#ApeChain with bayc/mayc/bakc & $ape validators

I’ve recently observed various discussions on how to allocate $APE LM rewards. I’d like to introduce a different perspective: Bayc/Mayc/Bakc & $APE staking, as opposed to the conventional method of distributing $APE to holders. In my view, compensating stakers is superior to compensating holders, as stakers actively contribute value to the network. To achieve this, we undoubtedly need to establish our own #ApeChain.

While this is a separate discussion, our proprietary Layer 2 ApeChain could offer a multitude of advantages, including faster and more cost-effective transactions in the burgeoning Yuga gaming sector. Pairing this with the value proposition for Bayc/Mayc/Bakc & $APE stakers seems like the perfect synergy.

Having been deeply immersed in DeFi for several years, I’ve encountered various structures. Personally, I favor L2 solutions on Ethereum, such as Polygon/Arbitrum/Optimism. If we could implement our own L2 solution with #ApeChain, it could bring numerous benefits to NFT + $APE holders.

-$APE stakers would be rewarded for securing the network and validating transactions, mirroring the compensation model for $MATIC/$ETH stakers.

-Staking BAYC/MAYC/BAKC NFTs would be equivalent to staking a predetermined amount of $APE. For instance, the current value of 1x floor BAYC is 53,000 $APE. Staking this APE would generate the same revenue as staking 53,000 $APE, as you’d use your NFT to validate transactions and fortify the network. This ratio could be adjusted on a weekly/monthly basis, depending on the NFT to $APE price ratio.

In summary, I believe the optimal direction for $APE is not solely as a DAO token but as a ‘gas’ and ‘staking’ token, akin to MATIC and ETH. Survey the top 20 cryptos and observe how many are exclusively DAO tokens versus ‘gas’ tokens (BNB/SOL/ADA/MATIC/AVAX). We can combine these 2 with #ApeChain.

While this concept is in its early stages and requires further brainstorming to evolve into a polished product and proposal, I firmly believe that, collectively, we can transform this idea into a reality. Let’s engage in a constructive discussion below to refine and shape this vision collaboratively.

Let’s make $APE great again. We have the potential to ascend as the premier L2 on Ethereum. We can achieve this together. #Apestogetherstrong.


There are a lot of L2 layers existing already on ETH chain.
What is boring about this particular discussion is the notion of just talking about one, not our company - YUGALABS.
Apecoin is for everyone with ANY NFT or not, so just locking it to one little (microscopic relatively) crowd is not the way to expand.
We should not forget this is not at corporation but a foundation, it’s own entity that is welcoming to everyone.
Any bridging yo a new chain also is not very economic and onboarding.
Maybe it’s too early, and that’s just it.

Also I encourage everyone to see the guidelines for the #Ape usage in any promotional wording.

We have now several similar discussions in the past and failed proposals related to such terminology, so how about we combine it all under one?

I’m looking forward supporting any amazing developments with proper contracts builds without back doors that have a proper vetting.

The other cabins already offer different kind of reward where no one need to build any layers or and new DEFI developments. Thats includes and not limited to Binance, Solana & many others.
You can check their chains official threads and how to earn rewards right now, including using your YUGA assets. You do not even need to be deep into any DEFI developments for this usage.


The above opinion is valuable. I agree with your opinion. Any model or ecosystem needs users, so if development is too restrictive, it will be difficult to succeed. We should make APEchain as accessible as possible to everyone. Once it is developed enough, we can create a separate network for NFTs.


Good thoughts… Love the gas angle.

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I talked about gas in todays spaces and tomorrow I have a space to talk about Otherside and developers opprtunities.