AIP-456: Airdrop for Long-Term Holders and Stakers

I dig this. You could even market this as some sort of “Great $APE Race” where builders from all over are competing for the grand prize.

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Another interesting proposal.

As a newcomer to the community, I find this proposal potentially disadvantageous to both new and prospective members. While acknowledging the merit of recognizing and potentially compensating early adopters, it raises questions about the initial purpose of the Apecoin airdrop to Ape holders. Could this proposal inadvertently undermine the intended benefits for all community members?

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Could you give some examples you think would make sense? Would certain KPIs such as TVL locked on ApeChain, fit with this idea?

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I’m loving all the community engagement already on this post. I will go back through the draft with others as well. I appreciate all constructive feedback and contributions!

Some initial thoughts:

  1. First, we could set categories for dApps the DAO is looking to have created (e.g. gaming, SocialFi, etc). This may help drive some structure to the effort and ensure we are building out the type of ecosystem we all want to see (conversely, we could also just leave it wide open and let the market decide).

  2. In terms of KPIs, I think it needs to be a combination of TVL on ApeChain as well as something akin to Daily Active Users. For all the reasons we seek to have more decentralization in voting, I wouldn’t want a few larger wallets to simply be able to lock up their $APE and win the prize. If the goal here is adoption and scale, we need to have more than one way of measuring it IMO.

  3. Separate from the competition itself, I think it would behoove the DAO to also have an efficient funding mechanism to help these teams start building. Whether a streamlined AIP process (where there is a standard template specific for this initiative) or an AIP that carves out funding for small grants related to ApeChain building (similar to Thank Apes) it would help us scale more quickly.

I’ll continue to give this some thought. Thanks for the challenge here.


I agree with the fund option that sounds amazing but do I think the greater $APE community would vote yes on a fund I’m starting… I don’t think so. But tbh I don’t know the outcome of that. This was a greater focus on engagement and giving the DAO the power it needs to maximize its community. Showing we aren’t a ruling party controlled by Moca and Horizen. I think it would be interesting to see what people what to do with the DAO.

I also think a refocusing of accumulation of a coin that is rewarding its holders is important. Now the ways to get there is disputed.

Except these mega wallets are also staking. This would only increase their voting power proportionately to everyone else’s current bags. Except they hold so much more, it will be that much more difficult for new buyers to counter their holdings.

Basic economics: what happens to the price of an asset when the supply dramatically increases but demand stays the same? That’s what this AIP is doing. If will almost certainly cause a major drop in the price of $APE while further slashing the runway the DAO has to find product market fit and survive.

I hold basically zero APE. I’m only posting here because I believe that this is an incredibly damaging idea.

You don’t believe the community has a right to decide if they want airdrops or rewards to long term delegations holders and teams.

I admittedly disagree if the community and DAO wants it. Then that’s the whole point of governance.

This is a strawman argument as I clearly never said that. I believe the AIP, as currently positioned, is one of the worst I’ve seen in the DAO’s history. I’m hoping you reconsider, but you do you.

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Why is it the worst?

Please give an example on how letting a community decide what they want to do is the worst AIP idea you’ve seen

Once again you’re not even beginning to address my points. Send it to vote. I’m sharing my opinions and trying to save you from wasting time on sending an AIP to vote that is certain to fail.

Here’s why I think doing a 50% airdrop of the DAO’s treasury to holders is bad. These are all points I made above.

  • It, by design, onboards 0 new users to the $APE ecosystem
  • It will massively increase the supply of circulating $APE, without providing a reason to increase demand. This will almost certainly result in a massive price decline.
  • It will deplete 50% of the DAO’s already dwindling treasury, greatly reducing its runway.

$APE already has one of the highest APY yields for staking of any coin in any ecosystem. This is a solution in search of a problem. Luckily whales tend to be whales because they understand basic economics and market dynamics, so they’ll vote this down. It’s clear that this is not the time to be increasing the available liquidity of $APE into the current circulating supply.

This will be my last post in this thread. Good luck on the vote.


Ok Matt I appreciate you gl

We are already funding such an initiative that does exactly that, and 175,000,000 apecoin was committed from the DAO’s treasury - it is called STAKING. Although maybe removing the added percentage for pairing BAYC&MAYC&BAKC and thereby strengthening rewards received by apecoin only stakers is the way to go.

This AIP won’t be approved by the foundation as it stands so I agree with Matt - maybe energy is being wasted here?

One other glaring issue here for me is if this was approved and passed it would mean ‘the rich get richer’. (They will ofc hodl their “airdrop” and strengthen their voting powers - another concern.)

We are a grants DAO and our objective is to fund what’s next for the whole of web3, not to simply put millions into the pockets of top holders.


Agree with most of the comments here, the focus really needs to be using what is in the treasury to advance the Value of Apecoin DAO, usage of $APE as a sink to start driving price in the right direction.
Also the notion of increasing TVL on Ape Chain, once live is a valid one.

Furious hit the nail on the head with his comments around ‘rich get richer’ and strengthening the voting powers of existing holders that may not necessarily be active DAO contributors.


Hi @Xavierfreeway,

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Next phase me please

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