ApeCoin Adoption Partners & ApeCoin's Website

Is there a reason why ApeCoin didn’t update the website to add $APE payments at Gucci, Tag, and others?

When you visit the website, it doesn’t list a single use for $APE. This seems like like a massive oversight for someone who is considering buying the token. If there are uses, we should put them out there.


I think another question would be, who’s managing the ApeCoin website?


Great point! As ChrisL mentioned, knowing who manages the website would be great but the real question is: who’s giving them direction to execute on updates? If the Devs don’t receive actions to execute on they probably will just leave it as it is.


Hi Chris!

The ApeCoin website is managed by the ApeCoin Administrators. They generally don’t make executive decisions to change the website in anyway, unless directed to through an AIP. Like the Snag Solutions AIP to create a link to

This is something a communications working group could work towards implementing though. Having the proper channels established to meaningfully direct the ApeCoin DAO administrators or the Special Council to do minor administrative tasks like this, are core infrastructure that is currently missing from the DAO.

This would fall under either the Special Council, or the communications teams’ wheelhouse, if not otherwise specified within an AIP.


to clarify, this responsibility could fall under the direction of the special council currently under nomination?

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