comedy Club NFT Comedy Pass.
  • Organizes live events and streams comedy shows globally for Degens.
  • Has received grants and funds from both Yuga Labs (for a 3-night Metaverse Comedy Event) and $APE Coin DAO (For 12 comedy events exclusive to $APE holders).
  • Utilizes BAYC/Moca IP for both in-person (IRL) events, streaming comedy shows and Metaverse Spaces.

Laughing Ape Partners and Collaborators

  • Yuga Labs’ BAYC Council
  • TFG/Swamp Gaming
  • NiftyKit
  • Tokenproof
  • The Bored Brewing Company
  • Clubhouse Archives
  • Mutants Beer
  • Wicked Craniums
  • OtherSpaceFM
  • The Grateful Show
  • BoredTea
  • Pizza DAO
  • The Public Bored
  • TruSTUB
  • Hundreds of comedians, venues, industry reps from Aaron’s 25+ years in the comedy industry.



What’s the point?

Comedy Clubs, events, and content distribution are stuck in the past using the same tired old methods they used decades ago and yet it’s still a multibillion dollar a year industry.

Laughing Ape will bring live stand-up performance kicking and screaming into the present and the future utilizing live-streaming, Metaverse simulcasting and NFTs/Blockchain to enhance the performances, merch offerings and distribution models.

We’ve already shown you how much fun a Laughing Ape event can be, now we’re asking for the funding to take our concepts and build a global comedy performance and distribution empire!

We’re proud of our accomplishments and footprint in Web3 and now we want to scale our operations to a much larger audience: Comedy lovers who pay to watch comedy, whether they’re in Web2, Web3 or living off the grid, only coming into town for supplies and entertainment,

Laughing Ape will be their number one choice for comedy performance IRL, Live-Streaming, Simulcast in the Metaverse or appearing on their favorite streaming service or movie screen.

In supporting our AIP, $APE Coin DAO will go down in history as the reason Laughing Ape became the global powerhouse in comedy for many decades to come.

How will this benefit $APE DAO?

In addition to getting 6.9% of gross revenue in perpetuity (in other words “4Eva!”), Laughing Ape will make $APE DAO and $APE Coin and even $APE Chain a household name.

Seeing “Powered By $APE Coin” alongside A-list comedians and global, infinitely scaling live events is, dare I say, even more valuable to the DAO than the rev share.

Laughing Ape won’t just talk about “Mass Adoption” of $APE and $APE Chain as theoretical possibilities, WE WILL ACTUALLY BRING ABOUT MASS ADOPTION TO THE NORMIES who will use $APE for their everyday Laughing Ape purchases and perks.

Funding Laughing Ape’s proposal will also show the DAO voters have the appetite to swing big and make things happen.

Sure, sitting on a pile of $APE like Scrooge McDuck is fun, but spreading that $APE out into various enterprises that touch, not just Web3, but also communities outside of our great, little community will spread awareness, emotional attachment to our $APE brand and bring new members into our DAO.

In other words: LFG out and make people fall in love with $APE and making them laugh day in and day out is a valuable way to do it!

TL;DR Again!

  • Massive comedy events streamed live to movie theaters across the globe!
  • Hundreds of Laughing Ape Membership Chapters across the globe with regular comedy events!
  • All events streamed live to a global online audience!
  • The biggest, bestest $APE-themed Comedy Club Metaverse in the world!
  • An international comedy school with online and IRL classes!
  • Check this out: We’re giving $APE Coin DAO 6.9% of Laughing Ape’s revenues for-freaking ever!
  • All shows branded as “Powered by $APE Coin”!
  • We’ll look to collaborate and partner with the best and brightest of Web3 companies/organizations like Mocaverse (Aaron’s a holder), Wicked Craniums/TruSTUB (Aaron’s a holder), BAYC MBA’s (Aaron’s a holder and an MBA License holder), Mocaverse and Sandbox (Aaron’s a Holder of both), JRNY Club (You guessed it, Aaron’s a holder).

Now let’s dive a little deeper, shall we?

Laughing Ape Builds A Global, Freaking Comedy Empire!

From exclusive local comedy club shows in cities around the world to massive A-List special events live-streamed to movie theaters, the Metaverse and personal devices globally, Aaron Haber and Laughing Ape, with the help of $APE Coin DAO will revolutionize how comedy is produced, distributed and consumed all while bringing about the mass adoption of $APE/Ape Chain to the normies.

Yeah, I said “mass adoption” and I mean “mass adoption” read on!

Massive comedy events streamed live to movie theaters across the globe!

Laughing Ape will produce live-streaming comedy events featuring both household names and up and coming comedians from around the world. We’ll look to partner with major movie theater chains as special events partners.

Due to many challenges the Movie theater exhibitor industry (Aaron Haber is a Movie Theater Exhibition Nepo Baby) is desperately looking for new streams of content.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour grossed $262 million worldwide without going through the traditional distribution network and instead partnering directly with AMC the world’s largest movie theater chain.

This was a shocking and shockingly successful deal in the world of movie theater exhibition.

Laughing Ape ain’t Taylor Swift (though we’re total Swifties) but we’re pretty darn sure our comedy events will gross tens of millions of dollars during the lifetime of a similar deal with a chain such as AMC.

Hundreds of Laughing Ape Membership Chapters across the globe with regular comedy events!

Laughing Ape will open Membership Chapters in cities across the globe.

Each Chapter can have an unlimited number of members who will pay an annual membership fee.

In addition to exclusive comedy events. Members will always have first access to shows, events and merch/album drops.

All current holders of $APE (there will be a snapshot) will get their first year of Laughing Ape Membership for free and become their city’s very first Laughing Ape Fellows (A fancy way of saying “members”).

Laughing Ape Membership allows early access to comedy events, as well as special access to exclusive Laughing Ape events, both IRL, streaming and in the Metaverse. However there is still a ticket charge (discounted) for Members to attend Laughing Ape events and shows.

A certain number of seats will be set aside for current $APE Holders to attend these events for free for at least 1 year.

Check out these fire designs for Laughing Ape Fellow Club Jackets by Clubhouse Archives!


CAJacket1000×1000 519 KB


CACleavland1000×1000 432 KB

All events streamed live to a global online audience!

Most every Laughing Ape show and event will be streamed live behind a paywall and/or token gated solution.

Anyone with a connected device will be able to purchase tickets to these performances.

There are billions of connected devices around the world.

Laughing Ape Chapter Members can purchase individual streaming tickets or monthly/annual viewing passes.

Current $APE Holders (which includes Mocaverse, JRNY Club, Surreal Guild Holders - more to be announced) will gain access to our streaming shows for free for the 1st year.

The biggest, bestest $APE-themed Comedy Club Metaverse in the world!

The Club below THE Club, Below Bored is the first and greatest Comedy Club Metaverse launched!

Below Bored will live stream most, if not all, of Laughing Ape’s comedy events and shows.

Current Below Bored NFT Pass Holders will get access to premium spaces within the club.

Current $APE Holders (which includes Mocaverse, JRNY Club, Surreal Guild Holders - more to be announced) will be granted free access to Below Bored for at least 1 year.

An international comedy school with online and IRL classes!

Aaron Haber has taught comedy to hundreds of students all around the world including Comedy Masterclasses at Princeton University.

Laughing Ape’s Comedy School will use Aaron’s syllabi to establish its online comedy school.

Laughing Ape Members will get a discount on all classes.

$APE Holders (which includes Mocaverse, JRNY Club, Surreal Guild Holders - more to be announced) will have access to audit the classes and discounts should they want to participate fully in the class.

We’re giving $APE Coin DAO 6.9% of Laughing Ape’s revenues for-freaking ever!

Laughing Ape will give $APE Coin DAO 6.9% of revenue in perpetuity (like, 4eva, Brah!)

Originally we were going to give 5% but rounded up to the next sexiest percentage available.

All shows branded with “Powered by $APE Coin!”

All shows and events will be branded with “Powered By $APE Coin!”.

This included streaming events at movie theaters, festivals, concert halls, arenas, everything.

While we’re Web3 denizens (and degens) at heart, we’ll be getting the $APE brand in front of a tremendous amount of Normies coming to our shows and events and consuming our content.

We have various levels of conversations being conducted with potential board members, major movie theater content distributors and a major player in the streaming industry.

We’ll look to collaborate and partner with the best and brightest of Web3 companies/organizations.

A link to the Medium article outlining the full budget can be found here.

Please find the revised budget and projections below:


4 main things

  1. Money back to the DAO
  • 6.9% Rev share in perpetuity (After Funding. Meaning we’re not giving 6.9% of our initial funding back. That would be some inception type stuff right there.)
  • Yo, Dude who never actually reads the AIPs and says “Unless AIPs give money back to the DAO blah blah” WE ARE GIVING 6.9% REV SHARE BACK TO THE DAO 4-EVA!
  1. Seamless $APE integration for our global customers. (Mass Adoption, anyone?)
  • Every ticket, piece of merch, comedy class, etc will be available for purchase using $APE.
  • We will look to have all Blockchain interactions/NFTs be on $APE Chain.
  • Seamless $APE integration for Normies = Buy $APE via Credit Card.
  • When $APE is used for purchases a discount will be applied making $APE our preferred method of payment and the preferred method of payment for customers who want a discount.
  1. Perks for current $APE, Mocaverse and other delegations holders.
  • When the AIP passes we will announce a Snapshot date.
  • All holders of $APE, Mocaverse NFTs, JRNY Club Assets, Surreal Guild NFTs (with room to include many more communities that are integral to $APE DAO) will receive a Perk Pass which will include 1 year of free Laughing Ape Club Membership, Free tickets to IRL and streaming/Metaverse Laughing Ape Events. Discounts on merch and all the other stuff we’ll be releasing for 1 year (We’ll probably extend past 1 year, but right now we’re only promising 1 year, ok?)
  1. Laughing Ape will create a sense of fun and awesomeness (probably a word) for the $APE Coin DAO.


  • Horizen Labs/$APE Chain: our intention is to release the vast majority of our blockchain/NFT offerings utilizing Ape Chain. We also will not only accept $APE as payment for as many blockchain/TradFi items as possible (and we think almost 100% will be possible), but will incentivize the use of $APE by offering discounts for customers who pay in $APE.
  • TruStub for blockchain ticketing.
  • With Animoca’s collaboration we would incorporate Moca IDs into our Laughing Ape ecosystem where each customer who signs up for a Laughing Ape account would receive a Moca ID.
  • Nifty Kit (AIP-88) and various payment partners to allow us to accept $APE everywhere we can.
  • Various backend streaming services such as LivePeer.
  • Various streaming entertainment services such as Amazon, Apple TV, Peacock/Universal, Netflix.
  • One of those desk treadmill things for Aaron’s home office (He’ll spend his own money on it though)

Security Note: We believe Attendees would only need to connect wallets to Monaverse, Otherside and Sandbox. It is our understanding (and we have spoken with NiftyKit and Mona) that each platform conducts routine audits to ensure the highest level of safety possible. That being said, nothing is guaranteed to be 100% safe and we would suggest to all our attendees that they utilize warm wallets or burner wallets to be absolutely safe.

In addition, we plan to utilize Ape Chain for the vast majority of our blockchain activities and mints/claims and so we would also work with Horizen Labs to make sure anything we offer is properly secure and as safe as possible for anyone interacting with our contracts.

Lastly, Laughing Ape is connected to some of the best Blockchain security minds in the space and would look to work with them, where necessary to ensure contracts are secure.

Should The Ape Foundation have any recommendations as to who they would like to see contacted in this regard, Laughing Ape will give those suggestions serious consideration.


  1. Headhunt the best comedy/entertainment C-Suite! (Q1)
  2. Secure partnerships within the Movie Theater Exhibition industry (Q1)
  3. Sign huge names in the comedy/entertainment industry for our Board of Directors. (Q1/Q2)
  4. Begin our 1st Laughing Ape Comedy Membership Chapters. (Q2)
  5. Launch 1st Merch collection (including digital wearables/Phygital Chip Tech) (Q2)
  6. $APE Integration for seamless normie interactions. (Q2)
  7. Launch marketing and promotional activities both in Web2 and Web3. (Q2)
  8. Launch Laughing Ape’s Comedy Classes both IRL and Online (Q2)
  9. Produce 1st big blowout show with a major, household comedy name. (Q2/Q3)

Not an official step in our implementation but:
Infinite scalability which sees us becoming the major name in comedy entertainment. (Q6.9)

  • In terms of implementation, once we achieve each item on our “STEPS TO IMPLEMENT” list, we will be implemented.

Laughing Ape will not require the Ape Foundation to engage in any of the steps of the AIP implementation. However, Laughing Ape would be thrilled to collaborate with the DAO where opportunities arise. Laughing Ape will own all content created by Laughing Ape, should the Ape Foundation not wish to have their IP/Trademarks shown in any of these Laughing Ape owned assets, Laughing Ape will honor that request.

While I am very optimistic about Laughing Ape’s ability to secure a partner within the movie theater exhibition industry (in fact, we have a preliminary meeting being set up) no one can know the future and so there is a chance item 2 may take longer than expected.


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund = $3,167,000 USD

We aim to raise $3,167,000 USD in $APE to fund our operations including team, tech, talent and marketing. Yes, it’s a big swing but this gives us the opportunity to launch strong and conquer the industry and return major value back to the DAO.

You can find a full budget breakdown here.


Laughing Ape will present either an annual or quarterly report, whichever the DAO prefers.

For a host of reasons, including the ability to see through our implementation, as well as taxation, we would like to accept the entire funding at the beginning of our agreement with the Ape Foundation.

We would work with the DAO and our accounting team to pick a mutually beneficial rev share payment schedule with the Ape Foundation. Assuming there is revenue in the first quarter (or year 1 depending on the schedule) we would make those rev share payments on the first date decided upon. My expectation is that rev share would begin to be paid out within the first 6 months to a year and then ongoing regularly on the normal dates. Please note this is not a guarantee of when Laughing Ape will begin to have revenue to share.

Thank you for dreaming big with me and holding to fund our wild ambition!
Aaron Haber
Chairman of The Bored
Laughing Ape, INC
BAYC 2960
Moca 7972


The best way to start your journey is by playfully joining the ApeCoin DAO. You’ll find everything so easy thanks to @AaronHaber bringing the best of laughter. Wishing you smooth sailing with your AIP! Thanks for the laughter and all the efforts you’ve contributed to the community!


@popil thank you so much! Your support means so much to me. Thank you for being so supportive and an amazing member of the ApeCoin DAO!


Excited for this project!

What if comedians could interact with the livestreaming venues. . .?

Remote audiences go wild as A-list comedians do crowd work with them. The reaction vids go viral. Future events sell out. ApeCoin DAO gets juicy ROI while onboarding the masses, further advancing $APE towards the web3 currency of choice.

We all dream. That’s why we’re here. Let the only man that can put this all together live out his dream, OUR dream.


Thank you, Zep and welcome to Discourse! Honored to be your 1st comment here.

Your idea is exactly our idea. We would even have different tiers of access where audience could purchase a higher tier of ticket which would allow the comedians the ability to see them as opposed to simply watching the stream.

Appreciate the support! LFG!


So awesome! I can see this having a big impact on rural areas that can’t attract or host high caliber live events


Historically speaking cows have been my most supportive audience.

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Great proposal, Aaron. Came here to say that I need that smoking jacket.


Thank you, Josh!

I didn’t launch this proposal because of the smoking jacket but I’m damn well going to see it through because of the smoking jacket!


Exciting proposal! LFG :muscle:


LFG, my friend! It’s been a pleasure working with you and this proposal would mean we can take it to the next level!

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Love the plan and am super excited for you and the team!!

I also am wondering if those jackets come in extra small sizes?? & PINK? :sweat_smile:


Is this the place where I get the smoking jacket? :rofl:


Do we just drop a comment for the free smoking jacket ??


Thank you and extra small and pink sounds absolutely amazing. So, yes!

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Can you image thousands of Laughing Apes showing up to comedy events globally wearing these amazing Clubhouse Archive/Laughing Ape Jackets???


The smoking is free, the jacket is not, but may come with a higher level of Laughing Ape membership.


Interesting plan, wish you all the best and smooth sailing!


Much appreciated, JD!

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Just so I know I’ve got everything - the cost is for 1 year commitment?


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