AIP Idea: All-Inclusive (Web2+Web3) social app for individuals and brands to manage and showcase their digital identities

I. Introduction
We’re excited to propose an AIP grant idea to support the development and launch of a revolutionary mobile app that serves as an all-inclusive social profile for individuals merging Web2 and Web3. The app integrates various social networks, marketplaces, and digital collectibles, providing a centralized platform for users to manage and showcase their digital identities. The grant will enable us to bring this innovative concept to life and empower community growth for individuals and Web3 brands.

II. Problem Statement
In today’s fast-paced world, the lack of a unified platform for efficient networking with new people presents a challenge. Juggling multiple social networks, marketplaces, and digital collectibles across various blockchains not only consumes time but also limits individuals from showcasing their diverse digital identities effectively. This fragmentation hinders personal and professional growth, restricting artists, creators, and entrepreneurs from reaching a broader audience and maximizing their potential. Our proposed mobile app offers a comprehensive social profile platform, seamlessly integrating various networks, marketplaces, and digital collectibles, enabling individuals to effortlessly showcase their digital identities and easily cultivate meaningful connections online and in person.

Our motivation for creating this app stems from the need to address the inefficiencies in networking and community management. We are driven by the vision of empowering individuals in the digital realm, providing a seamless platform for showcasing diverse digital identities across various networks and platforms. By streamlining the networking process, saving time, and fostering meaningful connections, we aim to enhance personal and professional lives. Additionally, we are passionate about supporting artists, creators, and entrepreneurs in gaining wider exposure for their NFTs and products. Data privacy and security are paramount in our approach, ensuring a safe environment for users. Ultimately, our goal is to create an innovative, user-centric app that revolutionizes the way people present themselves digitally, fostering a thriving digital community of connections and opportunities.

III. Solution
Our proposed app addresses these challenges by offering a comprehensive solution:

Centralized Social Hub: The app serves as a centralized hub, allowing users to aggregate and manage their social profiles from multiple networks in one place, eliminating the need for manual profile management across various platforms.

Cross-blockchain: consolidate your web3 NFTs across a variety of blockchains to one comprehensive, customizable view

Ad Revenue Sharing Model: When users view and engage with the ads in the app, they earn a portion of the ad fees. This revenue-sharing model incentivizes users to actively participate in the ad viewing experience and creates a direct benefit for their engagement.

Seamless Integration: By seamlessly integrating with popular social networks, our app enables users to effortlessly connect and sync their accounts, providing a unified experience and saving time for users.

Enhanced Discoverability: Through our “one-stop-shop” approach, users can showcase their digital profiles, NFTs, and products, making it easier for others to discover and connect with them. This feature enhances networking opportunities and expands users’ social circles.

Personal Branding: The app offers customization options for users to personalize their profiles, enabling them to express their unique identities and build a consistent personal brand across different platforms.

Data Security and Privacy: Ensuring the utmost importance of data security and privacy, the app will employ robust encryption and privacy measures to protect user information and social media account details.


Increased Adoption of $APE: with $APE integrated into the app funding the app development could lead to increased adoption and usage of their token. Users might earn, spend, or receive rewards in the token, encouraging them to engage more with the DAO’s ecosystem.

Community Engagement: Supporting the development of an app that aligns with the interests and preferences of the DAO’s community can enhance community engagement and satisfaction. This, in turn, may strengthen the DAO’s position within the broader crypto space.

Revenue Sharing and Staking Opportunities: The app’s revenue-sharing model with users, as mentioned earlier, could provide a means for the DAO to distribute profits among its token holders. Additionally, staking opportunities tied to the app’s ecosystem might incentivize users to hold and stake the DAO’s tokens.

Marketing and Brand Exposure: Funding the development of the app could offer the DAO a valuable marketing opportunity. The app’s success and popularity could lead to increased exposure for the DAO’s brand and associated token, attracting new users and investors.

Diversification of Services: Supporting the development of a social profile app could diversify the DAO’s offerings beyond its core services. This diversification might attract a broader audience and demonstrate the DAO’s commitment to innovation and expansion.

VI. Conclusion
By supporting this grant proposal, you will contribute to the development of an innovative mobile app that simplifies the management of social profiles, fosters personal branding and helps manage your community. This app has the potential to revolutionize the way individuals present themselves in the digital world, facilitating meaningful connections and networking opportunities. Together, let us empower individuals to showcase their unique digital identities and build thriving communities in the digital realm.

Thank you for considering our grant proposal idea and appreciate any and all questions or feedback!

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