APE DEX - tender for developers

Hi everyone,

This is just an idea and I’m not be able to move it further than just rise you attention on it. So be lenient, please.

We’ve got an AIP-405 created by @alexmccurry intended to make a branded DEX on the ApeChain (AIP-378). I’ve got no doubts that we need branded DEX on ApeChain, but the matter is how expensive it could be? @leyota has fairly mention that the asking price for the DEX in AIP-405 may be higher than it really costs.

So my idea comes down to the following:

  1. Start an AIP on wether we need a branded DEX on ApeChain
  2. In case of the positive decision of point 1 promote a call for developers willing to create a DEX on ApeChain by publishing appropriate AIPs (AIP-405 is going to be a good example of that)
  3. Choose a winner by votes from coming proposals as we did for the ApeChain itself

Thanx for reading.


It’s actually a very nice idea to have an Apecoin branded dex. why not talk with the person that originally created the proposal I think this would be of great benefit to Apecoin and its community


Hi, @BlackJack! Thank you for reply on this suggestion. I’ve personally mentioned both @alexmccurry and @leyota who are engaging on the discussion about AIP-405, thus they can join this conversation if they wish. I’ve initiated this topic apart of the AIP-405 because my opinion is that we will have much more benefits to the community in case we’ll have multiple choice on the proposal about branded DEX.


The idea of opening up a call for developers to submit proposals and having the community vote on the best option is really a great one and this could help to ensure that the chosen solution is the most cost effective and beneficial for the community.


Absolutely! Opting for a call to be opened up for developers to submit proposals and having the community vote on the best option is indeed a wonderful idea. It ensures that the selected solution is not only the most cost-effective but also beneficial for the community.


Hey buddy,
bringing up this ideas are great! Though It’s essential to consider the cost and necessity of a branded DEX on ApeChain. And Starting an AIP and involving the community in the decision-making process sounds like a great approach to ensure transparency and consensus. Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds!":crossed_fingers:t4:


Great idea! Initiating an AIP to assess the need for a branded DEX on ApeChain and promoting a fair call for developers through AIPs would ensure transparency and community input


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