Anky - building with the otherside in mind

Since I realized that the Otherside existed, I haven’t been able to take it out of my mind.

I have gone through different phases in my process as a builder, and the consequence is something beautiful.

If you want to learn more about it, down here is a thread that I just published.

I will use any comment that comes here as a vehicle to transform this topic into an AIP. I don’t even know where to start, and I need help.

But what I do know is that I have a big and deep willingness to be in service.

And I believe in what Apecoin is bringing into the world.

I want to be an active part of it.

what do you have to develop?

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Hello. Thanks for your question.

The Anky Genesis NFT collection (link) was just the starting point of what I’m building.

Right now I’m focusing in two fronts:

a) A web app -desktop focused- which I call 'the writing dementor". It is a tool designed to help people deal with their deepest issues. When there is no time to think, your truth comes forth. You can check it out here:
b) A pwa (progressive web application) -mobile focused- which will serve as the client on which people will read what other people wrote in the web app. You can check it out here:

I’m working on the functionality to make all of this cross platform and 100% anonymous. Using Privy as the Account Abstraction service.

I’m also working on the smart contracts that will:

a) Mint you a ‘base Anky’ which will be your anon representation in this world.
b) Using ERC-6551 functionality, each day that you come to write you will be able to mint your writing as an NFT that will be stored “inside your Anky”, it serving as the container wallet. These writings will be stored on arweave, forever.

All of this will run forever on Base, a EVM Layer 2.

Eventually, when you die, your “base Anky” will be sent to your family (or whoever you decide) and they will have access to all the streams of consciousness that you ever wrote. This content will be invaluable in the future.

And writing is invaluable today. It has deep effects to come to this website and just write what comes. It’s powerful stuff.

Why the Otherside? Because there is a deep lore associated with the Ankyverse, which ties to the “inner work” of coming to write:

That was a lot. I’m putting my soul into this :rofl:


Hi, @jpfraneto

That’s good, it’s very valuable to think and seek to add value to the DAO.
Good Luck !


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very educational. I will follow your posts


I am moved by your motivation, we will always build to improve the ecosystem :heart:

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What do you mean by build? these are literally just AI generated artwork and copy paste smart contract, typical things that people are advised to stay away from.

Rest aside, the idea of PWA and documenting one’s own life as a digital diary is cool. One AIP idea can be integrating this with all of existing Yuga assets instead of these AI generated pieces. Each Ape, Mutant, Punk, Meeb and more can have their own story


Hi jpfraneto,

Thanks to bring that subject here, i don’t know much about Otherside.
First of all, you might explain the point of Otherside, the rumors and the interest to have it ?

Good luck,

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Hey @Rubinato, thanks for your reply. How do you think that I can add value to the DAO using Anky as the interface for that?

I have always thought to use Apecoin in my products as the currency that is used to power them, but I don’t know how to enable micro-transactions with them.

Is there a way to “bridge” Apecoin into Base (Ethereum L2)?

Any other thoughts on how Anky can be in service of Apecoin DAO?

Bom dia @ItayuanaNunes. Brazil is always in my heart. I am from Chile and have gone many times there.

How do you think this project can help improve the ecosystem?

Thank you for your sincerity @Evil. AI is just another vehicle for our creativity to be expressed, and in the big innovation that I brought here is to create a system for using midjourney to come up with characters that all look as if they were part of the same world.

Hence, the Ankyverse was born. This is a vehicle for wonder, and the fact that there is people that can limit their imagination by establishing a barrier because “they were AI generated” is just part of what this project aims to “solve”. This is the new reality on which we live, and Anky is a celebration of this transition.

And also generating 8888 images with midjourney is a huge mission. In these image there are only 72. And they all look awesome.

Related to the smart contract, here is a link to it. The fact that you say that it is ‘copy paste’, doesn’t take into account the biggest (and hardest) design decision that I made in this collection: If you have an Anky in your wallet, you cannot buy another one.

        // Check if the address already owns an Anky
        require(balanceOf(msg.sender) == 0, "You already have an Anky");

I taught myself how to code solidity in order to add just this line of code to the contract, because the mission of this project is to bring a new story into the NFT community. One that is not related to profit, but to long term thinking.

Thank you for the AIP idea of using other NFT collections. The problem that I see with that is that I want the system to be 100% anonymous, so that people can express even their deepest demons, and in that sense it is important that they have a brand new wallet for participating in the Ankyverse.

Because I created the AI system for generating Anky’s (as the ones in the image before), I have developed an algorithm that generates one uniquely for each user. Eventually, my mission is for each human in the world to have “her Anky”. This will make the 8888 of the Anky Genesis NFT collection more valuable, because they will be seen as the starting point of this “new way of experiencing the world”.

One that puts our truth first and foremost. The truth of each individual. For himself. To himself.

That is the beauty of it being anonymous.

You can check the beta game here to experience more what I mean when I speak about that.


Hello hello. I see the otherside as a potential meta-layer of the way on which we interact as human beings. I see it as an evolution of the internet, which will give us an enhanced capacity for being in touch with humans from all over the world interactivelly.

All built on top of an economy run by NFTs, and I believe that this last statement of Yuga is a step towards that. Having apecoin as the fuel that runs this new way of doing things:

It is ‘sold’ as a game, but what I envision Yuga is doing with everything they do is just to test mechanics so that they can evolve what can be done in the blockchain, and each game that they publish (dookie dash, hv-mtl, LOTM) is just an expression of that.

And the Otherside is, in some sense, the endgame of that exploration. I envision a future on which I can transform each one of the 8 pieces of land that the Ankyverse will hold in the Otherside as a place on which I will be able to tell people:

“Look, go here, and you will be able to train your capacity for communicating better”.

How does that look on a practical level? Idk. But I’m willing to be at the forefront of this exploration.

Hopefully that served as a way to convey my vision, and I’m more than willing to answer any more practical questions that you have about the subject. I have thought about this a lot, and I need those questions in order to unravel the maze of my mind and be concrete with the next steps.

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