AIP IDEA: PROPOSAL NAME "Apex: The Media Jungle"


“Apex: The Media Jungle”


“Ecosystem Fund Allocation”


We propose the creation of Apex: The Media Jungle, a company dedicated to the professional production and promotion of media content that seamlessly integrates $APE, NFT’s, and traditional media elements. Our mission is to unleash the primal power of these technologies, forging a new path in the decentralized media landscape. Apex: The Media Jungle will finance media productions aimed at promoting the use and awareness of $APE. The proposed flagship show will have a shopping network format, offering access to exclusive goods and services from within the $APE ecosystem and associated brands and partners.


Apex: The Media Jungle draws inspiration from the untamed spirit of the jungle, $APE brand, and the boundless potential of Web3. By creating captivating cinematic experiences that incorporate $APE, NFT’s, and traditional media elements, we aim to engage audiences on a primal level, igniting their curiosity and fueling their desire to explore the possibilities of this exciting new frontier. While giving them access to goods and services available nowhere else.


The proposal embodies the metaphorical convergence of media, IP, and the Web3 world:

Apex: The name itself signifies the peak, the highest point of achievement. It represents our commitment to excellence, innovation, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the Web3 space and media jungle. It is also metaphorical for the primal nature found within the $APE ecosystem, symbolizing the harmony and interconnectedness between technology, finance, and nature.

Media Jungle: This metaphorical term captures the wild and unexplored nature of the decentralized ecosystem. It symbolizes the intertwining of technology, finance, and nature, where $APE, NFT, and Web3 elements flourish harmoniously. By fusing these elements, we create a fertile environment for understanding, growth, and innovation.


Apex: The Media Jungle offers significant benefits to the ApeCoin ecosystem:

Fusion of Elements: By integrating $APE, NFT, and Web3 elements into our media content, we unlock new avenues for engaging and educating the community. This fusion fosters a deeper understanding, appreciation, and growth of the ecosystem’s potential, driving increased adoption and active participation.

Amplified Awareness: Through captivating cinematic experiences, Apex: The Media Jungle generates heightened awareness of ApeCoin, attracting new users, investors, and creators to the ecosystem. This increased exposure amplifies the reach and impact of ApeCoin, solidifying its position as a prominent player in the Web3 jungle. This creates a feedback loop network effect.

Community Involvement and Rewards: Implement mechanisms for community involvement, such as token-based voting on productions and participation incentive rewards, to ensure active engagement and reward the contributions of community members. Licensing deals and pipelines for ecosystem assets allows direct involvement and reward.


Distributed Ledger Technology, Production Letter of Agreement (LOA), Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), IP (Intellectual Property), Licensing



To effectively execute the Apex: The Media Jungle vision and collaborate with production and distribution partners, the initial team within the DAO will consist of the following key positions:

  1. Project Manager: Responsible for overseeing the overall execution of Apex: The Media Jungle initiatives, ensuring alignment with the DAO’s vision and objectives.

  2. Business Development Lead: Tasked with cultivating strategic partnerships with production and distribution companies, exploring collaborative opportunities, and securing necessary resources.

  3. Legal Counsel: Provides legal expertise, negotiates contracts, and ensures compliance within the decentralized media landscape.

  4. Technical Lead: Manages the implementation of Ape, NFT, and Web3 elements in media productions, overseeing technical development and integration.

  5. Marketing and Communications Specialist: Develops comprehensive marketing strategies to drive awareness, engagement, and adoption within the crypto jungle.


The proposal will be implemented through a logical progression of steps:

Step 1: Establish the Apex: The Media Jungle Governance & Decision-Making Process Team: Create a governance structure, define decision-making process and team, as well as allocate resources for the initial production and any subsequent projects.

Step 2: Secure Financing: Seek funding from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund, while also attracting outside supporters who believe in the transformative potential of Apex: The Media Jungle and are willing to contribute funds in $APE coin to support the creation and backing of the company and platform.

Step 3: Collaborate with Production and Distribution Companies: Forge partnerships with reputable production and distribution companies that align with the vision and values of Apex: The Media Jungle, leveraging their expertise and resources for production and distribution. Our initial partner is a household name and has produced many successful media projects.

Step 4: Plan and Develop Media Content: Collaborate closely with production partners to plan and develop captivating cinematic experiences and interesting show formats that seamlessly integrate $APE, NFT, and Web3 elements, resonating with audiences on a primal level.

Step 5: Filming, Post-production, and Marketing: Execute the production, combining artistic excellence with technical expertise to create visually stunning and emotionally captivating media content. Engage in post-production efforts and design strategic marketing campaigns to generate buzz and attract a wide audience within the Web3 jungle. Utilize the vast collection of valuable IP within the $APE ecosystem to enhance the media content.

Step 6: Launch and Iterate: Release the media content to the public, inviting feedback and iteration based on audience responses. Continuously refine the content and explore new opportunities to expand the Apex: The Media Jungle ecosystem, fostering growth, innovation, and engagement.

Step 7: Scaling and Expansion: Continuously evaluate and enhance the scalability of Apex: Crypto Jungle operations, explore new markets and distribution channels, and collaborate with emerging creators and service providers to expand the reach and impact of the ecosystem.

TIMELINE After securing the necessary funds and finalizing agreements with partners, we expect to start the production of flagship content within six months. This timeline allows for comprehensive planning and execution, ensuring the production meets the highest standards and effectively captures the essence of the $APE ecosystem and the desired goals of the company.

OVERALL COST Based on preliminary estimations and successful business strategies adopted by similar companies in the past and priliminary discussions with production and distribution partners, we anticipate an initial investment of approximately 4.1 million USD in $APE for funding Season 1 (11 Shows) and approximately 900k USD for operations, marketing efforts, and infrastructure establishment. However, the final cost will be determined through a detailed assessment of production expenses and operational requirements based on the final decision of composition of the production slate. We seek funding in $APE coin, aligning with the principles of the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem and encouraging community participation and engagement.


Apex: The Media Jungle calls upon the adventurous spirits of the ApeCoin community to venture into the untamed landscape of the Web3 media jungle. Together, we will unlock the primal power of $APE, NFT’s, and Web3 elements, creating captivating cinematic experiences that transcend boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide. Join us as we embark on this thrilling journey, where innovation meets nature, and the possibilities are as vast as the jungle itself. Together, we will conquer the Web3 jungle and redefine the future of decentralized media.

In submitting this proposal to the ApeCoin DAO, we aspire to bring a fresh and innovative approach to utilizing APE coin for the long-term benefit of the entire community. We eagerly anticipate the valuable feedback and guidance from the community to further enhance this proposal and foster a successful collaboration and execution. Together, we can revolutionize the media, commerce, and entertainment industry and unlock new possibilities for the widespread adoption of $APE.

Thank you for your consideration, input, and time!!!

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Thank you for submitting. I think this can be something amazing if there was a way to maybe add metrics as to how using this $4.1M from the treasury will = to onboarding x amount of wallets into Ape coin. I think the idea is fitting and seems like a possible opportunity to have ape coin collaborate with already know web2 gaming companies? Either way im excited to hear more and maybe you or a rep from your team can come to ape comms spaces next week to share more!


I envision that the community team could assign KPI metrics for the goals we aim to achieve with the project. I did not want to make assumptions about how the community would utilize the opportunity or what they would consider a satisfactory return on investment. This aspect is open for discussion; the contact I have is flexible about the format of the show.

In the initial show I proposed, it would adopt a “Home Shopping Network” type of format, where $APE ecosystem participants at X level (this criterion could be set by the community), once vetted and approved by the community, could offer goods and services on the network. Some initial thoughts include exclusive Adidas and Gucci drops, 10KFT physicals, and offerings from any other vetted $APE ecosystem participants wishing to participate. The unique selling point here would be that these offerings are ONLY available on the platform and can ONLY be purchased using $APE. This setup will encourage both new user adoption and increase demand for the token. A simplified fiat on-ramp will be required to be built for the general public, making purchases nearly as straightforward as using a credit card.

The reason I think this show concept is the optimal launch strategy for the company is because it generates revenue streams that can be reinvested into the network’s growth. I also believe it will serve as one of the easiest ways to introduce people to the ecosystem. For instance, if someone visits your house, notices the show and sees exclusive high-end products they can only purchase there – items from recognized brands or ones gaining attention in popular culture - they likely wouldn’t worry about the method of acquisition. Most would take action just to gain access to the products and services that are unavailable elsewhere. Essentially, we would become an exclusive curated platform for high-end luxury goods and services.

Currently, there are also other startup shows and media projects within the community itself that could be developed and used within this pipeline. I believe we have all the integral components and more than enough in the treasury to accomplish this. This initiative would set a new standard within both the Web3 community and traditional media. Nothing like this has been done before, and the ApeCoin community should lead the way!

I’m proposing to build a type of crypto-commerce ecosystem that will serve to benefit not just the $APE community, but could also have expansive implications for the broader crypto world. The primary goal is to develop a distinctive marketplace where luxury goods and services are exclusively available in exchange for $APE tokens.

My proposal holds several key points:

  • It includes conceptualizing a “Home Shopping Network” type show where goods and services can only be bought with $APE tokens. With limited runs of products from big names like Adidas and Gucci, 10KFT, etc we’d be targeting a high-end, exclusive market that could amplify the attractiveness of the $APE token and ecosystem at large.

  • Part of the proposal is to devise a simplified fiat on-ramp for the general public. By making the purchasing of $APE tokens as easy as transacting with a credit card, we hope to invite widespread token adoption, even among those not currently involved with cryptocurrency.

  • Some revenue generated from these ventures will be reinvested back into the network, supporting its future growth and sustainability.

  • This offer presents an exclusive opportunity for the $APE community to set new standards in the Web3 community and lay down unprecedented benchmarks in traditional media, DAO operations, and Web3 space.

  • Also importantly, there are also already existing shows and media projects within the community which can be introduced and expanded on in conjunction with this proposal, broadening the underlying content portfolio, services, and items spectrum.

My strategy mainly revolves around driving new user adoption and escalating demand for the $APE token, all while building a unique and compelling brand in a niche luxury market space.

However, as I’ve noted, it’s vital to establish accurate KPIs to gauge the success and return on investment of the project in line with the community’s expectations. Additionally, consensus within the community must be reached for a fair and scalable method to vet ecosystem participants, along with the development of a secure and user-friendly fiat on-ramp process.

While pioneering in bridging the gap between the cryptocurrency and luxury retail industry carries inherent risk, it also provides significant potential rewards if successfully implemented. I believe it’s an interesting concept for the ApeCoin community to contemplate and refine.


Welcome to the forums Meta4ickal,

Was not sold on the branding of Apex and Media Jungle, but you had me at Home Shopping Network!

Now there’s a concept that could find some traction if executed perfectly.

As @ProfitsOverWages.eth says, you need to add metrics and a detailed breakdown of the financials, otherwise this ain’t going anywhere (just from an historical lens).

I’d go all-in on the Home Shopping Network idea, I’d figure out a way to get a pilot done within 30-60 days and ask for the minimum needed to get that accomplished.

Plus, graphics and examples of previous productions or TV work always helps those of us that don’t read :rofl:.

Good luck - SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


That’s open for discussion. I had to come up with a proposal name :joy: Most of this is not set in stone. This is the initial idea to be developed based on community input, needs, and desires.

To incorporate metrics and financials, we would need to determine exactly what we are doing - the goals, show format, etc. Once we have a clear understanding, I can provide a breakdown based on our objectives and the initial proposal. This initial idea is meant to be improved and developed together with the community before we finalize the initial and final drafts and conduct a detailed breakdown. At that point, I would reach out to our production and distribution contacts, who would provide the necessary variables to complete the breakdown.

The issue with only doing a pilot is that it would be challenging to obtain proper distribution and reach. Typically, major distributors prefer full season deals, consisting of around 10-11 shows of content, to provide a solid block of programming for their scheduling.

I share your belief that this format would perform exceptionally well, thanks to its exclusive nature and it being a tried-and-true format that is currently successful.

Once we move past the initial phase of drafting the proposal, I will introduce our production partner to the forums. They will be able to speak about their previous productions and handle that aspect of the equation. The distribution partner will likely remain anonymous until we reach the Letter of Intent (LOI) stage, as discussions involving deals often require a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). They would not publicly be involved until the LOI is completed and signed.

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I would like more feedback and input from community, please extend discussion 7 days. Thanks! <3

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Hi @Meta4ickal

I definitely support a large project like this that looks like it is going to mesh web2 and web3 media content with integration of Apecoin/ NFTs. I have two points from my side:

  1. Your ask is around 4 million for phase 1. How many phases are envisaged? And why the phases?

  2. Given the big ask for this proposal, I would like to know what are the credentials of the envisaged team. Do you already have people in mind for the five positions? Can you share links on the work you have done irl to help better understand your experience in this space.

Thank you

Thank you for your interest and support. We appreciate your insightful questions. Currently, the project is planned to have multiple phases. Phasing the project allows us to ensure that every step is done meticulously and helps in managing the funds effectively. I figured starting off with one show is expensive enough. Thats is also why I suggested Phases, each “show” could be voted on seperately then a budget AIP would be approved for the total cost of the approved slate of content. This would allow a much more effecient and cohesive season schedule.

As for your second point, this is indeed a significant project and we understand the importance of having a qualified team. I would recommend this team be build from professionals within the ApeCoin ecosystem to align incentives. I would nominate myself for Project Manager, but I leave it up to the community to democratize the company by allowing the team to be built by the community.

The production partner that is our contact has worked on several household name projects, as I posted above we will invite them to the forums once we get proposal to Draft Phase. The distribution partner contact we currently have, I cant release that information until both the LOA and LOI are signed by the ApeCoin project.

4 mil is strictly for the estimated show production. There would be additional costs for operations of the media company itself as posted above.

I hope that answers the questions you have! :pinched_fingers:t4::metal:

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Thank you answering my questions and bringing more clarity :pray:

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No problem thanks for taking the time to read and give input!

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Hi @Meta4ickal ,

Your topic will be moving to the AIP Draft phase in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

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