Ape Drops : Ideas for NFTs you can buy with $APE

Hello $APE Community!

This is the Ape Drops team that brought you the two Snoop Dogg mixtapes this week on apedrops.xyz (if you don’t believe me, you can see the first Ape Drops contract deployed by apedrops.eth here: ADSNP | Address 0x647037de761696d224333778e69082ce3b742242 | Etherscan).

We’ve done four drops so far (2 by snoop and 2 done by members of the community) and our goal is for Ape Drops to become the destination for artistic expression in the $APE community. Long twitter thread incoming on how we’ll achieve that goal, but we really wanted to get more people involved.

This post is to start a general discussion on what future ape drops you’d like to see. We’re looking for creatives (artists, designers, musicians, etc) in the community that are interested in working with us on a drop. We know that following in Snoops footsteps is kinda intimidating but what’s most important to us is bringing the best of the community to Ape Drops, so don’t worry if you don’t have a million twitter followers. We’re so stoked to be a part of this amazing group of people and hope you’ve all enjoyed the drops so far!


Looking forward to seeing more from you guys!

I’ve been following ApeDrops rather closely. I thought the snoopdogg tracks were throwaways for him, but the art released by MythDivision was insane and i ended up getting all of them.

As far as what happens next for ApeDrop, you all are in a really unique position to be a sort of…highsnobiety or “hype beast” sort entity where you’re the go to platform for exclusive BAYC/MAYC drops from different mediums. A little more detail on that:

  • The metaverse fashion industry is huge. There are designers who do nothing but decline 3D clothing for the metaverse and release small collections. Ape Drop could be a place where artists can release special BAYC/MAYC collections.

  • Art. You already have this in the bag with MythDivision and Strangeloops. Continue to allow artists to drop unique BAYC/MAYC specific content. That said, don’t accept EVERY offer. Keep the bar high so people will always want to come back to apedrop for the latest collaboration. They don’t have to be myth division amazing, but even the StrangeLoop creations were cool and of that caliber even if they weren’t my favorite pieces to collect.

  • Wearables and Land. Same thing. We all know “The Other Side” (YugaVerse) is coming. There will be all sorts of unique creations in their metaverse. One can easily imagine the type of potential collaborations that could be done there. As for the wearables, I believe there is room for more releases similar to the 10KTF Gucci X BAYC creation. Ape Drop can be a hub for those type of custom NFTs too.

Outside of doing what you all are already doing, I think the first major area of improvement to build out the ApeDrops brand is to launch a home page with a little more polish to it. I think it would go a long way to strengthening your branding and reputation. Cheers



I’d love to collab. I’m a digital/performance artist and I’m actually working on my first drop to be released in the next few weeks. I was planning on having the mint be in ETH, but if there was a way to make $ape the currency for the mint, I’d love that.

Feel free to send me a DM on Twitter @theNFTGorilla


I really want to participate in cooperation, or to join learning.

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Thanks for replying! We’re gonna send a friend request from one of our founders twitters (@serdave_eth) to chat about it. We’d love to help you put your drop out there in $APE.

Could be cool to see a live APE concert? ApeGate (token gate) a live streaming event or PodCast?

Are Ape Drops for NFT holders or anyone with $APE? And where does one go when there is a problem connecting wallet to Ape Drops?

Ape Drops is for anyone that has $APE. Did you have trouble connecting to the site?

I had trouble connecting my MM wallet to purchase. Finally got it within the MM browser and got what I needed…realizing Chrome and Safari not the right browsers for it.

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