AIP Idea: Otherside as an Avalanche Subnet


We propose that ApeCoin DAO launches Otherside on an Avalanche Subnet to support Otherside’s future community growth through rapid transaction processing, higher throughput, greater ability to scale and lower gas fees.


The ApeCoin Community needs a blockchain that can ensure Otherside is a smooth, low-fee experience driven by the APE token.

Avalanche Subnets deliver the necessary speed, security, low fees, and customizability for the ApeCoin community to future-proof its infrastructure for its millions of community members. Ava Labs team will provide technical support and expertise to ensure a seamless transition.

Ava Labs is helping the most ambitious teams in crypto build subnets for hundreds of applications. For example, Wildlife Studios, one of the world’s top 10 mobile gaming studios, is building a subnet along with other well-known brands in the metaverse and gaming industries. The ApeCoin community deserves the best underlying technology and engineering support the Web3 space has to offer. We invite you to build with us.


An ApeCoin Subnet would dramatically increase speed to finality while reducing gas fees, enabling a better user experience for the Otherside metaverse, both during normal operation and for activities like the OtherDeeds mint.

  • Avalanche has a global community with 1.18M+ Twitter followers across all accounts, 46,900+ Discord members, and 19 global Telegram groups with 107K+ Members. Bridging our communities together will provide unity in Web3 through education, expansion, and support.
  • Avalanche has proven itself to be one of the most adopted, scalable, and reliable layer 1 networks with close to 100% historical uptime. Sub-second finality guarantees that transaction settlement occurs instantaneously on the network, without the downtime or chain reorgs seen on other networks.
  • Subnets allow for unmatched flexibility with gas fees paid in APE, accruing value to the ApeCoin subnet and APE holders. ApeCoin Subnet can have its own customizable Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) execution environment which will allow developers to easily deploy metaverse assets, games, marketplaces and more. Within each subnet, gas token denominations and parameters are also adjustable.
  • Ava Labs offers a Subnet EVM, which helps builders deploy and run a high-performance network rapidly. Ava Labs constantly upgrades the Subnet EVM to stay up to date with the latest changes and optimizations to the EVM, allowing dapp developers to focus on their core products and features.
  • Staying true to the ethos of crypto, Avalanche is the most decentralized Layer 1 network with over 1,450 validators. ApeCoin DAO can choose the best validators to run the Otherside Metaverse based on historical validator track record (uptime, maintenance, geo-distribution, etc) and alignment with DAO values.


  • Avalanche Subnets: SDK that allows any user or team to seamlessly create their own optimized blockchain for Dapps (Subnet documentation).
  • Virtual Machine: An execution environment wherein application logic is executed.


Ava Labs support:

  1. Education/Community
  • Custom support documentation with walkthroughs and tutorials for new users, including video guides, Twitter Spaces Q&A, and live educational meetups.
  • Dedicated support line/help desk on Avalanche Foundation and ApeCoin websites.
  • User surveys from community members on how Ava Labs can improve their quality of service for the ApeCoin Subnet.
  • Exclusive invitation to Avalanche Events.
    • Co-Hosting meetups and events together.
    • On-chain airdrop of VIP tickets to the next Avalanche Summit for select members of ApeCoin community.
  1. Tech/Product
  • Help establish the Genesis of the ApeCoin Subnet.

  • Custom Block Explorer for the ApeCoin Subnet.

  • Custom RPC nodes to connect to Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and Core Wallet.

    • Integrate the subnet into Avalanche Core wallet natively.
  • Assist with any changes to APE tokenomics to properly incentivize subnet validators and users.

  • Help to establish validator nodes or help to connect with a group of existing validators.

  • Offering dedicated global product, security, & developer support.

  1. Financial
  1. Marketing/Events
  • Co-marketing and cross-promotion of the ApeCoin Subnet within the global Avalanche community and top-tier publications.
  • ​​Twitter Spaces and other events with ApeCoin DAO, BAYC/MAYC community, and/or Yuga Labs to further educate and drive awareness.
  • Token holders have access to limited edition Avalanche merch.
    • Potential collab with BAYC on future Avalanche merch. Community members will be part of the process to develop custom merch.
  1. Hiring
  • Assistance with hiring and talent pool for ApeCoin DAO.
    • Ava Labs can help ApeCoin DAO connect with a deep developer community to collaborate on an A-Tier hiring pool that ensures the long-term success of ApeCoin DAO’s platforms.


The long-term success of ApeCoin DAO relies on the greater success of Web3. Implementing practical solutions that can be executed swiftly will allow for the accelerated adoption for all of Web3. Together, we can revolutionize the industry and encourage a new way of creation through transparency, eco-friendliness, innovation, and education.


  • Ava Labs to collaborate with ApeCoin DAO & Yuga Labs to scope out the subnet implementation.
  • Ava Labs developers to assist with deploying the subnet.
  • Ava Labs developers to assist with developing relevant ancillary tooling such as bridges, explorer, and data analytics.
  • Ava Labs provides transition support for the ApeCoin community from other networks. Ongoing dedicated support lines will be provided to ApeCoin DAO members.
  • Ongoing sponsorship and participation in ApeCoin community events and initiatives.

Examples of impact of Avalanche in Culture

Important Note: Please read this important notice about Ava Labs and Avalanche.

As a BAYC and APE holder, I’ll address the elephant in the room: Ethereum.

I’ll assume this community leans towards ETH because that is where Yuga started. Many people in the ETH community favor Ethereum-based L2s because they derive some of their cryptoeconomic security from Ethereum itself. But in many respects, from a software engineering perspective, THAT IS NOT A GOOD THING. Any congestion issues on the main ETH chain will cause issues on the L2s. It’s up to the L2s to mitigate that, and it is not an ideal situation. Besides, ETH L2s pay rent to the ETH L1, and $APE has no need to burden itself with that cost.

And so, I think it’s imperative you understand subnets and their unique tradeoffs.

Ethereum was and is revolutionary. But Avalanche is the most revolutionary L1 since- for multiple reasons. In fact, it’s more of an L0. If Ava Labs had enough developers, they could fork the entire crypto ecosystem and put it all under various subnets. Subnets are still in their early stages, but trustless cross-subnet communication is coming fast.

Because subnets are VM agnostic and dapp specific, they are able to do anything you’d want to do with a blockchain- yet they are simple to develop rapidly, and easy to integrate into the Avalanche ecosystem. Subnets offer today’s most decentralized, secure, and rapid tech for developing and deploying blockchains.

And not only are subnets extremely fast, cheap, secure, and scalable, they also have instant finality. This means NO CONFIRMATION TIMES. The blockchain can’t reorg after you buy that in-game item or compound your yield. For a game experience, this is critical.

With a subnet we will have the best case scenario for $APE:

-smart contracts powered by $APE
-tx fees paid in $APE
-scalable to millions of users
-instant tx finality (no reorgs)

But this DAO will likely vote to use an ETH L2 where fees are paid in some other coin, and rent is paid to ETH. Because so few understand subnets.

TLDR; You must understand Avalanche consensus vs Nakamoto consensus to fully grasp Avalanche. Read or learn later.


I disagree.
We should not move out of Ethereum ever.
We should search for an L2 solution on Ethereum.


Think about it from a first principles perspective. An $APE powered subnet makes a lot of sense.

The fees will be paid in $APE.

The smart contracts will be powered by $APE.

A subnet comes with affordable fees, high throughput, and rapid development, plus funding and tech support from Ava Labs. It’s too smart.

No need to pay rent back to Ethereum.

TLDR; What is best for $APE? What is best for $ETH? What are you prioritizing, and why?


For clarity, ApeCoin DAO is not responsible for nor represents anything related to Otherside, as that is a Yuga Labs property.

The use of ApeCoin in Otherside is purely a choice of Yuga at this point.


This makes 0 sense at all.

There are only two possibilities:

If you want decentralization and pay por security, just make an L2 of Ethereum (or use an existent L2)

If you don’t want decentralization nor high security, just make your own L1 (Apechain with APE as token and don’t pay rent to any other L1).


VonnDiesel do you know anything about avalanche? It is the most decentralized platform out there. A subnet is basically an L1 in terms of security and tokenomics. Except it doesn’t pay rent to ETH, and it is not built in a silo. The infrastructure around a custom L2 is not something Yuga + ApeDAO can realistically excel at building anyway. It’s a whole enterprise, and the otherside is priority.

$APE can’t afford to share an shoddy L2 with other projects. It needs a dedicated state of the art chain of its own that is designed to scale and easy to develop. This is what subnets are here for, and they are incredibly fast, cheap, and secure


You are totally wrong…

They can tap directly to Immutable with help of starkware and make it happen, better, cheapper and more secure.
A new L1 is a dumb idea, and a subnet is that… just a dumb idea.

It’s not just about, “Paying Ethereum’s rent” it’s also composability, liquidity and security.
I won’t migrate my liquidity to a subnet.


monomesa with all due respect, do you have any experience engineering software? or working on distributed systems?

I have spent my career building software and studying the advancements in crypto since '13. People do not yet understand what subnets are about to do. They are brand new. I’ll give you that.

But when you throw out words like composability and security, that I’m afraid the argument does not make sense here. Ava Labs is lead by one of the most important engineers in the space behind Vitalik, and their novel consensus mechanism is the first such since Satoshi’s. The average market participant has no idea what subnets are designed for. And they’re literally just getting started finally. Open your mind up.


I do prefer the L2 route.
This is composability, security and tap to better liquidity, what Immutable is working on.


While most every contributor of ApeCoin DAO is interested in supporting Otherside’s needed infastructure, it’s hard to make any decisions before we know what they need. If the team or a representative of Yuga was here to chime in, it would certainly help us to understand better.

The first step of Avalanche should be collaborate with Yuga Labs, and as this idea reads, that hasn’t happened yet. If the teams were already working together, this would be easier decision to make.


Honestly think we have more to lose leaving eth than we have to gain exploring options off of it and it’s L2s. Rather, for all value that apecoin and the ecosystem around can give, I dont see remotely an appropriate value that avalanche can give back to make it worth the sacrifice.


Sure. Use an ETH L2 and pay gas fees in ETH or the L2 token. And pay rent back to ETH to settle.

Or, use a subnet and pay gas fees in $APE. Get funded by Ava Labs to $APE and enable rapid scaling of in-game transactions. All tx fees in $APE with instant finality. That is value.

Which is better for $APE? Which is a better game experience in the Otherside?

EDIT: I know we don’t decide what happen in the Otherside. But it’s our job to choose infrastructure that allows $APE to be used at scale in the first place


First, the DAO has nothing to do with the Otherside. That’s a Yuga project and it’s not within the purview of this DAO to decide what technology they do or do not use for that.

Second, I would much rather see ApeCoin exploring Optimistic or ZK Roll-ups on Ethereum than migrating to another chain entirely.


Absolutely, I don’t see the reason for us to stay in ETH and pay rent back to ETH.

And its a great revenue source for $APE to fund itself and the ecosystem if we were to pay $APE for gas.


Who are the “select members of ApeCoin community” and why do they get airdrops of VIP tickets?

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The proposal will kill the project.


Have you looked into Polygon Supernets ( Looks like a good fit .

Why do you think Avalanche is better fit than Polygon Supernets? I understand Supernets bringing all the advantages if not more and acts as Ethereum L2 for keeping Ethereum security and community ethos intact.

I agree with @vonDiesel! Supernets seems to be a better bet given it provides Ethereum security , community ethos and all other advantages being L2.