AIP Author Feedback Session - Twitter Space

GM! :wave: :sunglasses:

This is to invite all AIP authors to the following public X/Twitter Space (url below) to provide input and feedback for the benefit of all future authors coming up in 2024.

When: Wednesday, December 6th, 2023, 11:30am Mountain Time

Where: My Twitter account @ MemeBrains

X/Twitter Space url:

I’m doing this as a volunteer, and I will be writing a followup article summarizing the input from all participants.

There are numerous good uses which can come from having a summarized reference document like this, and it can only exist if people like yourself provide the valuable insights you gained by way of having gone through the AIP process yourself.

I invite you to join the space, share your insights, and if you cannot join the space, please summarize your main points of feedback, input, suggestions, concerns or otherwise, here as a reply. I will then include your input in the follow up document I’ll be writing shortly after the public Space concludes.

I recognize adding clickable urls in Discourse can be a touchy subject, therefore if you prefer, simply visit my personal twitter @ MemeBrains for the same Space url in my profile.

Please DM me any questions or concerns, I am here to help.

:heart: :gorilla:


Really great you’re putting this together MemeBrains!

Just fyi, the link you shared went to a diff space than yours for me.

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Thank you :pray:

I love helping this DAO move forwards wherever I can :heart: :gorilla:

Really? I just double checked it and it seemed ok, it’s supposed to go to this, is this what you see also?


Link didn’t work for me either.

filter:spaces memebrains

Your original link had spaces in it.


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Yeah I did that on purpose, was just being sensitive to posting live urls on Discourse

I see that’s not an issue though and actually creating more confusion than anything lolol, so I edited the original url above to be a live link without spaces too

Thanks for helping me understand the nature of the problem @adventurousape was referring to as well :pray: :heart: :gorilla:

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very interesting, already listening as im working on an aip.


So happy you came out to the space today @chaps!! :star_struck: excited to check out your first AIP, gonna hop over and have a look now :mechanical_arm: :sunglasses:

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As a follow up to the Twitter Space noted above, I wrote this personalized intro guide to new authors.

This is intended as a living document. I’ve shared it privately with the GWG team as well as other community members involved in similar initiatives. Commenting is open for anyone to continue providing suggestions or tweaks!


I’m thinking of potentially using this Guide, or a similar one if someone has a better suggestion :pray:, on this new project I’m working on

This is a simple landing page so far, if you scroll down to the bottom you’ll see a ‘Build with $APE’ section

The aim with this project is to establish a network of digital billboards globally, reserve free display space for the DAO, and see if we can recruit in some more builders from abroad to propose new value-add AIPs :heart: :gorilla:

Would really love community input/feedback on all this! :star_struck:

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