AIP Idea: To use Coordinape as a tool for reward active community members

We need to incentivise the community members to help the DAO more, to get this done we should find a solution to reward them. I would suggest to use because the tool was created exactly for that

The simple premise is that if you ask everyone in the community who is doing good work, their collective answers will give a good sense of where the value is and who should be most rewarded. Over time, this also provides valuable insights for the DAO about what kinds of work is prioritized, what the community finds most valuable, and who are the key contributors in different areas. The shared visual display also enables everyone in the community to see who is working on what and find opportunities for collaboration or reduce duplication of effort.

At the moment there is tons of $APE holders and almost zero decentralized collaboration, if we will not find a solution to incentivise active community members, we will start to decline.

Specifications as a platform and $APE for rewards

Steps to Implement
We need to decide amount of funds to allocate for the rewards. I would suggest starting with a small amount and increasing every month so that using of the tool grow organically.


Overall Cost


i like this idea getting more traffic on the dao is huge. :money_mouth_face:
doesn’t sound like a huge amount of funds either good work brother!


This is a good idea. An incentivization mechanism should be set in motion asap.

However, people think some guy or a set of people will just come up and try to improve a project with a three billion-dollar valuation without compensation.

It is hard to improve something this big, and no one with sufficient mental faculties would have the motivation or capacity to do so without clear incentives.

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Thankfully that is what we have Yuga for. They handed us the keys to run the DAO but as far as creating value for ape coin they are going to be at the forefront of that. Its always good for us to think of more ideas but at the end of the day the core valuation is dependent on what Yuga Labs can accomplish. Ideas like this AIP are great examples of small things we can do to help improve the DAO but I also think we should avoid doing any major impact proposals until we can see Yugas vision better.

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The main reason for the proposal is that we should find a way to incentivise the community to allocate their personal time to help the DAO.

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Hey! I’ve been learning about the Ecosystem Fund and allocations. I’m also one of the most unhappy people when it comes to the topic of this DAO’s early coordination. Browsing your website there are big names that have alpha partnered with you. I have a few questions to ask about your AIP Idea and service.

(Listed Alpha Partners from official website)

  • How have these benefited from the use of Coordinape?
  • What feedback have you received from existing users?

Before we talk about allocation amounts and the financial side of this, first I want to hear about the experience of the existing user base and organizations that have worked with Coordinape!

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Hi, this is not my tool, I know about them from the yearn finance community. Will to try to reach the team and get some answers for you. Also, to get more understanding you can check the video How to DAO with Tracheopteryx | GreenPill #5 - YouTube

Understood. Thank you for the response and video!

Definitely a fantastic idea! Down for it! Motivates more involvement n interaction from the community.

Deciding the amount of funds to be allocated can be tricky though

Besides, what other options/tools for incentivizing are there? All of us that are interested could take time to do our own research as to what each different option/company offers and make a comparison of pros and cons. Even one other suggestion would give us the ability to make a comparison and build/expand on thoughts from there. (Sorry but i’m not nearly high enough on the web3 knowledge scale to begin to offer a suggestion at the moment hence the question). What I know for sure though is offering some type of incentive will increase community numbers, morale and participation. Everyone loves to get “things”


What is it about the early coordination that created the unhappiness? Knowing the source of the unhappiness might help us all to know what we are trying to work towards and what to stay away from.

I also believe that offering some type of $ will only get us so far as community numbers are concerned. We have to show people the value in a long-term commitment to this project if we want long-term results. We need to attract people who are looking for long-term success and not just quick $ (we need some of those $ people but they are not the ones that will insure our longevity as THE staple of a decentralized world). They will need faith in the companies we work with and the collaborations we participate in.


You’ve asked some good questions on here. As to the one directed towards me, this specific AIP Idea thread has to do with Coordinape and is closing in 7 hours. In different threads we’ll have talks about coordination efforts and what we’ve seen happen so far.

Imagine there is Jon, he is long-term committed to the project and want to allocate 10 hours per day to grow the DAO, but he also have to feed his family, and he has a 9/5 job which left maybe 30 minutes per day to help the community. If the community will offer him a nice compensation for the help, then he will able to consider to left his regular job in order to help Apes.

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