AIP Authors given 1 week advance notice before AIP goes to vote

It has come to my attention that AIP authors don’t know when their AIP will move from AR to LIVE:


I am running a poll, to get community feedback on if you think they should be informed 1 week in advance before their AIP moves to LIVE, hence is put to vote on the ApeCoin snapshot. This can help them plan their schedule for the period their AIP goes up to vote.

Should AIP authors be informed 1 week before their AIP goes LIVE?
  • Yes
  • No
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Seems super reasonable. Surprised that this isn’t the case already.


Yes makes sense and is reasonable.

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They get a message, but it seems an author might have missed the message. I am getting more feedback on this. It appears they missed the message, but it goes live without them responding to acknowledge they know it will be Live in x number of days.

They receive a forum message notification, 7 days in advance (sometimes less now, like 5 days). However, if they don’t respond, hence confirm they have read the message within 48 hours it won’t go live. Their AIP will be pushed back two weeks and the next waiting AIP in the list will be brought up to vote first.


Good to know, thank you.

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Definitely something that’s been discussed in the past, both within the GWG and Special Council… But the issue with providing too much of an advanced warning is that it allows authors to position themselves with $APE ahead of the snapshot a little too easily.

Of course the same could be done right now under our current system, but it’s a lot tougher for most community members to do given price volatility and other factors associated with short-term token holds.

My advice to authors in administrative review: stay ready, and when they call your name hit the ground running with your campaign :slight_smile:


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